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October 07 2022 - Welcome to Awnings & Flexible Faces Category. We continually add articles to this section, so be sure to check back often. If you'd like to suggest an article or write one for this category, please e-mail us here and let us know.


Know Your Tools: Finishing with Efficiency
From year to year, many companies change the products they make, or begin producing new product lines in niche areas that require new and different finishing methods. In some shops, the steps taken to finish products are done with inappropriate tools.

Snapshot of the Sign Industry 3rd Quarter 2008
For’s annual ‘pulse taking’ of the state of the sign industry, we peeked and probed into various facets of the industry to get an idea of the state of our trade before going into 2009.

It Costs How Much? Determining What It Costs to Sell Your Signs the Right Way.
Pricing your products or services sold is determined first by costing. Do you have any idea of what it costs to sell a sign or banner? For that matter, what does it cost to open the doors to your sign business each day? Pertinent questions that will influence your pricing.

Printers’ Challenges in Meeting Fire Codes
All printed banners, wall coverings, display booth fabrics, table skirts, tents, awnings, carpeting, window treatments, interior furnishing and vinyl-coated fabrics are required to meet flame-retardant standards for homes, offices or other assembly places (Flammable Fabrics Act, 1953). The challenges of meeting these fire standards and codes have increased with the development of new synthetic fibers and the ink applications to these fibers, which create a liability risk for the specialty printer.

Illuminated Signs Help McGruff Take a Bite Out of Crime
The National Crime Prevention Council sanctions illuminated signs as a crime prevention tool. Find out how on-premise signs can help your business ­ and your community.

Awnings Provide Continued Growth and More Opportunities for Sign Makers
With new technology and advances in architectural design, awnings are providing a new source of revenue for sign professionals.

Tax Savings Under the New Energy and Transportation Laws
No, neither the price of gasoline nor its impact on your sign business will be reduced under the recently passed energy and transportation bills. But both could have a noticeable impact on the tax bills of every sign business.

Benefits of Flexible-Face Mounting Systems
Vendors are manufacturing a variety of mounting systems to making installing flexible face signage a snap (and click).

Is Your Business Flex-ible?
If you haven’t explored flexible face signage, then you could be missing out on yet another way to build your business.

Trading Paint for Powder on Awning Systems
Awning manufacturers are hanging up their paint sprayers to explore the world of powder coating.

The ABC's of Awnings
From field surveys and fabrication to design and installation, read on to learn some dos and don'ts of awning work.

Yawning at Awnings
The three basic steps to lettering an acrylic awning

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Letter Visibility Distance
Here are Some Tips to Design Visible Signage!


Estimate Software- Printing software for the rest of us.
Estimate Software- Printing software for the rest of us.


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