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October 07 2022 - Welcome to the Garment Decoration Category. We continually add articles to this section, so be sure to check back often. If you'd like to suggest an article or write one for this category, please e-mail us here and let us know.


Cut and Sew: Opportunity Abounds, But It's Not for the Faint of Heart
The addition of cut and sew services to a garment decorator's business can provide a true value-added service that has the potential to increase business and attract new customers.

What to Know When Buying a DTG (or Any) Printer
So, you have decided to buy or add a new direct-to-garment (DTG) printer to your business. Before you settle on a particular piece of equipment, there are a few questions you should ask and a few things you should really know before making that purchase.

Preparing Art Files for Digital Printing
Any great print starts with the artwork. The first step a decorator must take when getting into the business of imprinting apparel is figuring out where the artwork will come from and the proper procedures for converting that art into a format that can be used by the chosen output device.

Optimizing Art Files For Garment Production
Regardless of the type of garment decorating you do, it is always important to set up and optimize your files properly prior to production, to make sure to get the best possible end product.

Growth of the Digital Print-and-Cut Market in the Digital Decoration World
This growing segment is more the norm than niche, and it represents the exploding marketplace serviced by print-and-cut heat transfers which have improved in performance from just a year ago.

The Solution for Printing More
The most logical way to increase the return on a heat press investment is to increase production speed. Add to that the versatility of a heat press and heat-applied graphics present many ways for apparel decorators to take their business to the next level.

Onshoring, The Next American Apparel Revolution?
The local option needs to be automated enough to be efficient and price competitive versus other options from other places.

Heat Hierarchy: Transfers, Applied Vinyl and More
Entire multimillion-dollar revenue streams can be achieved from one type, let alone a combination, of heat printing technology.

What's Happening with Digital Transfers
The evidence of digital technologies taking root in our industry is increasing rapidly. More and more garment decorators are adopting the use of these new technologies every day.

How to Know When to Turn Down a Garment Printing Job
Asking the right questions is the first step to avoiding the job from hell. Do not agree to a job that is foreign to you until you know all that it entails, including the processes you'll need to use, what supplies you will require, and how much time and effort you will have to put into it.

Digital Textile Printing: Soft Signage, Fabric Solutions & Innovation
Once a subset of the fledgling digital graphics industry, digital textile printing has grown into a strong industry of its own, offering a growing number of applications produced using materials, technologies and products unique to this segment.

Top 10 Concepts for Maximizing Productivity in Garment Decoration
As a contract printer, maximizing productivity is not just a goal, it's a necessity.

Pricing Guidelines for Direct-to-Garment Products
Pricing Strategy for Direct Garment Printing and a snapshot from a shop in the business.

Seasonal Maintenance for Direct-to-Garment Printing
When it comes to protecting your capital equipment investment for your business, nothing could be 'smarter' than putting your equipment at the top of your maintenance calendar schedule. You will drastically reduce the need to work 'harder' to keep your printer performing at peak levels.

5 Important Steps in Direct-to-Garment Printer Maintenance
It is critical to your business that your printer be routinely maintained to assure its productive life and longevity. Direct-to-garment printers have evolved in just a few short years from a category of machines that were un-proven, to being recognized as very productive printers which require minor regular maintenance.

Digital Technologies and the Apparel Decorator, Part III
In this final of a three-part series, we'll explain the application of heat-set media and direct-to-garment inkjet, giving you a better understanding of how these can enhance the success of your shop.

New Research Shows Influence of Digital Textile Printing
For at least 10 years, there has been a lot of discussion about the possibilities and potential for inkjet in the textile printing business. One of the first industry events I ever attended was dedicated to the subject. At the time, the suggestion was that as inkjet technology developed, there would be a dramatic shift in the way textiles are printed, including the garment-type textile printing methods.

Heat Transfer Machines Are One Hot Topic
Exploring the choices in heat presses offers many choices. This will show the different types to find the right choice for your budget and application.

Apparel Decorating Trends & Techniques for Digital and Sublimation Transfers
Recent trends of a flat decorated garment market have created a small group of nimble companies that have strategically positioned themselves to introduce the world to the short and micro runs of customized apparel.


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