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October 07 2022 - Welcome to Architectural Category. We continually add articles to this section, so be sure to check back often. If you'd like to suggest an article or write one for this category, please e-mail us here and let us know.


Choosing the Right Vendor
Making sure you align your company with vendor partners who will assist you in integrating their new product/service offering long-term are crucial to your success.

National WW I Museum: Signs That Narrate Its Remembrance
The National World War I Museum was created as a monument to both honor the history of that war and also as a monument to the Americans and Europeans who fought and died in WW I.

Recent Developments in Screen Printed Decorative Architectural Glass
Screen printed glass is everywhere. It's at home, in the streets, in stores, in the workplace, in learning centers, on public transportation and in restaurants. In fact, it appears more than most people often recognize.

Corporate Lobbies: The New Landscape of Digital Signage
In recent times through digital signage, culture and corporate branding have gained equal value as a premium opportunity to connect anchor tenants with their building visitors.

Wayfinding: Following the signs along the way connected with fd2s and 22MILES, two companies specializing in wayfinding and the art of getting from here to there in a safe, practical way. Take a look to see if you can get there from here.

Oasis of the Sea: Digital Signage Takes a Cruise to Wayfinding
As one of the worlds largest cruise ships, the onboard wayfinding system installed to help direct guests to the many ship-board destinations and attractions proves extremely important. To implement a contemporary wayfinding system, it was developed in tandem as both a static (print) system, and an interactive digital system. Read on...

The Challenges of Creating Architectural Signage
Understanding the common pitfalls of creating indoor and outdoor architectural signage before you begin can save headaches for you and your customers.

Light Boxes for Retail Display - Saving Dollars with New Technology
Are all retail light boxes created equal? New developments in retail light box technology and demands for more sophisticated and energy efficient merchandising and display products may be signaling the demise of standard light box technology.

Hershey’s ­ How Sweet It Is: The Eye-Candy of Times Square
In the middle of all its surrounding Times Square spectaculars, billboards and sign edifices, stands the flagship Hershey Times Square, a retail gift store which is a chocolate confectionary paradise that is the center of the chocolate universe.

Snapshot of the Sign Industry 3rd Quarter 2008
For’s annual ‘pulse taking’ of the state of the sign industry, we peeked and probed into various facets of the industry to get an idea of the state of our trade before going into 2009.

Panel Saw, Table Saw, Mat Cutter or Combo Machine, which is Right for your Shop?
One way for sign shops to increase their efficiency is to have the right tool for cutting sheet goods to size. There are a few basic considerations that every sign shop must address when purchasing a cutting machine: space restraints, ease of use, capability, safety, cost and dust.

Taking the A-Train (or Any Other Train) in New York City Would Be Even Harder Without Directional Signage
New York City Transit officials place a tremendous effort into creating a subway wayfinding system that connects its passengers to trains and exits throughout the system.

It’s All About the Digital File at SGIA ’07- From Wrapping Gators to Mermaids
Whether you’re cutting rubylith, fluted-plastic or vinyl; printing on rigid sheet, t-shirts, tile or fabric; or getting a message across through embroidery, it all comes down to the digital file.

2007 Business Growth Plans Survey for Flatbed Injet, Wide Format Inkjet & Grand-Format Inkjet
The results of SGIA’s recent 2007 Business Growth Plans Survey demonstrate an interesting reality in our industry, and show a healthy difference between what imaging companies want (equipment-wise), and what they ultimately buy. Through the magic of trending data, let’s take a look.

Minskoff Theater Sign Makeover: Everyone Must See the Lion King
The Minskoff Theatre (1,597 seats), one of the many major live performing venues along Broadway has recently undergone a signage transformation of its old blade / marquee and window display into a very modern and elegant sign package that was fit for a king: The Lion King that was.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Cincinnati’s Great American Ballpark offers proof positive that effective sign design can inform, entertain, commemorate ­ and stand out in a crowd.

Submarine Surfaces in Underground Exhibit Hall - Signage Tells the Tale
It was a sailor's nightmare during WW II. Leaning against the ship's rail, binoculars scanning the cold, Atlantic waters, a foaming white wake streaks through the waves and heads broadside for a direct strike against the Liberty ship.

SGIA '06: Show Recap 'Exhibiting the Future Now'
When visits friends at the SGIA Expo, we are never surprised at the level of professionalism, expertise, and creativity that is displayed down the isles, in the booths, and at the seminars. SGIA '06 was no exception producing a special excitement in the air with abundant energy and a sense of exhilaration.

On-Premise Commercial Signage Curbs Traffic Accidents
Government research proves that signage helps drivers navigate unfamiliar roadways. Learn how to boost business while maintaining driver safety.

New Riverboat Cruise Signage Builds Steam in St. Louis
Sign renovation renews business for a once-popular Riverboat Cruise line.

Soaring Profits from Glistening Gateways
Airports are bustling with opportunities as architects bring sign builders into the design process to capitalize on 21st century trends.

Technology Increases Choice In Architectural Signage
Technology does not replace the artist's work, it enhances it.

Choosing A Modular Sign System
Looking at the variables to determine which systems are best for your shop.

Sign Makers Restore Historical Flying Red Horse
Find out how architectural sign makers recreated a legendary Dallas icon.

The Challenges of Creating Architectural Signage
Understanding the common pitfalls of creating indoor and outdoor architectural signage before you begin can save headaches for you and your customers.

The Clear Side of Sandblasting
An avenue of sandblasting that has been around for a long time is sandblasting glass.

The Total "Language" of Signs
Nothing speaks louder to a potential buyer than a bold display


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