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Monday November 16, 2009

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Your Influence

    "There is no power on earth that can neutralize the influence of a high, simple and useful life."
      --- Booker T. Washington

Whether we intend to or not, we affect others through our influence. We can choose to let that influence be for good or evil, but we still leave a mark in this life. John Maxwell says that while everyone exercises influence, the size and strength of our influence depends upon our effort. No one leads well without paying the price of discipline. As we push ourselves to grow and to learn, we enlarge our sphere of influence.

Regardless of our backgrounds and life experiences, we can still use our influence in a positive manner to encourage and build others who will encourage and build others. Kind of like Amway, without the products and high pressure tactics.

    "Every life is a profession of faith, and exercises an inevitable and silent influence."
      --- Henri Frederic Amiel

Your influence doesn't shut down when you leave the office or out of view of your team. All of your actions at all times can be influential. That is why we should determine now what our core values are and stick to them. When we are walking what we believe, others take notice and are influenced. Your values can be self-serving, based on greed and take, take, take. Or, they can be of a positive, noble nature. Either way can influence others.

    "The humblest individual exerts some influence, either for good or evil, upon others."
      --- Henry Ward Beecher

Sociologists tell us that even the shyest introvert will influence 10,000 people over the course of his or her lifetime. I find it difficult to believe that I can even influence my family, but it is true and you can't undo the truth. Your sphere of influence is probably much larger than you believe too. Perhaps it is time to seriously look at how we are running our business. Are we ethical in our business practices? Does honesty prevail? Do we strive for excellence in all that we do, in every nook and cranny of our business?

    "Let him that would move the world, first move himself."
      --- Socrates

In the '60s, it was hip to "find yourself." People were doing all kinds of things to discover who they were. While you don't need to climb to the top of a high mountain and smoke the funny stuff, we all should take time to put to paper our personal statement. This is a tool used to document not only your personal goals, but more importantly, a description of your characteristics. These are things that make up who you are and include your values such as integrity, compassions, and desires. This is for your eyes only and it helps if you can refer to it every so often as a reminder of what you stand for.

    "Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society."
      --- Mark Twain

Most of the time, people will not let you know that you are influencing them. Sometimes, they don't even know it. But since you are aware of your influence, why not strive to make it all positive? Your actions and your words are impacting others. Begin today shaping and reshaping your span of control for the sake of others. Your business will profit from it and your world will be better for it.

    "Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another."
      --- Napoleon Hill

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Feature Articles

Understanding Large-Format Applications
By David Goetter

The scientific approach to purchasing manufacturing equipment that will meet your customers' needs. There are many opinions, but you need to match your customers needs for their application, not the salesperson's opinion of what they are selling.
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Seamless Wraps 101 - Deciding when to go seamless and when not to.
By Jennifer LeClaire

Seamless wraps demand careful planning - and even then they can be a challenge. Find out how to approach a seamless wrap and when to consider a partial wrap instead.
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In a think tank atmosphere, industry thought leaders will share their best practices, strategies and tools for success. This is a well-regarded event with unparallel networking opportunities - including the digital signage YEAR-END SOCIAL - it is where industry movers and shakers gather.

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Funny Signs

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There’s plenty to boost your bottom line at the largest sign show in the world:

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Product Showcases

High-Gloss Tyvek® from IJ Technologies
IJ Technologies has developed a 'Black Diamond' High Gloss coating for Tyvek, aimed at Digital Sign Printers looking for high gloss, sharp resolution and great range of color than has previously been available with Tyvek media. Compatible with aqueous pigment ink printers, it has been coupled with a rapid dry time, water resistance and it's recyclable.
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Add Rhinestone software and accessories to your heat transfer garments!
Check out these great deals and other additional specials from JSI Sign Systems by clicking above.
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Wholesale Only Sign Cabinets from AI Innovations
A complete line of Extruded Sign Cabinets with a variety of options to choose from including Architectural, Post and Panel, Routed Aluminum or Polycarve and Flex, or Rigid Faces. Whether you need a custom illuminated cabinet or something standard, AI Innovations is the only Source you need when it comes to Wholesale Only Sign Cabinets.
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Eye-Catching Printable Films from Creative Film Corp.
Look no further for a beautiful range of iridescent, metal, holographic, lens, translucent, and opaque films. All are available at a one roll minimum with any color and pattern combination (24” x 300') All films are printable using solvent or eco solvent inks, silk screen, or any process using UV.
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Handy Graphic Applicators
Vinyl graphic or laminate applicators up to 62 inches wide. Simply designed to be used on all types of substrates from yard signs to windows and floor graphics. Eliminates the need for wet installs. Achieve professional results every time with no bubbles or wrinkles. Click to see what it can do for you.
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Cut Banner Material, Vinyl, Paper, Film Right Off the Printer Safely
The Biddi Safety Knife, cuts both forward and backwards, typically for cutting sheets off of a printer, vinyl wrapping or making long cuts in banner material. The forward blade is used for making accurate cuts, in a straight line or curved. The back blade is used for making fast long cuts. Will not cut into printer or table tops.
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