Why Traditional Sign Businesses Are Now Adopting Digital Signage
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Why Traditional Sign Businesses Are Now Adopting Digital Signage

Many sign business owners perceive Digital Signage as mysterious and potentially competitive to business. But instead digital signage should be viewed as an opportunity for growth and prosperity for your ever-changing business. Read on to learn why.

By Justin Ryan

For many sign business owners, the thought of Digital Signage conjures up fears and negative emotions. These feelings are frequently based on viewing digital signage as potential threat to their business, rather than an opportunity for growth and prosperity.

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  • Common reasons against adding digital signage to their portfolio range from the thought that it is unnecessary for their customers, it is too expensive, too difficult to figure out, no idea where to start, or worse yet, they are just afraid of change. At some point these were very valid observations about the immature technology. However, innovations in the technology, content development software, and delivery mechanisms have really matured to a point where they are now ready for your consumption. Let's quickly examine the route you can take to include digital signage to your business.

    The Journey
    The path to digital signage sales for your business is getting easier by the day. The first step you must take is the hardest, and that is to make the commitment to honestly consider the potential benefits for you and your customers. The fact is there really is no downside to supplementing your existing signage with dynamic digital signage. It requires almost no money to get started so long as you already own a computer. No equipment is required to create the product besides a PC, there are no wasted materials, and there are no supplies to order or stock. There are many free or demo based digital signage applications that you can download and start testing today. The real trick to successful Digital Signage isn't the technology, it is the design and content that goes into the system that matters.

    The most convincing reason to consider digital signage is that the small and medium size businesses that you currently serve are untapped resources. Every day businesses of all sizes are looking towards digital signage to quickly add value, increase communications and solve real business problems. When the time comes that your customers are interested in using digital signage, you want them to naturally gravitate towards you. After all, who knows their signage needs better than you? Right now your only competitors in the digital signage space will be A/V businesses who may excel in the technology, but more than likely lack the creative skills that you have. Learning the technology is far easier for you than learning design and layout will be for A/V businesses. An industry secret that you should know is that the hardware is a commodity, with little margins. The money in digital signage is the "value-add" services, and that is precisely where you will be, if you choose to do so. The key is to get a head start on your competition by being the first to market Digital Signage in your area. By leading the way you will attract new customers while expanding your offering to your existing clients.

    Sign Elements Vehicle Templates

    Why go digital?
    Let's consider the idea that Digital Signage is not needed or not helpful to business. This is a difficult excuse to overcome because there are so many applications for digital signage, each with its own benefits. This notion is a typical first reaction, but with a little knowledge and experience it quickly fades away. Sure it's not right for everyone, but with a little careful deliberation you will find it to be a very flexible solution for you to offer alongside your current signage services. Your key to success will be to leverage what you already know about sign making, add on the ability to integrate digital signage, and the result will be your capacity to deliver the best solutions to your customers.

    Your existing customers represent a wonderful opportunity that you should not pass up. Take for instance your local pizza place. It most likely has a sign similar to this.

    You, along with every other customer spend little time looking at what they have to offer. You pick up what you always get, and you leave. What if they had a special? On a sign like this, would you notice? Of course not. This pizza place has restricted marketing abilities in their own store because of their signage. What about pizza toppings? Do any of those look appetizing based on that sign? You get the point.

    Now let's compare what a Digital Sign can do.

    In this example, the customers a greeted with eye catching graphics. Customers have an idea of what they are going to get when they order it and as such they are more likely to consider all of the menu options. This sign attracts attention, increases product awareness and will more than likely lift sales. Even if this is a high volume store with many regulars, there is plenty of room to up sell when you have the most powerful in-store marketing tool available. This is the power of digital signage and it is something definitely worth your consideration.

    Make the leap
    Being a sign maker, you already possess the ability to really get creative with digital signage. There is no reason why you cannot incorporate a commercial LCD screen into your existing signage designs. By simply adding a display inside your signage, you will show your true creative talents while adding in state of the art technology. Digital Signage does not need to stop at hanging a flat panel on the wall. In fact, that is the point at which you will separate yourself from the competition. Utilize the talent and tools that you already have to create unique hybrid signage solutions that attract attention and is smart at the same time. This is what will distinguish your shop from others and open up doors for you creatively and financially. This combination will not be easily duplicated by A/V businesses or others who will enter the marketplace.

    As a Digital Signage installer you will have some new responsibilities. In addition to understanding the technology that drives Digital Signage, you will also need to understand how to choose the appropriate technology, perform content management, run A/V wiring, comprehend basic computer networking, and maintain a content distribution network.

    This is not as difficult as it may first appear when you understand the concepts. Due to the lack of information in the traditional signage community, a book was written to educate sign businesses on core topics. "A Digital Signage Primer," is the only resource designed specifically for the traditional sign industry. For additional information about the book please visit the bookstore

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