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Monday April 1, 2016

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Product Showcases

Online Auction - Excess to the Ongoing Operations of Signmasters
Items including M & R Silk Screen Press, Bobcat 463, Daewoo Forklift & More! Bidding ends April 6th, 2016.
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Pro Vehicle Outlines 2016 from CADlink
Over 860 new and updated templates included! More than 9860 templates in all make it the largest vehicle template library of its kind. FREE 12 month online subscription included with all Pro packages. Same great after sales support. Special upgrade pricing. Click for more.
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EstiMate Sign Pricing Software: Sign Estimating & Business Management Made Easy
Get the tools you need to determine what you need to make in order to cover your costs and achieve your profit goals, then making sure every single job is priced to meet your target – all the while giving you professional printed, faxed or emailed estimates that you can have in your customer's hand literally minutes after getting the job specs. Click for more info.
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New Premium Clipart Library - 500,000 Artworks / $49 for a Year
Introducing VectorState, a new online library of exceptional quality royalty-free vector art, created by top artists around the world. Their limited availability ‘Early-Bird’ pricing gives you a year membership for just $49 – click above to take advantage.
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Smoldering New Colors from 3M™ Wrap Film Series 1080
Stop car enthusiast in their tracks. Eight new colors, including Satin Smoldering Red and Matte Riviera Blue, bring the 3M collection to 83 colors and finishes. This high-performance film needs no printing or overlaminate, so it’s ready to use right out of the box. See colors and get samples online.
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You Had Me At Hello

    "First impressions matter. Experts say we size up new people in somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes."
      --- Elliott Abrams

We've all heard this before: "First impressions count," or "It's never too late to make a good first impression." Businesses strive to make a good first impression, but it is not an easy task. How do you know that the third phone call you get on a Thursday morning is going to be a new customer? Of course, the solution is to make it a point to always be on point and give your very best to everyone. But what about your employees? Do they do that?

And it is not just people interaction. Do your ads give a good first impression? How about your storefront, shop, company vehicles, brochures and business cards? There is so much to consider that represents you and your business. Cloning you is not an option, but you could put your fingerprints on everything that represents the business to give a good, lasting first impression.

    "There are some people who leave impressions not so lasting as the imprint of an oar upon the water."
      --- Kate Chopin

Aside from working 24/7 to ensure that your business represents you, it becomes quite a challenge to get the message of you, to the masses without watering down the impression, you want to make. One great solution is to carve out some time to have a review of values meeting to examine every piece of your business to see if it still reflects your values and your reasons for the business.

    "A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business."
      --- Henry Ford

First impressions are typically made when you are introduced to another person or group of people. With your business, you must find ways to present your business to others.

One of the things to include on your checklist when you review your values is whether the community where you are located knows that you exist. Is your business recognized in the community for providing jobs, creating value, supporting a cause, fighting for change, etc. If not, perhaps it is time to find a charitable organization you feel strongly about and find ways to get involved. It doesn't have to cost a fortune and it is a great way to serve the community while becoming introduced to those around you.

    "An organization, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it."
      --- Dee Hock

We've mentioned this in countless of these newsletters, but don't be afraid to invest the time and energy into several interviews before you hire your employees. Having the right people who know and understand, and even share, your values is vital to delivering that great first impression. You only have so much control of how your customers view your business. Putting in the right people and then trusting them to deliver your message will help to create and sustain great relationships with your customers.

    "Spend a lot of time talking to customers face to face. You'd be amazed how many companies don't listen to their customers."
      --- Ross Perot

Finally, use all the tools you can to gather feedback from your customers to use as a benchmark in how your message is coming across. Do this immediately after a transaction. Too often, a business leader will decide to find out how their customers feel too long after the sale. By then, if the customer wasn't satisfied, they have moved on and you'll never know why.

The first impression that your business gives is critical to the future of your organization. Make it a priority to have your customer's say, as Dorothy Boyd said to Jerry Maguire, "You had me at 'hello'".

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Feature Articles

Targeted Storefronts for Key Customers
By Kristen Simmons

When we think of online ordering, it is a safe bet that our minds wander to one of the mega sites like, Inc. At any time of day or night, you can order almost anything you wish with the click of a button. As a business owner or manager, you have likely thought about offering the same ease and convenience to your customers.
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Popular educational events - like a day devoted to rapidly expanding digital signage and a series of courses aimed at project management - also are on tap. ISA Sign Expo 2016 is the only place to see the diversity of the sign and graphics industry all in one location. Why travel to multiple events when everything you need to grow and expand your business will be here?
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Funny Signs

As seen in front of bait shop in Georgia (sent in by Todd Tolifson of Artsign):

    "Ice cold watermelons. We have worms"

Sign in restaurant in Dallas (sent in by Lynn Bural of Qwik Signs & Color Graphics in Colleyville, TX):

    "You smokey-- You go to Pokey"

A sign seen on an automatic restroom hand dryer:

    "Do not activate with wet hands!"

We need those funny signs you've seen in your travels, come on, we know they're out there.
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