Hybrid EMC/ Billboards Pictures Continued


The eyes have it! In one Optec Display project, the careful placement of a set of numeric counters on a Bedford billboard became an eye opener for passing drivers.
photo credit: Optec Displays


Welcome to the world! Newly arrived boys and girls are announced on a Freeman Maternity Center billboard to passing drivers. This board presents Lamar's Real Time Electronic Display using a Daktronics EMC unit.
photo credit: Daktronics


A Hybrid Board reinforces a print message with certain content that is always in place, and is followed by its EMC component which high-lites the main ad tag with updated electronic copy to make the message more personal and time specific.
photo credit: Daktronics


This Infiniti billboard campaign was managed by Clear Channel Spectacolor who produced an EMC billboard component which used graphics, text and numbers to present local and regional weather reports. The screen was revised every five minutes via a DSL line which received new reports from the Weather Channel's servers in Atlanta.
photo credit: Clear Channel Spectacolor


A Viacom campaign for Ditech utilized a full color YESCO graphics board on an existing print billboard. Over 40 billboards were set up in this mode for a regional Ditech campaign.
photo credit: YESCO