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Sign China 2018 - September 19-21 - SNIEC

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ADHITCH Southeast  
Mobile billboards are a very successful method of outdoor advertising used to save money while expanding reach, increasing impressions, building brand recognition and generating immediate results. Motion creates emotion. ADHITCH is the common sense marketing alternative in advertising for virtually any size or type of business. In fact, there isn't an advertising product on the market today that has as much recall power as the ADHITCH Mobile Marketing System. Contact Micah Gandy at to learn how you can join the most revolutionary movement in the outdoor advertising and sign industry. Dealer inquiries welcome.
  Main Office
  Address:    P.O. Box 1326
 Cornelius, North Carolina 28031
  Voice:   7048971110  
  Toll Free:      
  Fax:   7048971130  
  Webpage URL:  
  Service Area:   Nationwide: Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia
 Products and Services
3-Dimensional - ADA Sign Equipment   
3-Dimensional - ADA Signs   
3-Dimensional - Directory Signs & Components   
3-Dimensional - Displays   
3-Dimensional - Glass Signs   
3-Dimensional - Installation Services   
3-Dimensional - Lighting Equipment   
3-Dimensional - Logo & Graphic Design   
3-Dimensional - Outdoor Advertising   
3-Dimensional - Plastic   
3-Dimensional - Portable Signs   
3-Dimensional - Rotator Signs   
3-Dimensional - Sign Board   
3-Dimensional - Sign Faces   
3-Dimensional - Stock-Message Signs   
Business Development    
Business Development - ADA Signs   
Business Development - Logo & Graphic Design   
Business Development - Outdoor Advertising   
Display Systems    
Display Systems - Banner Stands   
Display Systems - Exhibit Systems   
Display Systems - Indoor Portable   
Display Systems - Outdoor Portable   
Display Systems - POP   
Display Systems - Sign Frames   
Display Systems - Stands   
Electric - Car-Top Signs   
Electric - Control Systems   
Electric - Digital Displays   
Electric - Displays   
Electric - Electric Signs   
Electric - Electronic/Moving Message Signs   
Electric - Fiber-Optic Signs & Systems   
Electric - Misc. Supplies   
Electric - Monument Signs   
Electric - Outdoor Advertising   
Electric - Portable Signs   
Electric - Readerboards & Components   
Electric - Sign Frames   
Electric - Three-Faced Mechanical Displays   
Electric - Window Signs   
Electric - Wiring & Supplies   
Fabrication - ADA Sign Equipment   
Fabrication - ADA Signs   
Fabrication - Bus-Shelter Graphics   
Fabrication - Car-Top Signs   
Fabrication - Control Systems   
Fabrication - Digital Displays   
Fabrication - Digital Imaging   
Fabrication - Directory Signs & Components   
Fabrication - Displays   
Fabrication - Electric Signs   
Fabrication - Electronic/Moving Message Signs   
Fabrication - Fiberglass-Embedded Signs   
Fabrication - Installation Hardware   
Fabrication - Installation Services   
Fabrication - LED Components   
Fabrication - Light Boxes   
Fabrication - Menuboards   
Fabrication - Monument Signs   
Fabrication - Murals, Wall Graphics   
Fabrication - Outdoor Advertising   
Fabrication - Sign Board   
Fabrication - Sign Cabinets & Light Boxes   
Fabrication - Sign Faces   
Fabrication - Sign Frames   
Fabrication - Stock-Message Signs   
Fabrication - Three-Faced Mechanical Displays   
Fabrication - Vehicle Graphics   
Fabrication - Window Signs   
Installation - Electric Signs   
Installation - Electronic/Moving Message Signs   
Installation - Fleet Graphics   
Installation - Flexible Sign Faces   
Installation - Monument Signs   
Installation - Murals, Wall Graphics   
Installation - Outdoor Advertising   
Installation - Rotator Signs   
Installation - Sign Faces   
Installation - Three-Faced Mechanical Displays   
Other - Banner Frames   
Other - Banners   
Other - Car-Top Signs   
Other - Directory Signs & Components   
Other - Displays   
Other - Electric Signs   
Other - Electronic/Moving Message Signs   
Other - Flexible Sign Faces   
Other - Kiosks   
Other - Light Boxes   
Other - Monument Signs   
Other - Murals, Wall Graphics   
Other - Outdoor Advertising   
Other - Political Signs   
Other - Portable Signs   
Other - Posters   
Other - Post & Panel Signs   
Other - Readerboards & Components   
Other - Real Estate Signs   
Other - Sign Board   
Other - Sign Faces   
Other - Stock-Message Signs   
Other - Vehicle Graphics   
Outdoor - Banners   
Outdoor - Bus-Shelter Graphics   
Outdoor - Directory Signs & Components   
Outdoor - Displays   
Outdoor - Electric Signs   
Outdoor - Electronic/Moving Message Signs   
Outdoor - Monument Signs   
Outdoor - Murals, Wall Graphics   
Outdoor - Outdoor Advertising   
Outdoor - Political Signs   
Outdoor - Portable Signs   
Outdoor - Posters   
Outdoor - Real Estate Signs   
Outdoor - Rotator Signs   
Outdoor - Sign Board   
Outdoor - Sign Faces   
Outdoor - Sign Frames   
Outdoor - Three-Faced Mechanical Displays   
Painted Signs    

2018 SGIA Expo - Las Vegas, October 18-20, 2018

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