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3-D Signs

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It Costs How Much? Determining What It Costs to Sell Your Signs the Right Way.
Pricing your products or services sold is determined first by costing. Do you have any idea of what it costs to sell a sign or banner? For that matter, what does it cost to open the doors to your sign business each day? Pertinent questions that will influence your pricing.

The Shapes of Things to Come: Direct-to-Object Printing Bridges the Gap Between Industrial and Commercial
Last June, Rochester, New York, hosted the 16th Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival. The week-long event drew more than 205,000 music aficionados from around the world to hear 1,500 artists at 19 venues around the city.

The Changing Retail Landscape
The demand for printed point-of-purchase (POP) graphics may erode now that Amazon and changes in consumer behavior are forcing retailers to rethink the role of their brick-and-mortar stores.

2D Digital Printing to 3D Additive Manufacturing: Add a New Dimension?
In addition to print providers, manufacturers and distributors that have been associated with 2D digital inkjet printing have been expanding their interests to include 3D digital print.

Digital 3D Enhancement Printing
Whether with a wax seal, embossed image or raised type, throughout much of history, adding dimension to documents has increased their perceived value and importance.

How to Properly Clean a Foam Monument Sign
One of the most common inquires received from retail sign shops is 'How do I clean a foam monument sign?' So here's the best 'Solution'.

Selling More Monument Signs Using Social Media
Learn some solid basics for using social media to sell more monument signs in your sign shop.

Choosing the Right Vendor
Making sure you align your company with vendor partners who will assist you in integrating their new product/service offering long-term are crucial to your success.

The Perfect Partnership, Foam Monument Signs & LED Message Centers
You can offer your clients the best of both worlds. The durability and versatility of a foam monument sign paired with the dynamic messaging and powerful flexibility features of the LED message center create a commanding signage partnership that offers your clients the best of the both worlds.

Not So Hidden Fees from Your Local Municipalities - PERMITS
Towns charge permit fees. This is not news to sign companies. But some spiraling permit costs may require a little more review to assure the sign permit fees are not revenue-raising devices. Read on...

Snapshot of the Sign Industry 3rd Quarter 2008
For SignIndustry.com’s annual ‘pulse taking’ of the state of the sign industry, we peeked and probed into various facets of the industry to get an idea of the state of our trade before going into 2009.

Hershey’s ­ How Sweet It Is: The Eye-Candy of Times Square
In the middle of all its surrounding Times Square spectaculars, billboards and sign edifices, stands the flagship Hershey Times Square, a retail gift store which is a chocolate confectionary paradise that is the center of the chocolate universe.

It Costs How Much? Determining What It Costs to Sell Your Signs the Right Way.
Pricing your products or services sold is determined first by costing. Do you have any idea of what it costs to sell a sign or banner? For that matter, what does it cost to open the doors to your sign business each day? Pertinent questions that will influence your pricing.

Laser Engraving Part IV: Using your System as a Cutting Tool
The same laser engraving system that engraves on many products and materials may also serve as a very powerful and versatile cutting too as well. Read on to get some ideas.

Panel Saw, Table Saw, Mat Cutter or Combo Machine, which is Right for your Shop?
One way for sign shops to increase their efficiency is to have the right tool for cutting sheet goods to size. There are a few basic considerations that every sign shop must address when purchasing a cutting machine: space restraints, ease of use, capability, safety, cost and dust.

What is Lenticular Imaging and Why Should You Know About It?
Lenticular imaging technology of today has morphed an old print technology into new stratospheres and consequently breathing new life and profit potential for printers and marketers alike.

Lasers: Ready to Buy-What you Really Need to Know
For those new to laser technology, buying laser equipment can be an intimidating experience. The word laser often conjures images of danger, mystery, impossible learning curves, and high price tags. However, with the user-friendly, increasingly affordable laser engraving equipment of today, nothing could be further from the truth.

Laser Engraving Part 3: The Possibilities
The word, 'versatility' is often used to describe today’s laser engraving and cutting equipment: for good reason. Not only can you use the same system to cut out parts and engrave them, the material and product choices are seemingly endless as are the markets in which people use lasers.

New Riverboat Cruise Signage Builds Steam in St. Louis
Sign renovation renews business for a once-popular Riverboat Cruise line.

Gild like an Egyptian
Gilding is an ancient art that dates back to Egyptian times. Get some time-tested tips from modern-day pros.

Blasting Your Way to Profits with Glass Etching
Blasting glass can help boost your bottom line. Find out how sandblasting glass is the same ­ and different ­ from other substrates. Can you sandblast with the best of them?

Reading, Writing and Profits With The School System Near You
You can position your company for profitability by serving the growing market for in-school advertising.

Revitalizing Vegas Vic
A graphic arts icon taking to the road...and a few trade shows to boot!

Next-Gen CNC's
CNC routers are getting higher-tech at lower-costs. Find out what bells and whistles the latest models have to offer.

Discover the Rewards of Owning A CNC Router
See the options available and avenues where sign makers can use CNC routers to get into the commercial signage business and channel letter fabrication. CNC routers provide a broad capability to enter into multiple markets.

Ask the Expert: CNC Router Veteran Shares Practical Knowledge
Do you have questions about CNC machining? Get inside the head of router expert Jay Higgins in this one-on-one interview.

Signs From The Spirit World
Everyone loves an 'Olde Worlde' pub with its oak beams, horse brasses and roaring log fires. Nevertheless, no matter how old the pub itself, the name on the sign outside is probably the most historic thing about the place.

Back to School: Sign Makers Seek CNC Router Education
Are you ready for prime time? Learn about educational programs that teach you the ins and outs of computerized routers.

Software Trend Adds Oomph to Routed Signs
Bored with two-dimensional computerized machining? Add a little life to your signs with three-dimensional auto-sculpting software.

Expand Your Business With CNC Routers
Take a look at your options in the CNC router market and decide if the potential rewards are worth the financial investment.

The Hungary Artist
The authorities told young John Duzs he'd be a statistician

Gold Leafing From A to Z
The ancient art of gold leafing has not changed much since Egyptian times. Learn some time-tested hand guilding secrets from the pros.

Making the New Look Old
The details of a challenging, yet fun sign project.

Laser Engraving: The Possibilities
Today’s laser engraving and cutting equipment provide versatility for whether you are thinking of diversifying or simply expanding.

The Clear Side of Sandblasting
An avenue of sandblasting that has been around for a long time is sandblasting in glass.

Laser Engraving: The Basics Part Two
If you've put off diversifying your shop by venturing into laser engraving because of equipment costs, this should relieve some of your worries.

Laser Engraving: The Basics
Find out how this technology can assist you in your business.

Winning Sales Tax Jeopardy
Are you prepared for the sales tax audit?

The Total "Language" of Signs
Nothing speaks louder to a potential buyer than a bold display.

The Sub-species: Subcontracting in the Sign Industry
To be or not to be a subcontractor?

Setting Schedules: Creating Service Out of Order
Late signs or are your jobs off schedule?

Selling Logo Design: A Psychology for Profit
Understanding advertising, branding and marketing

Scan, Edit, Save, and Create: Innovative Sign Design
'What you see is what you will get.'

Painting a Picture of Quality
Planning and preparation is everything

Fluorescent Lighting
What, How & Why

Ending the Shop's Nightmare Circus
Is your sign making business as a three-ring circus?

Dealing with the Less-than-Perfect Customers
Surrendering to whatever customers want can be bad business

Building a Team
Essential elements in building a team for your business


Sign Elements Vehicle Templates
Sign Elements Vehicle Templates


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