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Australian Sign and Graphic Association  
For over thirty six years, the Sign Association of Australia has been the representative body for the sign industry in Australia, and as such, plays an active role as a forum for the exchange of ideas, the development of training in the craft, and the dissemination of information and guidance to its many members. It covers the whole spectrum of sign-makers: neon, illuminated, handcrafted, technology, construction and design... in fact, signage in all its varieties. The Association has built an enviable reputation and trust with many government departments and other statutory organisations and local authorities, and acts as the official channel of communication between the industry and these bodies on matters of commercial, technical or economic policies affecting the sign industry.
In encouraging the highest standards from its members, The Sign Association of Australia believes its policy of quality and commitment to the customer is not only in the best interests of its members, but also provides a safeguard for their clients.

For many years the Association has represented the industry, assisting with apprenticeship administration, approval of training establishments, training standards to enable apprenticeship training to continue under the direction whereby the students are well received by the industry.
The Association provides members with continued support and technical information by way of: Monthly Email newsletters The E-Zine", The Visual Impact Magazine, Image Magazine, regular meetings, conferences and trade exhibitions and workshops,fostering and promoting the Letterheads movement and many other activities in Australia.
The Sign Association members and their clients are offered a nationwide professional sign service that is guaranteed, so that corporate clients can be assured of a high standard of craftsmanship throughout the country.
  Main Office
  Address:    PO Box 435 Moorebank NSW 1875
Sydney Australia
  Voice:   +61 418 161600  
  Toll Free:      
  Fax:   +61 2 9774 3255  
  Webpage URL:  
  Service Area:   Australia and territories
 Products and Services
3-Dimensional - ADA Sign Equipment   
3-Dimensional - ADA Signs   
3-Dimensional - Adhesives   
3-Dimensional - Aluminum   
3-Dimensional - Anchor Bolts   
3-Dimensional - Architectural Signs   
3-Dimensional - Architectural Signs & Components   
3-Dimensional - Awnings   
3-Dimensional - Books   
3-Dimensional - Casting   
3-Dimensional - Cast Letters   
3-Dimensional - Channel Letters   
3-Dimensional - Clearcoats   
3-Dimensional - Coatings   
3-Dimensional - Composite Material   
3-Dimensional - Die Cutting Equipment   
3-Dimensional - Digitilizing   
3-Dimensional - Directory Signs & Components   
3-Dimensional - Displays   
3-Dimensional - Dividers, Bar-Type for Plastic   
3-Dimensional - Electronic/Moving Message Signs   
3-Dimensional - Embossing Equipment   
3-Dimensional - Engravers & Accessories   
3-Dimensional - Etched Signs   
3-Dimensional - Extrusions   
3-Dimensional - Fasteners   
3-Dimensional - Fiberglass-Embedded Signs   
3-Dimensional - Fluorescent Materials   
3-Dimensional - Foam Cutters, Hot-Wire   
3-Dimensional - Gilding Materials and Supplies   
3-Dimensional - Glass Signs   
3-Dimensional - Gluers   
3-Dimensional - Gold Leaf   
3-Dimensional - Inflatables   
3-Dimensional - Installation Hardware   
3-Dimensional - Installation Services   
3-Dimensional - Lamp Holders   
3-Dimensional - Lamps   
3-Dimensional - Laser Cutting Equipment   
3-Dimensional - Letter Changing Equipment   
3-Dimensional - Letters   
3-Dimensional - Letter Trim Material   
3-Dimensional - License Plates   
3-Dimensional - Lighting Equipment   
3-Dimensional - Logo & Graphic Design   
3-Dimensional - Maintenance Services   
3-Dimensional - Masking Materials   
3-Dimensional - MDO   
3-Dimensional - Menuboards   
3-Dimensional - Metal Fabricating Equipment   
3-Dimensional - Misc. Supplies   
3-Dimensional - Monument Signs   
3-Dimensional - Outdoor Advertising   
3-Dimensional - Paints and Finishes   
3-Dimensional - Permits   
3-Dimensional - Plaques & Tablets   
3-Dimensional - Plasma-Cutting Systems   
3-Dimensional - Plastic   
3-Dimensional - Porcelain, Enamel Signs   
3-Dimensional - Portable Signs   
3-Dimensional - Post & Panel Signs   
3-Dimensional - Readerboards & Components   
3-Dimensional - Rotator Signs   
3-Dimensional - Routers & Accessories   
3-Dimensional - Sandblasting   
3-Dimensional - Scanning   
3-Dimensional - Schools & Training   
3-Dimensional - Sculptures   
3-Dimensional - Seminars   
3-Dimensional - Sign Board   
3-Dimensional - Sign Faces   
3-Dimensional - Software   
3-Dimensional - Stock-Message Signs   
3-Dimensional - Stone   
3-Dimensional - Stone Carved Signage   
3-Dimensional - Surveys   
3-Dimensional - Traffic Signs   
3-Dimensional - Wood   
ADA - ADA Signs   
Architectural - ADA Sign Equipment   
Architectural - Aluminum   
Architectural - Architectural Signs   
Architectural - Bus-Shelter Graphics   
Architectural - Cast Letters   
Architectural - Channel Letters   
Architectural - Composite Material   
Architectural - Dividers, Bar-Type for Plastic   
Architectural - Electric Signs   
Architectural - Electronic/Moving Message Signs   
Architectural - Extrusions   
Architectural - Wiring & Supplies   
Awnings & Flexible Faces    
Awnings & Flexible Faces - Substrates   
Banners - Airbrush Equipment & Accessories   
Banners - Banners   
Banners - Logo & Graphic Design   
Banners - Misc. Supplies   
Banners - Price Tags   
Banners - Slitting Equipment   
Business Development    
CNC Routing    
Computer Technology    
Display Systems    
Fabrication - Murals, Wall Graphics   
Fabrication - Panel Saws   
Fabrication - Paper   
Fabrication - Power Supplies & Ballasts   
Fabrication - Rope Lighting   
Fabrication - Safety Signs   
Fabrication - Sandblasting   
Fabrication - Seminars   
Fabrication - Sign Board   
Fabrication - Sign Frames   
Fabrication - Software   
Fabrication - Traffic Signs   
Fabrication - Vinyl   
Fabrication - Wood   
Fiber Optics    
Fiber Optics - Clocks   
Fiber Optics - Lamps   
Fiber Optics - Misc. Supplies   
Painted Signs    
Screen Printing    

Clarke Systems Architectural Signage Systems Wayfinding ADA

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