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Our strength at AD/S is in our design ability, which is a great help in gaining necessary approvals in the entitlement process. The ability to be creative allows us to manufacture signs that fit in with various architectural and community characteristics. Because signs are so scrutinized in the planning department stage of approval and the entitlement process is such a challenge; the ability to offer professional, creative presentations is vital to efficiency. This is why our team of professionals is a service of which to take advantage. It is this in-house design strength teamed with the practical input of fabrication specialists that separates AD/S from others in the sign and design industries.

We are a full service sign and architectural metal shop. We have in-house neon and a fleet of installation and service crews. We are a medium sized company formed in 1995 by a team of experienced sign professionals and designers.
  Main Office
  Address:    2850 Palisades Dr
 Corona, California 92880
  Voice:   951-278-0680  
  Toll Free:   800-862-3202  
  Fax:   951-278-0681  
  Service Area:   Inland Empire
 Products and Services
ADA - ADA Sign Equipment   
ADA - ADA Signs   
ADA - Adhesives   
ADA - Architectural Signs   
ADA - Directory Signs & Components   
ADA - Etched Signs   
ADA - Logo & Graphic Design   
Architectural - ADA Signs   
Architectural - Architectural Signs   
Architectural - Directory Signs & Components   
Architectural - Displays   
Architectural - Light Boxes   
Architectural - Logo & Graphic Design   
Architectural - Monument Signs   
Architectural - Permits   
Architectural - Sign Cabinets & Light Boxes   
Architectural - Sign Faces   
Architectural - Sign Frames   
Fabrication - ADA Signs   
Fabrication - Architectural Signs   
Fabrication - Architectural Signs & Components   
Fabrication - Digital Imaging   
Fabrication - Directory Signs & Components   
Fabrication - Displays   
Fabrication - Electric Signs   
Fabrication - Flexible-Face Materials   
Fabrication - Installation Services   
Fabrication - LED Components   
Fabrication - Letters   
Fabrication - Letter Trim Material   
Fabrication - Logo & Graphic Design   
Fabrication - MDO   
Fabrication - Menuboards   
Fabrication - Monument Signs   
Fabrication - Pouncing   
Fabrication - Readerboards & Components   
Fabrication - Safety Signs   
Fabrication - Sign Blanks   
Fabrication - Sign Board   
Fabrication - Sign Cabinets & Light Boxes   
Fabrication - Sign Faces   
Fabrication - Sign Frames   
Fabrication - Vinyl   
Fabrication - Vinyl (Custom Graphics)   
Fabrication - Window Signs   
Installation - ADA Signs   
Installation - Adhesives   
Installation - Anchor Bolts   
Installation - Architectural Signs   
Installation - Awnings   
Installation - Channel Letters   
Installation - Directory Signs & Components   
Installation - Electric Signs   
Installation - Electronic/Moving Message Signs   
Installation - Installation Services   
Installation - Monument Signs   
Installation - Murals, Wall Graphics   
Installation - Permits   
Installation - Sign Faces   
Installation - Surveys   
LED - Channel Letters   
LED - Digital Displays   
LED - Digital Imaging   
LED - Directory Signs & Components   
LED - Displays   
LED - Electronic/Moving Message Signs   
LED - Installation Services   
LED - Menuboards   
Outdoor - Architectural Signs   
Outdoor - Banners   
Outdoor - Digital Displays   
Outdoor - Directory Signs & Components   
Outdoor - Displays   
Outdoor - Electric Signs   
Outdoor - Electronic/Moving Message Signs   
Outdoor - Fiber-Optic Signs & Systems   
Outdoor - Flexible-Face Materials   
Outdoor - Flexible Sign Faces   
Outdoor - Installation Services   
Outdoor - Logo & Graphic Design   
Outdoor - MDO   
Outdoor - Menuboards   
Outdoor - Monument Signs   
Outdoor - Murals, Wall Graphics   
Outdoor - Readerboards & Components   
Outdoor - Sign Blanks   
Outdoor - Sign Board   
Outdoor - Sign Faces   
Outdoor - Sign Frames   
Outdoor - Window Signs   

2018 SGIA Expo - Las Vegas, October 18-20, 2018

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