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Finishing Opportunities in the World of Wide-Format Printing
More than just sewing on a machine, the finishing process requires an individual to be multifaceted with the capacity to handle all it entails.

Finishing Options for Soft Signage and Banners
This article will take a look at some of the finishing options that are currently happening in this arena. More specifically, we will address cutting, sewing or welding as it relates to soft signage and banners (digital graphics printed on a textile or fabric-based material), and to some extent, garments.

Are You Finished Yet? Part 2
When I began this article on finishing, I made the assumption that finishing was something that always occurred at the end of the printing process. After all, it is called 'finishing.'

Are You Finished Yet? Part 1
Finishing a sign, banner, wrap or specialty item can be a multifaceted, potentially profitable process that should not be ignored.

Traditional Die Cutting Versus Digital Die Cutting
With increasing demand comes the growing need for better and faster technology in all sectors of the trade. This includes die cutting, a constantly evolving finishing technique that relies heavily on its relevance in the field.

Wide Format: Much More Than Just Print
Typically, signs, direct mail and printed collateral contribute to exposure, motivation and recognition of needs toward a product. These lower-value tools contribute to 30 percent of the buying decision. But research has demonstrated that 70 percent of purchasing decisions are made at the point of purchase.

The State of Digital Die-Cutting/Digital Finishing for Wide- and Grand-Format Print in 2014
Oh how the market has grown and changed to accommodate varying needs and wants in the digital finishing and cutting shops. Read on to see the most current trends.

Trends and Innovations in Cutting and Routing Technology
Output providers continue to look for new cutting, routing and finishing solutions to help them provide the latest products and services to meet their clients' needs.

Lasers Aren't Just for Acrylics Anymore
Lasers do a great job of cutting acrylic with highly polished edges in one pass, far better than it can be 'cut' by routers. Not everybody knows that they also can do a fantastic job with most of the traditional materials used in today's printing world. Using the latest laser technology, solutions abound that change the speed barriers normally associated with cutting and finishing of printed graphics using what have been the fastest of the available knife cutting/router systems.

Suppliers Take Automated Wide-Format Printing to the Next Level
The evolution in automation and workflow integration of wide-format printing can lower labor and production costs, as well as the ability to produce more short-run jobs with a quicker turn-around time and in a more cost effective manner.

Specialty Films & Laminates Open Doors for Print Providers
One of the big trends coming out of the finishing world has been the resurgence of specialty films and laminates.

Media & Finishing Drive Product & Market Differentiation
Evolving technologies such as textured finishes and printed fabrics are strong trends towards providing 'step-above' products which yield higher margins and help you to differentiate your company from the average shop.

UV Protection For Graphics
Learn to judge for yourself whether your graphics are going to last as long as they are supposed to last.

UV Coating Technology: Past, Present & Future
Besides quicker curing times, today's liquid coatings have advanced to offer a variety of specialty finishes and applications. What was once an offering of a basic gloss, luster or matte finish has blossomed into a host of coating types that include specialty products like dry erase, anti-graffiti and even anti-slip finishes. Truly, a window of opportunity has been opened when it comes to UV curable liquid coating technology in terms of reduced cost and a wider variety of available products.

Turning Finishing from a Cost Center into a Profit Center
While finishers are easy to use and do a great job with timely and accurate finishing, are your estimators capable of accurately determining the true costs associated with finishing? Based on my experience, this is still more of an art than a science and most printers do not estimate finishing very well.

Seaming and Edge Welding, Finishing Opportunities Abound
Printing your signs is more than half of the final product presented to your customers. However, it is not the entire result. How your finished product looks when it is hanging is critical to the final product's success.

Know Your Tools: Finishing with Efficiency
From year to year, many companies change the products they make, or begin producing new product lines in niche areas that require new and different finishing methods. In some shops, the steps taken to finish products are done with inappropriate tools.

Films to Enhance and Protect - Investigating Ongoing Developments in Laminate Films
Suppliers are responding to the present economy with more cost-effective materials — thinner films and liners that offer the right amount of protection for the application.

Panel Saw, Table Saw, Mat Cutter or Combo Machine, which is Right for your Shop?
One way for sign shops to increase their efficiency is to have the right tool for cutting sheet goods to size. There are a few basic considerations that every sign shop must address when purchasing a cutting machine: space restraints, ease of use, capability, safety, cost and dust.

What You Need to Know About Varnish in the Digital Printing Arena
There’s more than one way to varnish. And there’s more than one way to make a mess with varnish, too. The good news is, if you use the right printer and the right materials, varnishing can add profits to your bottom line.

What You Need to Know About Pollution Prevention in Your Shop
Protecting yourself, your employees and your community are just a few reasons why you want to be sure that your shop is compliant with all of the current safety regulations. One of the most important areas of safety that is often overlooked is the ventilation of your print shop.

Tricks of the Trade Show: Fabricating Graphics For Portable Display Systems, Part II
In Part I, we covered the conventional approach to fabricating a semi-supported graphic. In Part II we will discuss the two remaining approaches, Second Surface Graphics and Printable Backlaminate.

Tricks of the Trade Show: Fabricating Graphics For Portable Display Systems, Part I
Although many folks probably think the subject of graphics finishing is boring, the fact is that it is extremely important in the total performance of most graphics. The process of lamination can involve far more than sticking a clear film to the surface of a graphic image.

How to Laminate Inkjet Output with High Ink Coverage
Try these options for success in multi-heat roller laminator applications

Creating Magnet-Receptive Graphics
In this day and age, a little diversification of your business can go a long way.

What Does UV Protection Really Mean?
Armed with this information, you will now be able to judge for yourself whether something is UV protected or not.

Expanding Your Finishing Profitability, Part II
In part II, we continue examining some of the ideas for expanding upon your current offerings by knowing what the capabilities of your machine are and using your imagination.

Expanding Your Finishing Profitability, Part I
Perhaps one of the greatest attributes of your company’s finishing department is the fact that, despite the whirlwind of technological change in all other facets of your business, your trusty laminator can still keep pace with the increasing demands of your customers. Your laminator is an investment that with the right amount of imagination, ingenuity and know-how can become more profitable for your business than ever before.

Matching the Materials to the Job: Part II
In part two, we contiue examining the many different laminates available and the differences between them.

Matching the Materials to the Job: Part I
This is part one of a two-part series addressing the importance of having the right materials for the job.

Benefits of Vehicle Wrapping
Need some help selling vehicle wraps? Trade groups, sign shops and market researchers have ammunition to help you seal the deal.

The Art of Laminating: Tips to cold laminating ­ Part II
We have discussed loading the laminates in part one. Now comes the nerve-racking part where you have to laminate a print in hopes that everything will go smoothly. In other words, no air bubbles and no wrinkles or else it’s back to the printing stage.

The Art of Laminating- Tips to cold laminating - Part I
Laminating is a learn-as-you-go process, where a few pointers can help ease the pain of the learning curve.

The Art of Laminating Part 3 - Making the investment
Before you make the investment, you have to consider both your present needs and your future needs. The purchase of a laminator is similar to that of purchasing a car. A lot of decisions need to be made as to what bells and whistles come with the various models.

The Art of Laminating Part 2 - Understanding your materials
This is part two of a three-part series on Laminating.

The Art of Laminating
Part 1 - The Basics of Lamination

The last step before installing graphics is finishing, laminating, via graphic finishing, overlaminates, a laminate, liquid laminating, or clearcoat. Graphic laminating of outdoor printing, signs & graphics is the last and important step whether they are installed as vehicle wraps, floor graphics, walls, windows or whatever.


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