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Friday, July 15th, 2005

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Running On Empty

    "Money gives me more energy than all the Granola bars in the world."
      --- Mason Cooley

Usually, after a hard day's work, you would expect to have a low level of energy. After all, you've put your whole being into running your business and it is only natural to have your energy level needle pointing toward empty.

The problems most of us face though, is starting the work day on an empty tank. You get to the office or shop feeling like the day should be over and that you should be back in bed. Your productivity level is kaput before the day begins.

    "Love the moment and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries."
      --- Corita Kent

Many times, our energy level is drained because of boredom or a lack of enthusiasm for the task at hand. Simply dreading a specific task will zap a person of energy and cause him or her to lose all interest in performing well. At times like these, it is best to stop and regroup. Think of why you dread those tasks and look for ways to either make them more interesting or to maybe even give them to someone who is more suited to handle them.

    "I say, stamping the words with emphasis,
    Drink from here energy and only energy,"
      --- Stephen Spender (1909-1995), British poet

We find our energy from different sources. Think about the times you have dreaded performing a certain task or tackling an unwelcome project. Imagine that feeling. You sink into a funk with a little energy to move toward completing your work.

Now imagine that at that very moment, a friend comes by and offers to take you to a ball game, or shopping or whatever. Immediately the energy returns back to your body. You feel pepped up and revving to go. You weren't given some magical vitamin that suddenly gave you your energy back, but your imagination kicked in giving you a whole new perspective on your day.

    "I needed a drink, I needed a lot of life insurance, I needed a vacation, I needed a home in the country. What I had was a coat, a hat and a gun."
      --- Raymond Chandler

Taking a mental vacation from the job, business or just the immediate task is one sure way to get the energy juices flowing again. Even if the work is something that you love, you have to take mini-vacations from it. It is great to keep plowing through your work as if only Kryptonite can stop you, but that will only last until you run out of steam.

Your mind needs frequent mental breaks to allow you to "refuel" and then come back even stronger. One good trick is to take a daydream vacation. Right at your desk or work area; take just a few minutes to envision yourself in a different setting like an island or an old black and white movie. Remove yourself from your work completely. When you come back to reality, you may see things clearer and you will have renewed energy.

    "Exercise and application produce order in our affairs, health of body, cheerfulness of mind, and these make us precious to our friends."
      --- Thomas Jefferson

A friend told me the other day that her body used to be an hour glass, but now it is a shot glass. Sadly, we men tend to suffer from furniture disease. That is when your chest falls into your drawers. But, aside from the obvious benefits of exercise, people who exercise on a consistent basis actually have more energy than those who don't. Even simple walks in the evening can clear out your mind and give you renewed strength.

So, to get the kick back in your giddyap, begin some type of routine this week to renew your mind. It may require physical exercise, mental vacations, extended time off, or just clearing off some unnecessary tasks. Try it and you'll become more productive and happier with your new energy level.

New Technology. New Techniques. New Orleans! - Specialty Imaging Comes Together at SGIA ’05
New Orleans, Louisiana -- Sept. 28 - Oct. 1, 2005

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Make the innovations work for you. Industry experts lead workshops on how these technologies can transform your specialty imaging business and leave your competition in the dust.

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Blasting Your Way to Profits with Glass Etching
By Jennifer LeClaire

Blasting glass can help boost your bottom line. Find out how sandblasting glass is the same ­ and different ­ from other substrates. Can you sandblast with the best of them?
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New Mexico Neon on Route 66
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Product Showcases

10MB FREE clip art this month only from
Thousands of vector clip art, logos & graphics, perfect for signmaking & screen printing. Ready for CorelDraw, Illustrator, Flexi & any major sign or design program. Also enjoy 10MB FREE this month only.
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The Versatile JW1000 Wide Format Printer from Graphtec
The JW1000 is one of the most versatile printers suitable for multiple markets and applications. In addition to its superb output image quality and industry-leading print speed for production of graphic arts, the JW1000 is compatible with vector data format commonly used in CAD, CAM and AEC engineering. With a maximum print speed of 322 sq. ft./hour draft mode and 129 sq. ft./hour in standard mode.
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Gerber Introduces the SOLARA UV Large Format Inkjet Printer
The GERBER SOLARA UV is a roll-to-roll, large format ultraviolet (UV) inkjet printer that accommodates a variety of affordable, uncoated materials ranging up to 60” wide. SOLARA is ideal for shops specializing in durable outdoor/indoor signs, point-of-purchase displays, banners, and backlit signage, producing prints that are instantly dry and ready to cut and apply. Gerber’s exclusive CMYKVG low odor inks and multi-drop technology allow SOLARA to produce a broad range of beautiful and vibrant colors.
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EL Lamp-- A new material for a sign shop
Electroluminescent(EL) Lamps are flat, flexible, cold illumination sources and very thin. It can be powered by a battery supply to drive a small inverter suitable for a single element lamp. On large formats the multi segment display is powered by a programmable sequencing inverter.
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New Technology. New Techniques. New Orleans! - Specialty Imaging Comes Together at SGIA ’05
Diverse printing technologies converge at SGIA ’05 — and that makes it the one show you’ve been waiting for. Come to experience a world of new, lucrative opportunities for edging out the competition, increasing profit margins, retaining customers and attracting new ones. With more than 450 key suppliers and 50 of the industry’s best seminars, SGIA '05 is where the best ideas, new technologies, and exciting developments will come together to help you take your sign business to the next level. Register Online Now!
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