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AMA Sign  
The core of AMA's market has been, and always will be, custom signage solutions. Unlike many companies, AMA believes in the unique value proposition that each of our clients brings to the market. That's why it is of the utmost importance to us that your signage be treated in the same way.

At AMA we take the time to fully understand your business as well as what you hope to accomplish with your signage, making sure that it is a part of your overall advertising and marketing strategy.

Our Marketing Account Executives will meet with you personally to develop and execute a plan, not just take a quote request over the phone.

Be sure to call us today and ask about getting a complimentary traffic analysis for your business


Let's face it. Your business is fighting for market share just like everyone else. Whether you are a restaurant or a retail shop, you are striving to convert those drive by potential consumers into customers. How can you get yoru message out succinctly while standing out from yoru competitors?

An LED message center allows you to utilize the two things that most attract the human eye - light and motion - in order to get your message across. SBA statistics tell us that a business who installs an appropriately sized LED message center should, on average, see at least a 15% increase in revenue. Take a moment and think about how that would impact YOUR bottom line---Then call us to set up a complimentary client consultation to see if an LED message center would benefit your business!

Finding a reliable, high quality provider for your business collateral is one of the most challenging facets of operating a business. At AMA, our goal is to make this process as seamless as possible for you at a price point that leads the market.

No matter what your needs are, AMA has a print services solution for you.

Be sure to ask your Marketing Account Executive about how we can help to automate and streamline this vital piece of your business


You've heard about direct mail and how it can increase your brand awareness. You've considered it in the past, but haven't made the leap. At the end of the day, you've decided that it is just too much to take on alone. We agree.

That's why AMA has put together a complete turnkey direct mail solution. From local to national campaigns, we provide the design, printing, list generation and mailing. You just sit back and watch the results move your bottom line!


Signage is a significant investment for your business, and it is important that you have a full understanding of what type of maintence the solution that you have chosen requires. Maintaining your sign is much more than just changing the bulbs. At AMA, we are proud to provide continuing service to our customers, and part of that is through maintenence and repair.

Through extended warranties and/or reasonable labor rates, we will happily provide service to your existing signage or ongoing maintenence of your new sign!
  Main Office
  Address:    3800 Broadway
 Grove City, Ohio 43123
  Voice:   614-277-2288  
  Toll Free:      
  Service Area:   Serving all Ohio and contiguous states.
 Products and Services
3-Dimensional - Awnings   
3-Dimensional - Channel Letters   
3-Dimensional - Directory Signs & Components   
3-Dimensional - Installation Services   
3-Dimensional - Letters   
3-Dimensional - Logo & Graphic Design   
3-Dimensional - MDO   
3-Dimensional - Menuboards   
3-Dimensional - Monument Signs   
3-Dimensional - Outdoor Advertising   
3-Dimensional - Portable Signs   
3-Dimensional - Sandblasting   
3-Dimensional - Sign Board   
3-Dimensional - Sign Faces   
ADA - ADA Signs   
ADA - Aluminum   
ADA - Directory Signs & Components   
ADA - Installation Services   
ADA - Letters   
ADA - Safety Signs   
ADA - Sign Blanks   
Architectural - ADA Signs   
Architectural - Aerial Ladders/Buckets   
Architectural - Aluminum   
Architectural - Awnings   
Architectural - Channel Letters   
Architectural - Digital Displays   
Architectural - Displays   
Architectural - Electronic/Moving Message Signs   
Architectural - Flexible-Face Materials   
Architectural - Letters   
Architectural - Logo & Graphic Design   
Architectural - Maintenance Services   
Architectural - MDO   
Architectural - Menuboards   
Architectural - Monument Signs   
Architectural - Neon   
Architectural - Permits   
Architectural - Sign Board   
Architectural - Sign Faces   
Awnings & Flexible Faces    
Awnings & Flexible Faces - Awnings   
Awnings & Flexible Faces - Installation   
Awnings & Flexible Faces - Substrates   
Banners - Awnings   
Banners - Banner Frames   
Banners - Banners   
Banners - Flags and Pennants   
Banners - Flexible Sign Faces   
Banners - Inkjet Printing   
Banners - Installation Services   
Banners - Logo & Graphic Design   
Banners - Murals, Wall Graphics   
Banners - Outdoor Advertising   
Banners - Permits   
Banners - Posters   
Banners - Screenprinting   
Banners - Sign Blanks   
Banners - Vinyl   
Banners - Window Signs   
CNC Routing    
CNC Routing - Wood   
Digital - Decals   
Digital - Digital Displays   
Digital - Digital Imaging   
Digital - Displays   
Digital - Fleet Graphics   
Digital - Floor Graphics, Vinyl   
Digital - Inkjet Printing   
Digital - Installation Services   
Digital - Magnetic Sign Materials   
Digital - Menuboards   
Digital - Outdoor Advertising   
Digital - Safety Signs   
Digital - Sign Board   
Digital - Software   
Digital - Vehicle Graphics   
Digital - Vinyl   
Digital - Vinyl (Custom Graphics)   
Digital - Window Signs   
Electric - Architectural Signs   
Electric - Architectural Signs & Components   
Electric - Channel Letters   
Electric - Electric Signs   
Electric - Installation Services   
Electric - Letters   
Electric - Logo & Graphic Design   
Electric - Maintenance Services   
Electric - Monument Signs   
Electric - Neon   
Electric - Outdoor Advertising   
Electric - Portable Signs   
Electric - Window Signs   
Fabrication - Aluminum   
Fabrication - Architectural Signs   
Fabrication - Architectural Signs & Components   
Fabrication - Banners   
Fabrication - Channel Letters   
Fabrication - Decals   
Fabrication - Electric Signs   
Fabrication - Flags and Pennants   
Fabrication - Fleet Graphics   
Fabrication - Floor Graphics, Vinyl   
Fabrication - Inkjet Printing   
Fabrication - Installation Services   
Fabrication - Logo & Graphic Design   
Fabrication - MDO   
Fabrication - Menuboards   
Fabrication - Political Signs   
Fabrication - Posters   
Fabrication - Post & Panel Signs   
Fabrication - Safety Signs   
Fabrication - Screenprinting   
Fabrication - Sign Blanks   
Fabrication - Vehicle Graphics   
Installation - ADA Signs   
Installation - Aerial Ladders/Buckets   
Installation - Architectural Signs   
Installation - Awnings   
Installation - Channel Letters   
Installation - Directory Signs & Components   
Installation - Electric Signs   
Installation - Electronic/Moving Message Signs   
Installation - Fleet Graphics   
Installation - Floor Graphics, Vinyl   
Installation - Installation Services   
Installation - Maintenance Services   
Installation - Monument Signs   
Installation - Murals, Wall Graphics   
Installation - Neon   
Installation - Outdoor Advertising   
Installation - Permits   
Installation - Pinstriping   
Installation - Sign Faces   
Installation - Vehicle Graphics   
LED - Channel Letters   
LED - Clocks   
LED - Digital Displays   
LED - Digital Imaging   
LED - Directory Signs & Components   
LED - Displays   
LED - Installation Services   
LED - Maintenance Services   
LED - Portable Signs   
LED - Schools & Training   
Neon - Channel Letters   
Neon - Clocks   
Neon - Fasteners   
Neon - Installation Services   
Neon - Letters   
Neon - Maintenance Services   
Neon - Neon   
Neon - Permits   
Neon - Power Supplies & Ballasts   
Neon - Sign Cabinets & Light Boxes   
Other - Aerial Ladders/Buckets   
Other - Architectural Signs   
Other - Awnings   
Other - Banner Frames   
Other - Banners   
Other - Car-Top Signs   
Other - Channel Letters   
Other - Decals   
Other - Digital Displays   
Other - Digital Imaging   
Other - Electric Signs   
Other - Electronic/Moving Message Signs   
Other - Flags and Pennants   
Other - Fleet Graphics   
Other - Floor Graphics, Vinyl   
Other - Inkjet Printing   
Other - Installation Services   
Other - LED Components   
Other - Logo & Graphic Design   
Other - Magnetic Sign Materials   
Other - Maintenance Services   
Other - MDO   
Other - Menuboards   
Other - Monument Signs   
Other - Neon   
Other - Outdoor Advertising   
Other - Posters   
Other - Real Estate Signs   
Other - Safety Signs   
Other - Sandblasting   
Other - Screenprinting   
Other - Sign Blanks   
Other - Sign Board   
Other - Sign Cabinets & Light Boxes   
Other - Sign Faces   
Other - Vehicle Graphics   
Other - Vinyl   
Other - Vinyl (Custom Graphics)   
Other - Window Signs   
Other - Wood   
Outdoor - Aerial Ladders/Buckets   
Outdoor - Architectural Signs   
Outdoor - Awnings   
Outdoor - Banners   
Outdoor - Digital Displays   
Outdoor - Digital Imaging   
Outdoor - Displays   
Outdoor - Electronic/Moving Message Signs   
Outdoor - Installation Services   
Outdoor - Lamination   
Outdoor - Large-Format Digital Printing   
Outdoor - Letter Changing Equipment   
Outdoor - Logo & Graphic Design   
Outdoor - MDO   
Outdoor - Menuboards   
Outdoor - Murals, Wall Graphics   
Outdoor - Outdoor Advertising   
Outdoor - Political Signs   
Outdoor - Real Estate Signs   
Outdoor - Sign Blanks   
Outdoor - Sign Board   
Outdoor - Sign Faces   
Outdoor - Sign Frames   
Outdoor - Surveys   
Painted Signs    
Screen Printing    
Screen Printing - Banners   
Screen Printing - Decals   
Screen Printing - Fabrics   
Screen Printing - Fleet Graphics   
Screen Printing - Logo & Graphic Design   
Screen Printing - Magnetic Sign Materials   
Screen Printing - MDO   
Screen Printing - Murals, Wall Graphics   
Screen Printing - Political Signs   
Screen Printing - Post & Panel Signs   
Screen Printing - Real Estate Signs   
Screen Printing - Safety Signs   
Screen Printing - Screenprinting   
Screen Printing - Sign Blanks   
Screen Printing - Sign Board   
Screen Printing - Vinyl   
Screen Printing - Vinyl (Custom Graphics)   
Vinyl - Awnings   
Vinyl - Banners   
Vinyl - Decals   
Vinyl - Digital Imaging   
Vinyl - Films   
Vinyl - Fleet Graphics   
Vinyl - Floor Graphics, Vinyl   
Vinyl - Inkjet Printing   
Vinyl - Installation Services   
Vinyl - Letters   
Vinyl - Logo & Graphic Design   
Vinyl - Outdoor Advertising   
Vinyl - Political Signs   
Vinyl - Post & Panel Signs   
Vinyl - Real Estate Signs   
Vinyl - Sandblasting Resist   
Vinyl - Screenprinting   
Vinyl - Sign Blanks   
Vinyl - Sign Board   
Vinyl - Sign Faces   
Vinyl - Sign Frames   
Vinyl - Vehicle Graphics   
Vinyl - Vinyl   
Vinyl - Vinyl (Custom Graphics)   
Vinyl - Window Signs   

2018 SGIA Expo - Las Vegas, October 18-20, 2018

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