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Tuesday January 1, 2012

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Product Showcases

Banner Hemming the Easy Way, the Banner Cyclone from US Banner
Quickly and easily installs double-sided banner tape into the hems automatically. Now gain full control over jobs in-house, while doing a great job for your customer and saving money! Hem your banners with a consistent, neat and in a perfectly straight line every time. Now on sale for only $3695. See a video demo at, by clicking above.
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Manual Laminators
Low cost and fast. A must have tool for any shop that works with vinyl.
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Scotchcal Brand Gloss Overlaminate 8508 from 3M, a higher gloss intermediate cast film at a great price
A 2.3- mil clear vinyl intermediate cast film at a calendared price, with a three-year expected performance life and less shrinkage than calendared products. 8508 provides ultraviolet and physical protection and is suitable for flat and simple curve applications. Sample rolls are available at
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Pro Vehicle Outlines Launches 2012 Vehicle Template Collection and New North American Website
Over 9,000 vehicles and specialty templates specifically for the North American vehicle graphics specialist, including the original vehicle template library. 20 years of expertise in precision and accuracy. +300 page, hard copy vehicle template guide book. North American sales and support.
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Wide Format Laminators and Specialty Films from
Laminator.Com features a large selection of Wide Format Laminators, Cold and Liquid Laminators plus Specialty Laminating Films. users receive additional discounts up to 10% off of our already low prices. Order your Laminator and/or Specialty Laminating Films from today!
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Accent Signage Systems, Inc. is a wholesale fabricator of interior signage utilizing Raster® Braille.
We provide Raster® Braille as part of both finished signage as well as a stand alone solution for your sign shop. Are you producing tactile interior signage on your own, in-house? Our Raster® Pen and Raster® Braille supplies provide you with the tools necessary to produce ADA-compliant signage easily. Our automated Pen systems allow you to produce Braille signage 5 times faster than our handheld model.
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Get Your Free Trade Show Pass to the ISA International Sign Expo 2012 in Orlando
The International Sign Association’s International Sign Expo returns to Orlando, Florida, March 21 - 24, 2012, with the latest sign trends and technologies driving the growth of the visual communications industry. Click above for a free trade show expo pass.
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Go Sell Something

    "A good basic selling idea, involvement and relevancy, of course, are as important as ever, but in the advertising din of today, unless you make yourself noticed and believed, you ain't got nothin'."
      --- Leo Burnett

Selling is the core of any business. We are always selling, but sometimes we need to be reminded of that. We sell to bring in prospects and we sell to our customers. We also sell to our employees, outside vendors, suppliers, and legislatures. Anyone affecting our business is people we sell to in some fashion. Selling is a part of our business as well as our personal lives.

Unfortunately, there is a stigma that surrounds selling that causes many business leaders to avoid it unless absolutely necessary. Portraits of shady used car salesmen come to mind for a lot of people when the subject of selling comes up. It is this blown out of proportion idea, along with fear, that causes some of us to avoid the art of selling.

    "After all, the chief business of the American people is business. They are profoundly concerned with producing, buying, selling, investing and prospering in the world."
      --- Calvin Coolidge

The true basics of selling boils down to providing information about a product or service that helps to solve a problem for someone. That hope is that the "someone" is your customer and that they buy from you and you profit from the transaction. When the selling process is looked at as a means for communicating to a prospect, the fear and confusing of selling tends to subside. Selling is now seen as another tool for getting the message to the masses that you have water for a thirsty crowd.

    "All my money was made doing the dates and selling products when I was out there on the road."
      --- Mickey Gilley

Selling does require effort though. The prospects don't usually come knocking on your door asking for your products and services. You usually have to get up out of the chair and knock on some doors or at least make some phone calls. I know that some folks tense up upon reading that because that is usually when the fear begins to develop.

If you have to go to the potential customer (and you will), and you have to explain your reason for the call, remember that you are communicating to them that you have what will help to ease their pain, solve their problems, and quench their thirst.

    "I still work hard to know my business. I'm continuously looking for ways to improve all my companies, and I'm always selling. Always."
      --- Mark Cuban

When selling is seen as a daily activity and actually formed into a habit, it becomes as natural as any other function of your business. Selling should be exciting and fun and not a drag on your emotions. It should become a part of who you are and not something you have to get geared up for.

    "Selling cookies helped me to realize that you needed to have a certain way to communicate with people. You also needed business skills. You knew you needed to sell a certain amount of boxes, so that gave me some business sense."
      --- Maria Bartiromo

Selling is easier when you know your market, know what you are selling, and know how your products can solve the problems of those in your market. We will address all of these in the next few months. Until then, go sell something!


The Epson Stylus® Pro GS6000 produces the industry’s widest color gamut – with eight individual colors – for unparalleled output quality at the fastest print speeds in its class. Its profit-focused design sets new standards in overall reliability, maintenance and a reduced total cost of ownership. And, while its all-new ink technology is compatible with virtually any solvent-based media, it has less impact on the environment and worker health. Produce prints with amazing color fidelity and accuracy for the most demanding vehicle wrap or fine art project. Or create stunning outdoor banners, posters, and tradeshow graphics faster than you thought possible. Whether you're trying to supplement your existing production process or require a single printer to produce virtually any print job that comes your way, the Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 is the ultimate investment for any size printing company.
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Feature Articles

Repair or Replace: Weighing the Options for Your Wide-Format Printer
By Bob Flipse

Learn key indicators to help you determine when to repair your wide-format printer and when it is time to send it on down the road.
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Commercial Screen Print Pricing
By Scott St. Cyr

Like their digital brethren, commercial screen printers typically use two fundamental approaches to pricing depending on their size. The two methods are pricing tables and time-and-materials.
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ISA International Sign Expo 2012
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Funny Signs

In a Los Angeles dance hall:

    "Good clean dancing every night but Sunday"

A sign in an Asian seafood store in Madison, Wisconsin:

    "Crap - .79/lb"

Seen at the Newark Animal Hospital in Newark, DE, which happens to be surrounded by car dealerships:


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