Neon signs are the first thing you think of when anyone mentions New York City or Las Vegas. Neon signs illuminate the night sky and bring about beautiful, brilliant colors. The concept behind neon signs was first conceived in 1675, when the French astronomer Jean Picard observed a faint glow in a mercury barometer tube. Today many businesses use them to call attention to their company, while others simply use them to promote store hours or products they are featuring. For many years this type of advertisement set companies apart and brought with it business. Restaurants, taverns, stores, even tanning salons are frequent purchasers of neon signs.

Banner signs are used to promote every thing from the county fair to a new product on the market. Many politicians use banner signs as campaign publicity. The highways are filled with them around election time. Banner signs can be quite simple and inexpensive, or very exquisite. Many new companies use banner signs to announce the arrival of their brand new location, or just that they will open soon. During building construction times businesses may rely on this form to let their clients know they are still open. High schools and colleges often use banner signs at sporting events, many times sponsored by area businesses.

Electronic signs can be personalized to display anything you want. You can have electronic signs that give your last name and address in your front yard. Unlike traditional signs, these have additional costs that can not be pre determined. Because these take a power source to display, there are ongoing costs other than simple maintance. One of the most popular electronic signs these days is the LED display. These types can be controlled by a computer and have endless possibilities as to their outcomes. Electronic signs attract new customers to your business, allowing you to market your products and services in what is simply the most cost-effective method of advertising today.

Plugs permitted an electronic sign to be illuminated by light shining onto it, but the real revolution occurred when light bulbs were used to form images and words. Light bulbs flashing on and off made new demands on the attention of passersby. Light bulbs blinking in sequence could also simulate movement. Add this property to the mix, and a dramatic transformation of American streets resulted. As soon as the sun goes down the electronic sign pops on. Many of these have special sensor features that automatically turn themselves on. Wow Thomas Edison would be impressed today. Every fast food restaurant has an outside electronic sign. Many of them even illuminate their menu boards for clarity.

Vinyl signs have become an important part of advertising in the past years. Automobiles everywhere have vinyl signs on their front and rear glass announcing names, cultures and even promoting businesses. This material sticks to glass well and is used for office doors and windows. It can be easily scraped off if the information provided changes, leaving no trace of its existence. Vinyl signs can be graphics or lettering giving you the best of both worlds, low cost and high quality. They can be applied to a variety of surfaces and offer flexibility while serving a wide range of uses. Vinyl signs are more accurate and longer lasting than even paint.

From long-term building-sized banners to promotional vehicle graphics, large format printing for outdoor signs is a booming trend. How better to have your business grow than to advertise. Billboards line the highways and busses promoting businesses every day. If you drive down any busy street right now there are plenty of outdoor signs competing for your eyes. Many rental companies lease changeable lettered outdoor signs to businesses. Some have fancy lighted arrows that flash in the direction of the main driveway; others are just plain simple ones. The letters can be black and white or an arrangement of fancy colors. Which ever one they choose outdoor signs are sure to get the attention they are looking for.

Digital signage is a display device which is used in-store to present constantly changing, computer generated; full motion video, photo-realistic graphics, text, and animation. It is a dynamic venue as opposed to static billboards and posters. Because you eliminate the need to print and distribute static information every time you change your message or campaign, you save on printing costs and processing time. What you will have is instant up to date programming with informative and entertaining content. Digital signage has the stopping power to get your customers' attention. Once you have commanded their attention, you have an opportunity to influence their buying decisions. Digital signage replaces the point of purchase displays of the past.

Channel Letters are individually illuminated letters and graphics. These signs are found everywhere. From shopping malls, to exterior storefront identification, these signs are the best way to see your business name in lights. Reverse channel letters are ones that have metal faces and sides, but have a clear plastic backing. These are designed to be mounted an inch or two away from the wall. At night, these signs create a halo-lit effect. Another type is one with 'open' faces. Though not actually open, the faces of these are clear plastic with the balance built just like standard channel letters. This allows for the raw neon to be seen, as well as the inside of the U-form itself. Open face channel letters are very effective for aggressively grabbing attention.

Imagine sign estimating and engineering in a minute or two. Then, after reviewing the results, print out your sales agreement. Imagine having more time to do what-if analysis, job costing, job reviews, etc. There now is sign estimating computer software. The on screen input design allows the user to enter all necessary information on one screen. What you get is summary price and engineering results on the same input screen. To see detailed material, labor and cost results, just scroll down. Electrical amps, operating costs per hour & per month are also calculated. To change a result or cost, just type over the displayed result. Sign estimating has never been easier.

Sign installation can be easy or difficult. The medium you choose answers the level of difficulty you will have. Paper, cardboard, and even vinyl are is much simpler and inexpensive, when compared to neon and LED displays. Mounting location is determined by the available facade space as well as the customer's specifications. Some customers have definite sign installation plans with all dimensions verified in advance. Other customers may provide verbal instructions about the mounting location without knowing the actual dimensions. Contractors should always verify the precise mounting location before making a trip to the jobsite. You can't assume that the owner will be present when you arrive for the sign installation, and nobody's going to pay you to wait.

A sign with LED display outside you business will help attract your customers eyes. How many times has a flashy sign made you look twice to see what it was saying? With a LED display sign in your window you can take advertising to a whole new level. You can update it daily for specials, or just give out valuable information to clients. Imagine the technology of a LED display sign with high-resolution images and up to 16.7 million colors. This lighting is taking over neon lights. Soon you will visit Las Vegas and walk into a sea of LED display lights.

A LED sign combines electronic message centers with street-side pylons or main marquees to create a contemporary look for customer's roadside presences. These moving message boards are routinely used for sceneries in Broadway plays, information centers in hotels, office lobbies, and factory/warehouse floors, manufacturing, transportation, theaters and shopping malls. A LED sign can display any image that you can create or see on your computer screen. You are able to get quite creative and have your message broadcast at the same time. These products can be used inside and out. A LED sign can be made suitable for outdoor services by increasing the brightness to exceed 1000mcd and enclosing the entire display in a weatherproof enclosure.