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2015 Shanghai International 4 New Advertising & Sign Exhibition


The use of LED display signs in manufacturing, readerboards on pylon signs, LED displays at events, outdoor signs in place of static billboards, some creating new types of outdoor signage, electronic signs are dynamic in their ability to take the electronic sign to a whole new level of uses. Article topics, please e-mail us here and let us know.


City of Dreams: A Media Mecca in Macau
With a glowing radiance as your approach the city skyline, you think you're approaching Las Vegas, but it's the cityscape of Macau, an island off of Mainland China, that for decades has been a gaming Mecca of the Orient. And a unique view it is...

City of Dreams: A Media Mecca in Macau
With a glowing radiance as your approach the city skyline, you think you're approaching Las Vegas, but it's the cityscape of Macau, an island off of Mainland China, that for decades has been a gaming Mecca of the Orient. And a unique view it is...

Interactive Media Industry Trends for 2015
Energizing the static display with increased interactive marketing reach to customers.

Fitting a Round Sign into a Square Code
If sign codes were easy to comply with, every sign created would have to be square, with perfect symmetry, and have a message that never changed.

Stadium & Arena Signage: Sporting New Signs to Level Advertising on the Playing Field
As sport fans settle in at their favorite stadiums and arenas, they are apt to notice lots of new signage around the facility, alerting them not only to the advertising for beer & BMWs, but also keeping them informed about other games in play around the country, and as well occasional sports trivia useful as party chatter.

Still Need a Reason to Go Digital This Year? Tax Legislation and Depreciation Bonus for 2013 Might Provide Your Answer
The American Taxpayer Relief Act Offers Big Tax Savings for Equipment Purchases in 2013

How to Find Money in Your Advertising Budget for your LED Sign
Learn how to work with companies to help them recognize that an LED sign purchase should be an advertising expenditure, rather than a capital investment.

USSC LED EMC Lighting Level Study Announcement
There will not be different levels for different signs or different manufacturers; just one maximum level that can be uniformly applied to all signs...

The Perfect Partnership, Foam Monument Signs & LED Message Centers
You can offer your clients the best of both worlds. The durability and versatility of a foam monument sign paired with the dynamic messaging and powerful flexibility features of the LED message center create a commanding signage partnership that offers your clients the best of the both worlds.

Retrofitting Print Billboards with their LED Digital Counterparts
As more and more outdoor advertising companies introduce or expand their digital billboard inventories, there is now a new challenge of where to install them along existing highway routes or to replace existing print billboards.

Leveraging LED Displays for Just-in-time Advertising (JITA)
Are you the caveman who discovered fire or the one who learned how to use it to cook a meal?

10 Signage Lobbying Tips for Difficult Budget Years: What You Can Do to Help Government Officials
Whether it's electronic message centers or channel letters with the latest LED illumination, what may be straightforward and obvious to some presents a steep learning curve for others.

Digital Outdoor Expands in Public Space
As much as outdoor digital signage has become a significant billboard advertising medium, so has digital signage migrated into the urban cityscape and is just now finding a home with street furniture incorporating itself into bus shelters, news stands and other furniture structures as it makes sense.

Using Pencil Selling to Close More Digital Sign Deals
Some prefer to call it a return on investment (R.O.I.) analysis. I still call it pencil selling. It's the art of taking a prospect through the mathematical process of understanding how the cost of what they're buying is justified by its return.

One Times Square: A Global Icon Marks Time - 2003-2010, Part III
In this third and final part of One Times Square, we examine even more of the fascinating, ever-evolving changes to this iconic landmark and how technology plays a very interesting and important role.

One Times Square: A Global Icon Marks Time - 2003-2010, Part II
Slowly, but surely between 2003 to 2010, one spectacular display after another on One Times Square has been upgraded with a more modern version of itself or outright replaced with a new client and a new spectacular. See how the poster child of signage has evolved in place.

The Signs of Love: A spectacular marriage proposal on the white lights of Broadway
This is a story of unrequited love converged with New York City's first electronic billboard, where a marriage proposal was displayed in all its glory directly above the Crossroads of the World.

One Times Square Revisions: Signage in the crossroads of the world through the years
If any building was to be dedicated as homage to sign displays, honors could easily point to One Times Square. It stands tall not only in height, but also throughout its 100 plus year history with its influence on iconic advertising, on sign displays, with its vinyl and electronic billboards and its timeless metaphors, all wedded to the building from top (the annual New Year's Eve ball drop) to the bottom (the news zipper wrapped around the building's base).

ABC Times Square Studios: Good Morning in Times Square
It may be home to ABC's Good Morning America, but to Times Square passersby it is the building with the curvy front wall that is a gigantic television screen displaying current news and ABC TV previews all day long.

World Tour of Electronic Digital Building Wraps
Media facades, which are one of the newest territories of electronic signage, have blossomed in a number of directions with great promise to LED sign manufacturers, sign integrators, architects, media planners and urban developers who all see this super-sized signage as an urban landscape enhancement.

Public Communications in Transit Circles: High-Tech Signage Meets Public Transportation
In modernizing public transportation passenger vehicle arrival and destination alert systems, public transit's bag of tools include LCD & LED displays, the Internet, GPS triangulation and predictive arrival software, all designed to put your commuting mind at ease.

Media Facades: High-Tech Digital Building Wraps
Now with LED video screens comes the outdoor advertising impulse to create the ultimate building wrap, a media facade, which is an LED video screen that completely covers the front of a building and presents a kaleidoscope of imagery that dances across the building.

Digital Billboards Ho!
In the 1840s, it was wagons ho and west to the new frontier. Thousands of people staked their fortune, their family and their future on the uncharted territories of westward expansion. Today, digital billboards are staking out new territories across the US of A.

Cashing in on Digital Signage Opportunities
Are you comfortable speaking the language of digital signage? Get your questions answered by an industry leading digital signage firm and begin selling today.

The House That FUSE Built- LED Displays from Sidewalks To Unique Channel Letters
FUSE decided it was time to increase their corporate profile and do so by using extensive LED signage to increase their visibility to their music fans and the public.

Hershey’s ­ How Sweet It Is: The Eye-Candy of Times Square
In the middle of all its surrounding Times Square spectaculars, billboards and sign edifices, stands the flagship Hershey Times Square, a retail gift store which is a chocolate confectionary paradise that is the center of the chocolate universe.

It Costs How Much? Determining What It Costs to Sell Your Signs the Right Way.
Pricing your products or services sold is determined first by costing. Do you have any idea of what it costs to sell a sign or banner? For that matter, what does it cost to open the doors to your sign business each day? Pertinent questions that will influence your pricing.

Marquee Magic: Marquees Become a Window to Stage and Screen
The marquee's original form harkens back to a message reader board with a large back lit white translucent display with changeable black plastic letters that were rearranged for each new program within the theater. Today that can all be done via LED message centers directing the public's attention to what's playing inside the theater.

Color and Luminance Uniformity Correction for LED Video Screens
LED video screens are amazing. They are bright enough to see in broad daylight; they can stand up to severe weather conditions, they last almost forever, and they consume far less power than CRT technology. If only they weren’t so blotchy! This article explains the causes of luminance and color non-uniformity in LED screens, and what screen manufacturers can and are doing to fix these problems.

Coke- It's the Real Thing!
In making its presence known to a thirsty public, Coca-Cola's familiar bright red background, cursive script logo and contour bottle has been printed, painted, postered and plastered on the sides of delivery trucks, on billboards, and on buildings in just about every major city around the world.

Snapshot of the Sign Industry 3rd Quarter 2007
As we did last year, SignIndustry.com took a quick pulse of the sign industry to try to get an idea of the state of the industry in this third quarter of 2007.

Keeping Signage at the Top of Business Marketing...And Its Revenue.
The hard truth is that signage is not considered by most business development experts as marketing and the reason is clear - they are simply unaware of its value.

Roadside Text Messaging on LED Display Signs
LED electronic signage has evolved into several types of highway sign systems that aid highway traffic managers by alerting drivers of current travel conditions to aid in traffic flow.

Hybrid EMC/ Billboards: Combining the Best of Print and Electronic Displays on a Single Billboard
While most outdoor media companies are taking the plunge to add electronic billboards, it is in no way seen as a replacement of the existing print billboard set ups. It is seen more as a compliment to print, each having certain strengths that reinforce each other's advertising potential.

The Most Common Mistakes in LEDwalls Content Creation...Don’t Let This Be You
Ad duration, legibility, motion and more can be your greatest asset, or greatest liability in LED Billboards content creation. Read on to see if you’re thinking of all the variables or not.

Electronic LED Billboards: The New Voice of Business
The billboard, a mainstay of outdoor advertising has entered the realm of high-tech in the form of an electronic billboard media format.

King Kong Embraces Times Square with Electronic Signage Debut
The latest remake of the King Kong epic, directed by Peter Jackson, sought out its east coast premiere in the place where the big ape met his demise, in New York City. Nothing is too good for the premiere of his latest film and only in New York City could a film of such epic proportion have an opening of similar grandeur.

Outdoor Video Screen Business: A Network of Success
The use of digital video screens signifies a brand new stage of development in the area of outdoor advertising.

Rent, Lease or Finance Your Sign Equipment
Find the right answer to the question of whether your sign business should rent, lease or own the equipment used in your operations. Few sign professionals are able to accept the fact that there is no one right answer that fits everyone or every situtation.

LED Street-side Pylons: A Totem for Business Communications
Combining electronic message centers with street-side pylons or main marquees to create a contemporary look for customer's roadside presences.

Digital Signage Summit held April 26-27, 2005 in New York Deepens Supply, Content and Core Value discussions
When over 200 digital display operators, suppliers and ad agencies met at the Digital Signage Summit, produced by the Strategy Institute in New York April 26-27, 2005 the focus was on 'achieving organizational goals with proof-of-success or a budget-cut, in creating customer preference and actions.'

Taking LED’s on the Road
The market for mobile LED displays is jumping forward again as sign companies take jumbo TV advertisements for a test drive.

Dynamic Digital Signage - The New Age of Advertising
Dynamic Digital Signage has emerged as the “Next Killer Application” for the new generation of sign technology in the advertising industry. A digital signage system, which is usually composed of a server or PC, a monitor or TV and software, is capable of delivering full-screen, full-color content to multiple locations. Cost of implementation has been reduced significantly over the past two years, making it possible for Digital Signage to be in the mainstream marketplace. This is evidenced by the extensive usage of digital signage at airports, museums and shopping centers. The growth rate is projected to increase significantly in the next few years as the technology matures.

LED Displays: A Formidable Foe
The scuttlebutt continues over who is number one: Mr. LED, with his promise of longer life, Mr. Neon with her bragging rights of years of loyalty to the Sign Man, or Mr. Fiber Optics and his daring attempt to play it safe under wet conditions. Who will be victorious?

Stadium & Arena Signage: Sporting New Signs to Level Advertising on the Playing Field
As sport fans settle in at their favorite stadiums and arenas, they are apt to notice lots of new signage around the facility, alerting them not only to the advertising for beer & BMWs, but also keeping them informed about other games in play around the country, and as well occasional sports trivia useful as party chatter.

The Super Bowl of Signs
Next generation scoreboards are offering new opportunities for sign makers who can design and install monstrous LED signs.

TOYS 'R US: Toys with Digital Signage
The Center of the Toy Universe can be found in Times Square and it's operated by Toys 'R Us. With 110,000 square feet of various toy shopping zones, all aligned within three floors of merchandising space, the toy universe is a vast space.

Digital Signage Transforms In-Store Advertising
Welcome to the future of advertising ­ a future that could reinvigorate a medium beset by splintered audiences, too many messages and continually escalating costs.

Electronic Signage Hits High Gear at Digital Retailing Expo
The future and direction of electronic signage was clear at the Digital Retailing Expo held in San Francisco Oct 11-12, 2004.

Movie Theaters and the Art of Electronic Signage
Modern multiplex movie theaters generate huge audiences who visit the theaters for their continuing film fix. As these audiences circulate from box office to auditorium, much of the audience's visitor experience is guided by signs alerting theater guests to everything from ticket prices to directions to the auditorium.

Electronic Digital Sign Technology: The Future is Here
With new technology providing advanced methods for attracting customers, more and more advertisers are turning to digital signage to satisfy their needs.

Digital Signage...from concept to customer connectivity: dynamic signage on the move
Stay up to speed with the changes in electronic digital signage applications.

LED Video Screens On The Move
In the world of show business and corporate events, large screen LED video presentations have come to be a critical part of how these events are seen by their audiences.

The Many Advantages of Plasma Display Signage
When it comes to indoor displays, plasma is one of the most versatile media available today. The content for plasma displays is easy to create and manage, especially with a solid software program.

LED Message Reader Boards: Town criers of the modern age
They are everywhere. You see them over bank entrances, in fast food stores as menu/order boards, in store windows, on building walls, in airports and other public transit waiting areas. They announce the news, tell time, proclaim the latest sport scores and tell if your stocks have gone up or down. They are the town criers of the modern age.

LED Concourse Fascia: Lights, Motion and New Dimension in Signage
Take one sports stadium, a high-tech LED video display board complete with flashy programming displays, the stadium concourse frontage, a creative advertising program and carefully mix them all together. When the dust settles you have a totally blended, completely enclosed electronic display format that is half advertising and half entertainment and fully engaging to the audiences that watch it during game breaks.

Digital Signage: Retail Electronic Signage is the New Poster Boy of Advertising
The domain of electronic signage has been part of sign design for several years and is just beginning to emerge as its own market niche for retail advertising.

Factory Signage Goes Electronic
In today's business climate, communication needs have to be instantaneous, interactive and proactive allowing employees to create timely decisions based on up-to-the-minute facts of the manufacturing process as it massages raw materials into a properly managed production cycle of finished goods.

Signage in Motion
Signs are moving from static banners to dynamic displays. Find out what retailers are looking for in the 21st century.

Sport Scoreboards: Making Larger-Than-Life Sports Even More Gigantic
In its original incarnation, the stadium scoreboard served a single function of keeping track of game activity and the running score.

LED Electronic Message Reader Boards: Watching the world go by in streaming headlines
The electronic message reader board is the town crier of the modern age. It is a simplistic, horizontal column of light bulbs or LEDs whose intermediate flashes of world watching headlines, slide effortlessly across reader board signs attached to banks and financial institutions and to the front walls of major corporate headquarters.

LED Billboards: Outdoor Advertising in the Video Age
LED video display billboards have emerged on a grand scale that converges into a unique display format that is one part print, one part television advertising and one 'digital hieroglyphics.'

LED As An Alternative
Electronic Signs have been around for almost fifty years. Most electronic signs were illuminated by incandescent lamps that got the job done, but not without its problems.

One Times Square
Signage in the crossroads of the world

More On Led Applications & Technology
Do you know just how fast LED technology is changing?

Replicating Historic Marquee Proves Paramount Task
Find out how designers incorporated new technologies in a historic sign.

Is It Just Lights or Your Best Friend? Maximizing Efficiency and Profitability in Your LED Displays
When you arrive at work and see your LED display catching the first rays of early morning light, do you see just another set of lights in the parking lot, or your best friend for driving sales and building your customer base? Your answer will make a measurable difference to your bottom line.

Recognizing LED Technology for Sign Use
LED technology is becoming affordable and new applications are being discovered for utilizing LED in the sign industry.

The Basics of Fiber Optics, LED and Neon
A basic summary and history of the evolution of Neon, Fiber Optics and LED

Formula For Success
People Management

Effective Customer Interaction
'Dealing with Difficult Customers'

Setting Schedules: Creating Service Out of Order
Late signs or are your jobs off schedule?


Sign China 2015 - September 16-19, 2015 in Shanghai, China
Pro Vehicle Outlines Templates for Vehicle Wraps from CADlink


Shanghai Int'l Four New Advertising & Sign Technology & Equipment Exhibition
June 30 - July 2, 2015 at SNIEC Shanghai New International Expo Center

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