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Monday June 3, 2013

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Product Showcases

3M Introduces the First Graphic Films that Optimize LED Light
Achieve vibrant, richly colored graphics with fewer LEDs. 3M™ Envision™ Translucent & Diffuser Films provide bright, even sign illumination with no hot spots—a greener solution without sacrificing performance. The switch to LEDs is on. Learn how you can help your customers Make the Switch.
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2013 SGIA Expo in Orlando, Oct. 23–25
Experience the full spectrum of imaging technologies and applications. See the newest digital, wide-format technologies, the full range of supplies and solutions and innovative finishing options. Visit seven Expo-exclusive Zones, the Expo floor featuring the broadest range of technology available on the market, or take in any of the 40 classic educational sessions or sales-free zone presentations Also featuring our co-location partner: IFAI Specialty Fabric Expo. Register Now
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Manual Laminators
Low cost and fast. A must have tool for any shop that works with vinyl.
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3M expands color selection of popular Series 1080 Films
3M introduces six additional colors to its highly demanded line of 3M™ Scotchprint® Wrap Film Series 1080: two satin colors and four matte. The new Satin Pearl White film was a true attention-getter at the SEMA show. View the expanding line of colors and finishes online. Backed by 3M™ MCS™ Warranty.
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Pro Vehicle Outlines Launches 2013 Vehicle Template Collection
Over 9,000 vehicles and specialty templates specifically for the North American vehicle graphics specialist, including the original vehicle template library. 21 years of expertise in precision and accuracy. +400 page, hard copy vehicle template guide book. North American sales and support.
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Quality First

    "Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected."
      --- Steve Jobs

The quality of our work is so important, but so often overlooked or put aside in lieu of "producing more and more and getting it out the door." Sadly, good quality in products and services is seen as a surprise more than an expectation. There are many companies still taking pride in producing good quality products, but some are pricing themselves out of the market and not able to compete with lower quality, cheaper competitors.

But there is a way to find a balance between keeping up with demand with competitive pricing and creating and producing quality. It all begins with instilling quality in every action, every motion made in the business toward every task at hand. If quality can truly be job number one, there is no limit to the success of the business.

    "Ever since I was a child I have had this instinctive urge for expansion and growth. To me, the function and duty of a quality human being is the sincere and honest development of one's potential."
      --- Bruce Lee

First, taking pride in one's work and one's actions is the first step. Thankfully, a quality way of life can be taught, so that you and your team members can learn to think quality at every step of the business process. By beginning with a quality mindset, new team members learn from the get-go, that quality is not an option, but the only way we do business around here. Team members that have been around for a while can begin now to develop the habit of quality in everything that is done around the shop, the office, in the sales process, and in the field.

    "Quality is not an act, it is a habit"
      --- Aristotle

Making quality a part of your company's policy means allowing the fact of quality to permeate throughout the business. Include a statement of quality in your Vision and Mission statements, begin your company meetings with quality examples and facts and figures of results, and show how quality in your organization is beating the pants off the competition.

    "The first quality that is needed is audacity."
      --- Winston Churchill

Next, allow room for mistakes in your business. Though this appears to go against the grain of incorporating quality in your company, it actually allows team members to break away from the norm and bad habits of simply going through the motions of work. Having everyone keep an eye on quality ensures that every action toward creating and producing quality products and services is on track. Give your people the permission and the tools to succeed.

    "The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor."
      --- Vince Lombardi

A focused concentration on improving quality in your business improves people and people skills. Begin this week instilling a sense of urgency to keep quality in the forefront of your company's culture.

Advertiser - 2013 SGIA Expo

The 2013 SGIA Expo: More exhibitors. More answers. More face time.

The 2013 SGIA Expo (Orlando, October 23-25) is the only place to see the full spectrum of imaging technologies and applications. Excite your imagination with the newest digital, wide-format technologies, the full range of supplies and solutions and innovative finishing options.

Highest Level of Expertise
Get face-to-face with experts and your peers from every sector of the imaging industry. The Expo has literally every part of the industry represented:

  • In the seven Expo-exclusive Zones
  • On the Expo floor featuring the broadest range of technology available on the market
  • At any of the 40 classic educational sessions or sales-free zone presentations
Get the most ROI for your time and money - the Expo has all the players in the specialty imaging industry and also features our co-location partner: IFAI Specialty Fabric Expo.

Only at the Expo

Feature Articles

Digital Ink Technology Innovations
By Bill Schiffner

New developments over the past decade in digital ink technology have helped change the landscape of the entire wide-format marketplace and thus have enabled print providers with new tools to dramatically expand their output applications and produce vibrant, eye-catching signage for their clients.
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How to Find Money in Your Advertising Budget for your LED Sign
By Dave Warns

Learn how to work with companies to help them recognize that an LED sign purchase should be an advertising expenditure, rather than a capital investment.
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Funny Signs

Bethel Assembly of God Church Sign:

    "Prayer Is The Ultimate Wireless Connection!"

As seen in Greenville, SC:

    "Drive Slow, See Our City. Drive Fast, See Our Judge."

As seen in Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada:

    "All of those who hate speeding tickets, raise your right foot!"

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