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Friday, December 15th, 2006

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Exposure, Determination, and Knowledge

    "Talk of nothing but business and dispatch that business quickly."
      --- John Bartlett

We enjoyed another successful show in Atlantic City for USSC Sign World USA. It is always hectic up to the day of the show, but then it becomes a sense of relief and refreshment seeing friends and meeting new readers of SI. But, of course, that is not all that the show is about.

    "A business with an income at its heels furnishes always oil for its own wheels."
      --- William Cowper

The reason for the show, and for any business venue, is to show your stuff; to explain your business and how your products and services can help those you come in contact with. In addition, it is these shows, networking meetings, and other similar opportunities that tend to ignite dormant fires in you. They encourage you to continue on with renewed determination and provide avenues for expanding your business knowledge.

Sam Walton, the Wal-Mart founder, used to use every opportunity in his travels to talk up his business. While eating at a town's diner, he would let the waitress know that there would soon be a place in town to buy almost all that she needed at a discount.

    "The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand."
      --- Vince Lombardi

Jeno Paulucci, the founder of Chun King and community developer, once tried to persuade the American Automobile Association to move to Palucci's upscale development, Heathrow, just outside of Orlando. The final meeting, held at AAA's headquarters in Virginia, was the meeting to make or break the deal.

A few miles from the AAA headquarters, the airport limousine transporting Paulucci breaks down. Mr. Paulucci, in his sixties then, was determined to make the meeting. He climbed a security fence, hiked the mile or so to the building, and was able to give his presentation. Even though his suit was torn from the ordeal, (or because of it), the officials at AAA decided to move the company to Heathrow.

    "The world of the future will be an ever more demanding struggle against the limitations of our intelligence."
      ---- Norbert Wiener

Regardless of the segment of the industry you are involved, the way of doing business is changing rapidly. The sign industry, one of the fastest growing industries, is an ever-progressing animal. Keeping up with the changes is difficult at best, and the surest way to lose your business is to keep doing things the same way year after year.

    "My mother used to say that if you can always do a thing well, then it is beneath your capabilities."
      --- Linda Tsao Yang

Using opportunities such as trade shows, seminars, and parties is an excellent way to tell others about your business, sharpen your business knowledge, and encourage and be encouraged by fellow sign business leaders.

As 2006 comes to a close, we want to thank you for your encouragement and support for these past 12 months and we want to cheer you on toward a prosperous 2007. We also wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season!

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The Many Colors of White LED
By Louis Brill

The battle for white LEDs is going to be fought application by application and lumen by lumen.
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Halftone Stencils: Getting Film Quality with Direct Emulsions
By Bill Stephens

Film stencils are widely praised for their ability to accurately reproduce fine detail such as the thousands upon thousands of tiny dots that make up a halftone. The key to success lies on the print side of the screen, where the smooth surface of a film stencil provides a tight seal with the surface of the substrate. This seal sharply restricts ink flow, which results in sharply defined prints.
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Funny Signs

A sign in Calcutta, India:

    "A sign in Calcutta, India"

Seen on Pacific Coast Highway:

    "No motorized bicycles, horses or dogs allowed on pier!"

Sign seen in Madison, WI:

    "No parking violators will be ticketed"

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Step into the World of Global Sign Products and Services at the ISA International Sign Expo 2007
Join us in Las Vegas April 11-14 for ISA International Sign Expo 2007 to be held at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Convention Center. We’re expecting 22,000 attendees this year, with more than 1,700 exhibit booths representing sign suppliers and distributors at the world’s largest sign show! Enhance your technical, graphic and management skills by attending our educational programs, including 29 Discovery Seminar Series, seven digital-focused seminars and three discussion forums.
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New Structa-Board™ Hits It Out Of The Park With Combined Benefits Of Fome-Cor®, Gatorfoam® On Alcan Composites’ All-Star Team Of Substrates
New Structa-Board combines the properties of legendary Fome-Cor® board and Gatorfoam®. Structa-Board consists of an extruded polystyrene core that is denser than Fome-Cor board and sandwiched between two tough lightweight manmade wood-fiber veneer facers that offer the strength and rigidity of Gatorfoam’s dent- and scratch-resistant surface.
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Premier Collection of Production-Ready Fonts, Clip Art and Templates from Digital Art Solutions
Super Fonts in a new series of production-ready art that combines fonts, clip art, and templates into a truly unique design tool. Fonts, templates and clip art can be combined into countless design variations.
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