Unusual Wraps and Large-Scale Projects Are No Problem For PDAA Members
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Unusual Wraps and Large-Scale Projects Are No Problem For PDAA Members

From airport parking garages to refrigerators to boat conceals to wrapped urinal covers, PDAA members have been there and done that.


For professional installers, there is always something to wrap.

Clarke Systems Architectural Signage Systems Wayfinding ADA

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  • "I've (wrapped) stoves and refrigerators. Solid colors, like white, almond or black, to make appliances match when purchased separately. It works great, even on stoves, " says Rob Ivers, RobIvers.com.

    Allison Shatter, president of Steel Skins Graphics, has utilized wraps to conceal an object for a client. "We just did a couple of boat boxes to look like shrubs. The client has them out by their in-ground pool, and they wanted to camouflage them."

    Ryan Myers, owner of Outlaw Kustomz, was hired for a unique advertising project. "We wrapped urinal covers for stadium bathrooms with an ad design. We didn't have an existing template for the project, so we really had to start from the ground up. "

    But increasingly, wraps are going outside the box - WAY outside the box. Devil Dog Installations was hired as the general contractor for the installation of a banner rail system engineered and fabricated by Britten Banners. Working with SeaTac Airport in Seattle, Washington, Devil Dog was the liaison between airport operations and Clear Channel Airports.

    The actual install of three frames on the Airport Garage Ventilator Shafts required two cranes, two 85-foot boom lifts and two left-hand lane closures of the arrival driveway. The project was completed across three nights, beginning at midnight and ending at six every morning. Prior to installing this banner frame system, Devil Dog installed pressure-sensitive vinyl (PSV) on the Ventilator Shafts, a project that was weather contingent (PSV does not install in wet, rainy, cold weather.), and which caused much delays and frustration.

    The frames were lifted into place using cranes. Workers in the lifts bolted the frames to preexisting attachment points built into the ventilator shaft. Once the frames were up, an electric winch was utilized to raise and lower the banner in a built-in trolley track system. With the motor energized and the push of a button, two installers can change out a banner in just about any weather condition. "We had every element against us for this project - freezing temperatures, wind, rain, you name it, but we were able to overcome it all.," said Rebecca Uyleman, CEO of Devil Dog.

    Clarke Systems Architectural Signage Systems Wayfinding ADA

    Traffic Graphics NW understands out-of-the-ordinary projects and working conditions. While Pastrana Racing, LLC was running the course at Dirtfish Rally School in Snoqualmie, Washington, they needed the Red Bull Dodge Dart rally cars for Travis Pastrana and his new partner, Bryce Menzies, rewrapped for a video shoot, and to kick-off their World Rally Cross tour. SGIA member Industry Graphics, in Auburn, Washington, was uniquely ready for the challenge of this project, with a designer specializing in vehicle wrap graphics, and a newly expanded vehicle wrap division following the acquisition of Traffic Graphics NW, a leader in custom wraps and color changing.

    Working around a compressed schedule is often part of installing a vehicle wrap, but this tight timeline was stretched even further - video filming and travel to Brazil were already scheduled. The mechanic team also needed to be working on the cars at the same time.

    "Hoods and bumpers were completely off the cars, door panels were pulled out as we wrapped around the fenders, and you had to be able to pull away at any time and turn to something else if the mechanic team needed in there," said Jeff Merrell, PDAA Master Certified lead installer on the project, and division manager at Industry. "We also had additional bumpers and fenders to wrap for use later as the racing takes its toll." Jeff added, "We had a team of up to five guys at once - we just swarmed the cars to ensure everything got done right and on time."

    The job included more unusual aspects - "imitation headlight" vinyl was added; air scoops and wings were wrapped - and a whole additional vehicle's worth of vinyl was sent with the team for trackside damage change-outs later. The crew filmed at Dirtfish, and then headed to Brazil and the X Games on time, and Industry Graphics got to add Pastrana Racing, LLC to their list of cool wraps.

    There is really no limit anymore to what can or cannot be wrapped:

    • Toilets and toilet seat covers
    • Shower stall doors
    • Ceiling fan blades
    • Caskets
    • Appliances
    • Prosthetic legs
    • Ceiling tiles
    • Kitchen cabinets
    • Outdoor fence murals
    • Custom cutouts
    • Sports tables (Decorative or for game play, like beer pong)
    • Surfboards, skateboards
    • Elevator doors, inside of elevators

    Since the only thing limiting you is your imagination, the best way to get the results you want is to find an installer with a sense of adventure as big as yours.

    This article appeared in the SGIA Journal, May / June 2013 Issue and is reprinted with permission. Copyright 2012 Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (www.sgia.org). All Rights Reserved.

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