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Tuesday December 15, 2009

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Historical Perspective

    "Someday we'll look back on this moment and plow into a parked car."
      --- Evan Davis

We often hear that "history repeats itself." Sometimes that is a scary thought. Some of us enjoy history. We read books about the past. We buy old furniture, old cars, old records, and speak fondly of the good ole days. We never really know what history we are creating, but our fascination with the past can sometimes stifle our progress toward the future.

    "A man rising in the world is not concerned with history; he is too busy making it. But a citizen with a fixed place in the community wants to acquire a glorious past just as he acquires antique furniture. By that past he is reassured of his present importance; in it he finds strength to face the dangers that lie in front of him."
      --- Malcolm Cowley

Looking back is helpful when it is used for educational purposes. Whether we look back at the past 20 years, six months, or yesterday to determine how we could have performed better, the past provides insight to the future. Correcting those errors of yesterday can catapult us toward future successes.

However, for those whose past is frightful to look at, the habit of looking forward at all times becomes a good practice. While the past might hurt, making changes in the future can create fonder memories of the past.

    "I used to be Snow White, but I drifted."
      --- Mae West

One of the problems of using history for creating a better tomorrow is that it is easy to find a home in the past. Like the baby smiling for hours while sitting in his dirty diaper, some of us find comfort in wallowing in our past messes. It becomes a second home to visit when we want to throw a pity party or simply a hideaway used for escape from the pressures of reality.

Without playing psychologist, (and if this scenario describes you), the only good advice is to force yourself to look up and out toward the future. The future provides hope and hope is a lifeline that can be used to keep keeping on.

    "I said there was but one solitary thing about the past worth remembering, and that was the fact that it is past-can't be restored."
      --- Mark Twain

As we approach a new year, allow the hope and excitement of new opportunities to invade your being. Focus on your new goals, growth management plans, and planting new roots for your business.

Instead of looking at what could have been or should have been, begin the New Year knowing that you are making a new history. If your past is filled with dread and mistakes, take this opportunity to write a new past. The next time you look back, it will bring a smile to your face.

    "History is a relentless master. It has no present, only the past rushing into the future. To try to hold fast is to be swept aside."
      --- John F. Kennedy

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Feature Articles

New Research Shows Influence of Digital Textile Printing
By Tim Greene

For at least 10 years, there has been a lot of discussion about the possibilities and potential for inkjet in the textile printing business. One of the first industry events I ever attended was dedicated to the subject. At the time, the suggestion was that as inkjet technology developed, there would be a dramatic shift in the way textiles are printed, including the garment-type textile printing methods.
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Estimating Success Doesn't Just Happen
By Jennifer LeClaire

The most competitive sign shops are using estimating software to offer up accurate pricing in a flash. Are you keeping up with those Joneses?
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Funny Signs

From the Branxton Lion's Club billboard:

    "Drive Carefully. We have Two Cemeteries and No Hospital"

Sign on private property somewhere in Nebraska:

    "No Trespassing! Violators Will Be Shot and Survivors Will Be Shot Again!"

Sign on fence at a crocodile farm in Louisiana:

    "Those Who Throw Objects At The Crocodiles Will Be Asked to Retrieve Them."

We know those funny signs are out there. Take a moment and send them in to us and we'll share them with the world. Send all hysterical observations to:

Product Showcases

Custom sign letters / metal letters and logos fast from Woodland Manufacturing Inc.
Woodland Manufacturing Inc. now offers sign industry quoted prices on custom cut sign letters including metal letters, acrylic letters, wood letters, stencil letters and much more. Fast turn around time of 5-15 business days.
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EngraveLab, The Professional Engraver's Choice
Just released, Engravelab V8! More power, less cost for your rotary and laser engraving software. With more installed users than any other engraving software out there, EngraveLab has not only added a whole set of new, easy to use features but also increased it’s production speed by a factor of 2 with new, ultra-efficient fill routines. GET JOBS DONE FASTER!
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The CoroClaw X™ from Sawtrax, Cut or Score 8 or 10mil Corrugated Plastic Along the Flutes
Now that everyone knows about the Coro-Claw™, the handy flute cutter from Saw Trax, now comes the CoroClaw X™ . You absolutely need this, if you work with any kind of 8 or 10mil corrugated plastic, such as Coroplast®. Now, a handheld tool you can use to cut or score 8 or 10mil corrugated plastic along the flutes. The cutting heads are replaceable and when you buy your CoroClaw X™ , it comes with an extra cutting head. Introductory price is $49.95.
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Free 720 Rhinestones with every order of Heat Transfer Rolls from JSI Sign Systems
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Clip Art and Templates: Graphics Studio I & II...Take your graphics to the next level
Graphics Studio is a set of graphical tools designed to produce high-end custom graphics for vehicle wraps, vehicle graphics, signage, banners, apparel and promotional products. These two innovative products are designed to decrease art production time and increase creativity. Graphics Studio is an ideal set of professional tools for creating themed graphical concepts across a wide variety of production applications and markets.
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