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Monday March 17, 2014

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Learn From the Best- Join the ISA
Want to build a better business? Train your employees. An educated workforce is the backbone of any successful company. And the best part is you don't have to spend a lot in order to reap the benefits. Become a member and gain access to a variety of ISA education and learning opportunities available exclusively to members.
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Get Your Free Trade Show Pass to the ISA International Sign Expo 2014 in Orlando
The International Sign Association’s International Sign Expo returns to Orlando, Florida, April 23 - 26, 2014, with the latest sign trends and technologies driving the growth of the visual communications industry. Click above for a free trade show expo pass from
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Sign Estimating & Business Management Made Easy
EstiMate sign estimating software gives you tools to determine what you need to make in order to cover your costs and achieve your profit goals, then making sure every single job is priced to meet your target – all the while giving you professional printed, faxed or emailed estimates that you can have in your customer's hand literally minutes after getting the job specs. Click for more info.
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The Simple Way to Create a Digital Message - modular e Digital Signage Software
modular e is a web-administered digital sign application that is easy to implement and use. No servers, no IT support, and no graphic designers are needed to deliver professional results. Choose from industry specific templates and customize your signs with modular e ACTIVE MODULES. modular e is cost effective for one display or thousands.
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Wholesale ADA Signs in just 10 working days.
Whether you require Magnesium, Zinc, Photopolymer, or Raster Braille you can count on Advance Corporation for superior quality at an effective cost. Backed by more than 70 years of experience, the Braille-Tac™ Division of Advance Corporation is the acknowledged leader in the specialized field of ADA products on a wholesale basis. We offer competitive prices, quality, and a quick production time.
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3M Introduces the First Graphic Films that Optimize LED Light
Achieve vibrant, richly colored graphics with fewer LEDs. 3M™ Envision™ Translucent & Diffuser Films provide bright, even sign illumination with no hot spots—a greener solution without sacrificing performance. The switch to LEDs is on. Learn how you can help your customers Make the Switch.
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3M introduces matte metallic films in rich fall colors
3M added five colors to its line of popular dual cast films—3M™ Wrap Film Series 1080. The new matte metallic colors comprise copper, pine green, red, charcoal and brown. Use right out of the box—no printing, no overlaminate. Create head-turning looks by mixing and matching the 50 finish, texture and color variations.
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Advertise a product showcase, like above, monthly for $100 or an entire year for just $1000. Get with the program and see what you've been missing!
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Don't Hire Lazy

    "Lazy people tend not to take chances, but express themselves by tearing down other's work."
     --- Ann Rule

Lazy folks. They permeate our community, infiltrate our businesses, and put a strain on our resources. These are not the down-and-out people that need and appreciate our charities and a hand up, but are the people refusing to work and if they do get hired, refuse to perform the required tasks.

It is not that we don't all get a little lazy now and then. I like to think of it as simply giving our minds and bodies a rest from work, but an onlooker may call our relaxing being lazy. But these are not the actions of truly lazy people. The truly lazy are either milking the system for a handout or are in a position of employment and costing the businesses that employed them a lot of money.

    "I can't relate to lazy people. We don't speak the same language. I don't understand you. I don't want to understand you."
     --- Kobe Bryant

Lazy people are not concerned about the outcome of the business. They don't care if the business survives or dies, profits or goes bankrupt, succeeds or suffers. They are in the game for what the business can do for them and them only. Motivation is not part of their vocabulary and they really don't care about mission statements, goals, or success.

The problem with hiring a lazy person is that it is easier for that type of person to bring others down than for others to bring them up. There is no "salvaging" this type of employee and you are much better off after you recognize the situation to cut your loss and move on.

    "Lazy people are always anxious to be doing something."
     --- Luc de Clapiers

One of the first steps to keeping lazy people out of your organization is to be sure to not hire them in the first place. Have a system in place to do proper screening and several interviews in order to get the right person for the job. It is never good to think that you can change or rehabilitate the lazy job applicant. It is not your responsibility to motivate an unmoving candidate. The time and energy you will spend will either kill or put a huge dent into your business success efforts.

    "Aim at perfection in everything, though in most things it is unattainable. However, they who aim at it, and persevere, will come much nearer to it than those whose laziness and despondency make them give it up as unattainable."
     --- Lord Chesterfield

Create an environment in your business for your team members that is so instilled with a "working with integrity" philosophy and values, that include hard work, honesty, and a bent toward succeeding that the lazy will know not to apply for a position there. Make it known that the expectations of your business is that you expect excellence and hard work to be the daily goals of every employee.

    "I'd be more frightened by not using whatever abilities I'd been given. I'd be more frightened by procrastination and laziness."
     --- Denzel Washington

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Feature Articles

Digital Ceramic Printing Continues to Cast a New Business Model for Output Providers
By Bill Schiffner

Inkjet technology has made a huge impact on what manufacturers can create, and the mass acceptance of these designs from the world markets has promoted the swift transformation from screen and roller printing to utilizing inkjet technology.
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Small Business Approaches For Building a Premium Brand
By Dan Antonelli

It's a beautiful thing when your brand speaks so loudly that people truly believe your competitors can't deliver the quality you can. When that happens, price becomes a secondary consideration to the consumer, rather than a primary one.
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Advertiser - ISA International Sign Expo 2014
Join the International Sign Association for ISA International Sign Expo 2014!

Join us in Orlando, Fla., for the industry event that has it all! ISA International Sign Expo

Here’s a great idea: come to ISA International Sign Expo 2014 and find all the information and insight you need to take your business to the next level — as more than 17,000 sign industry professionals from every aspect of the industry come together in Orlando. More than 500 exhibitors will connect you to the products, people and knowledge that will make a positive impact on your business.

ISA Sign Academy Education Sessions offer insight on the latest developments in the signage industry, including dynamic digital signage.

This can’t-miss event has everything you need to make a positive impact on your business in 2014. Register now.

ISA International Sign Expo
Education and Networking Events: April 23-26
Trade Show: April 24-26, 2014
Orange County Convention Center, South Building
Orlando, Florida

Funny Signs

Sign on Southside Cleaners and Launderers in Charleston, SC:

    "Teach Your Kids About Taxes: Eat Thirty Percent of Their Ice Cream"

Sign at a diner in NJ:

    "No Senior Citizen Discounts. You've Had Twice as Long to Get the Mon-ey."

In a New York medical building:

    "Mental Health Prevention Center"

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