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Posted by: skylersigns (
Date: July 17, 2008 12:11PM

I just got scammed from an email order from a deaf person wanting to order 30 banners for the church of Christ. Her credit card worked and I ordered the banners.
But now she wants me to wire money to GHana for shipping or she'll cancel the order.

BE WARE Looks like I'll be out about $700 for materials that I bought. The rest I can handle.

Posted by: AsapBanners (
Date: August 25, 2008 04:38PM

Happened to me about 2 months ago as well. They wanted 50 banners for some charity. I gave him the quote and mentioned shipping when he said that I should wire the money straight to his shipping company in Gahna. Look out for this guy!

Posted by: A.J (38.102.244.---)
Date: August 25, 2008 07:22PM

ADD to that usedprinterdeals. Guy scammed me on a plotter deal. Still waiting for part of my purchase & payment for repairs to a machine that would not operate.

Posted by: usedprinterdeal (74.4.183.---)
Date: August 27, 2008 04:38PM

Come on post the whole story, the truth, and not just crap. You sent 100.00 for shipping and it was 125.00 for the plotter alone so I had to wait to send the stand for one. The place that packaged the plotter got packing peanuts in the plotter and when you turned it on it broke a sensor, NOT MY FAULT, I even paid for insurance but the shipper was not at fault so they will not cover it. I said that I would see about covering the 250.00 myself, as soon as I could, and try to get the packer to pay. I have been ill and in and out of the doctors and you know it. As soon as I can afford to send the stand, which you agreed to pay for all the shipping, and can get the 250.00 I will get it to you, AS I ALREADY TOLD YOU AND YOU SAID OK, but I did not rip you off, the dammage was not my fault and you have a good working Graphtec plotter, that means I am NOT a scam artist. Most companys take 6-8 weeks to return money anyway. I am disapointed that you would even do this after the conversations we had and my situation which I confieded in you about. I will email you.

I also think that the moderator should not allow this kind of posts. They are slanderous and should not be allowed. If anything the moderator should get both sides before posting. I thought that is why there is a moderator so CRAP like this does not get posted. This is a sign forum not a chat room to DIS companies.

Posted by: NHsignman (---.dynamic.dsl.seg.NET)
Date: September 02, 2008 02:15PM

I post on SignCraft forum all the here in sign101. The 'deaf person' scam is running rampant, if it isn't for banners, it's for screened teeshirts.
As soon as you get the call...and are told it's a 'teletype operator', and you are told it is an order for banners/signs/shirts....just tell the operator "I have heard all about deaf order scams...if the person you are translating for is typing, then they can contact me directly by email' and you will suddenly hear the operator exclaim..."that's funny-they/he/she just hung up". Guess what-they ARE listening in...just because a keypad is being used to dupe the 'operator' doesn't mean the scammer is deaf! As soon as they know you are on to them the connection is broken!
IF the scam comes across on your email or website-invite them to call you DIRECT and ask for CERTIFIED BANK CHECK, not a money order.
If you get one (and I did keep a scam artist dangling for weeks this way) then take it to your bank and ask THEM to verify it before cashing. If they won't verify, you can use the bank name and number on the check to track them down yourself! 99% or better chance it is bogus! Just tear it up...I tried to get the FBI involved and they weren't interested, even though I have helped them in the past on another matter!

Posted by: shandaerin (
Date: September 20, 2008 08:44AM

Happened to me last week. Same thing, email order wanting 30 banners. Something felt off and I told her I had to personally speak with her. Yeah, I never heard from her again.

Posted by: texassignman (
Date: February 09, 2009 09:28PM

I had the deaf church email scam sent to us.They wanted 30 banners 3'x6'. we ignored the request for a quote but then i got a phone call from one of those teletype operators 2 days later. Well it turns out it was unrelated to the email but this guy ordered some 18" x 24" for a charity golf tourney. He actually shows up in a nice new Mercedes and paid for the signs. This guy has placed 2 more orders since and been a great normal customer. I almost hung up on the teletype operator...Good thing i didn't.

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