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Supply 55 BannerPRO, EcoPRO continuous ink supply system, guardian laminators, quickmount

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ABI Lighting, Signs & Electrical  
We are a full service Lighting, Sign & Electrical
Service Company. We have over 23 years of experienced people to handle all your needs.
We can install, repair, maintain,
trouble shoot all types of Signs, Panels, Parking
Lot Lighting, Interior & Exterior Lighting. We cover the
entire state of Arizona. We specialize in doing work for out of state companies. We will follow all your rules,
as in;
Sign Offs, NTE's, Your Work Orders, Customer
Supplied Stock, Your Rules Will Be Followed.
We are large enough to handle the job, but small enough to care.
  Main Office
  Address:    23012 N. 15th Ave.
 Phoenix, Arizona 85027
  Voice:   (623) 578-7000  
  Toll Free:      
  Fax:   (602) 296-0397  
  Webpage URL:  
  Service Area:   The State of Arizona
 Products and Services
Banners - Vinyl (Custom Graphics)   
Electric - Aerial Ladders/Buckets   
Electric - Architectural Signs   
Electric - Architectural Signs & Components   
Electric - Channel Letters   
Electric - Cranes & Aerial Ladders and Buckets   
Electric - Directory Signs & Components   
Electric - Displays   
Electric - Electric Signs   
Electric - Fluorescent   
Electric - Installation Services   
Electric - Lamp Holders   
Electric - Lamps   
Electric - LED Components   
Electric - Letters   
Electric - Light Boxes   
Electric - Lighting Equipment   
Electric - Maintenance Services   
Electric - Monument Signs   
Electric - Neon   
Electric - Outdoor Advertising   
Electric - Permits   
Electric - Power Supplies & Ballasts   
Electric - Rope Lighting   
Electric - Sign Cabinets & Light Boxes   
Electric - Window Signs   
Installation - ADA Signs   
Installation - Aerial Ladders/Buckets   
Installation - Anchor Bolts   
Installation - Architectural Signs   
Installation - Channel Letters   
Installation - Cranes & Aerial Ladders and Buckets   
Installation - Directory Signs & Components   
Installation - Electric Signs   
Installation - Electronic/Moving Message Signs   
Installation - Flexible Sign Faces   
Installation - Foam Cutters, Hot-Wire   
Installation - Installation Services   
Installation - Maintenance Services   
Installation - Monument Signs   
Installation - Murals, Wall Graphics   
Installation - Neon   
Installation - Permits   
Installation - Rotator Signs   
Installation - Sign Faces   
Installation - Surveys   
Installation - Vehicle Graphics   
LED - Channel Letters   
LED - Directory Signs & Components   
LED - Displays   
LED - Electronic/Moving Message Signs   
LED - Installation Services   
LED - Maintenance Services   
LED - Rope Lighting   
Neon - Architectural Signs & Components   
Neon - Channel Letters   
Neon - Control Systems   
Neon - Extrusions   
Neon - Installation Services   
Neon - Letters   
Neon - Maintenance Services   
Neon - Neon   
Neon - Permits   
Neon - Sign Cabinets & Light Boxes   
Outdoor - Aerial Ladders/Buckets   
Outdoor - Anchor Bolts   
Outdoor - Architectural Signs   
Outdoor - Banners   
Outdoor - Cranes & Aerial Ladders and Buckets   
Outdoor - Displays   
Outdoor - Electric Signs   
Outdoor - Electronic/Moving Message Signs   
Outdoor - Fasteners   
Outdoor - Fiberglass-Embedded Signs   
Outdoor - Flags and Pennants   
Outdoor - Flexible Sign Faces   
Outdoor - Installation Services   
Outdoor - Letter Changing Equipment   
Outdoor - Lighting Equipment   
Outdoor - Logo & Graphic Design   
Outdoor - Maintenance Services   
Outdoor - Menuboards   
Outdoor - Monument Signs   
Outdoor - Outdoor Advertising   
Outdoor - Permits   
Outdoor - Portable Signs   
Outdoor - Readerboards & Components   
Outdoor - Rotator Signs   
Outdoor - Sign Blanks   
Outdoor - Sign Board   
Outdoor - Sign Faces   
Outdoor - Sign Frames   
Outdoor - Surveys   
Outdoor - Traffic Signs   
Outdoor - Window Signs   
Vinyl - Banners   
Vinyl - Decals   
Vinyl - Flexible Sign Faces   
Vinyl - Installation Services   
Vinyl - Letters   
Vinyl - Logo & Graphic Design   
Vinyl - Magnetic Sign Materials   
Vinyl - Outdoor Advertising   
Vinyl - Sign Blanks   
Vinyl - Sign Board   
Vinyl - Sign Faces   
Vinyl - Sign Frames   
Vinyl - Traffic Signs   
Vinyl - Vehicle Graphics   
Vinyl - Vinyl   
Vinyl - Vinyl (Custom Graphics)   

2018 SGIA Expo - Las Vegas, October 18-20, 2018

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