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Viewing Distance: The Misunderstood Concept
Understanding viewing distance is a concept that has to be taught and examples are about the best way to do so.

Content Neutrality and Signs: The Reed v. Gilbert Decision and the Aftermath
On June 18, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) unanimously agreed that a Gilbert, Arizona sign code violated the First Amendment freedom of speech rights of Rev. Clyde Reed and his Good News Community Church.

The Evolving Soft Signage Market: Part 1
The global printing industry has changed dramatically over the past decade. Where vinyl, plastic and paper were once the primary substrates of choice for signage, textiles have begun to take center stage.

Fitting a Round Sign into a Square Code
If sign codes were easy to comply with, every sign created would have to be square, with perfect symmetry, and have a message that never changed.

Internal vs. External Sign Illumination Revisited: Best Methods for Traffic Safety
Which lighting method is best for drivers who are seeing and reading the signs at night?

Wall Dog Advertising: Hand-painted Advertising Makes a Comeback
With a simple brush and stroke, most sign men back in the day were painters, and every vertical surface they came across held the promise of painting an advertisement about a product or sale to chase down. Reintroducing the painters, the Wall Dogs.

Hybrid EMC/ Billboards: Combining the Best of Print and Electronic Displays on a Single Billboard
While most outdoor media companies are taking the plunge to add electronic billboards, it is in no way seen as a replacement of the existing print billboard set ups. It is seen more as a compliment to print, each having certain strengths that reinforce each other's advertising potential.

There is More to Signs than Meets the Eye - A Peek at Permits
The obvious details when considering a sign include design, purchase costs, delivery and installation. However, lesser known, but equally important, details regarding signs can be overlooked, thus complicating things. One of these lesser-known details involves permits.

What You Need to Know About Pollution Prevention in Your Shop
Protecting yourself, your employees and your community are just a few reasons why you want to be sure that your shop is compliant with all of the current safety regulations. One of the most important areas of safety that is often overlooked is the ventilation of your print shop.

Viewing Distance: The Misunderstood Concept
Understanding viewing distance is a concept that has to be taught and examples are about the best way to do so.

Going Grand? Does It Make Sense for Your Business?
Speed, quality and increased productivity, these three fundamental components have always been the foundation for success in our industry. There is no better time than now to 'Go Grand' as new technologies in printers, printheads and inks continue to emerge.

Tips for Large Format Design
Over the years, some of the same questions reappear as designers new to the large- and grand-format industry transition from designing small printed pieces to very large advertising artwork. Read on to learn more.

Care and Maintenance for Vehicle Wraps and Graphics
Learn the importance and benefits of properly cleaning vehicle wraps and graphics from one of the experts.

The State of Industrial Large-Format Inkjet Printing
Representatives of four high-production, large-format industrial inkjet machine manufacturers share their views on the current state of the industry, how technology has evolved over the past year and where technology is headed in the year ahead.

How to Properly Clean a Foam Monument Sign
One of the most common inquires received from retail sign shops is 'How do I clean a foam monument sign?' So here's the best 'Solution'.

Taking Care of Your Digital Graphics
Installing graphics is only part of the job of selling wraps and flat surface installs. You need to make sure your end user is aware of how to properly care for their graphics once they are installed.

The Venerable Vector Graphic - Supreme Sublimation
With the power of vectors behind you, you can make everything from coasters to billboards. Using the powerful vector format in your arsenal will scale up your workflow to any size you want.

What is Lenticular Imaging and Why Should You Know About It?
Lenticular imaging technology of today has morphed an old print technology into new stratospheres and consequently breathing new life and profit potential for printers and marketers alike.

Viewing Distance: The Misunderstood Concept
Understanding viewing distance is a concept that has to be taught and examples are about the best way to do so.

Common Sense Maintenance For Solvent-Based Inkjet Printers
In virtually any mechanical device, the fluid systems need to be kept clean for optimum life and performance. Your printer is no different. Make sure you're properly maintaining your money-maker.

Not So Hidden Fees from Your Local Municipalities - PERMITS
Towns charge permit fees. This is not news to sign companies. But some spiraling permit costs may require a little more review to assure the sign permit fees are not revenue-raising devices. Read on...

Allianz Tops Off Skyscraper with Corporate ID
Allianz exercises their awarded top of the building signage rights to 1633 Broadway in NYC with some monster channel letters. How they got them there is a story unto itself. Read on...

The UV-LED Inkjet Curing Revolution Gains Momentum
The use of UV-LED systems for the curing of UV inkjet inks continues to expand as equipment manufacturers bring this technology to a wide range of new equipment. Is inkjet ready for prime time, and what are the challenges faced in the adoption of the technology?

Repair or Replace: Weighing the Options for Your Wide-Format Printer
Learn key indicators to help you determine when to repair your wide-format printer and when it is time to send it on down the road.

Sales Compensation: Starting With the Basics
There are a lot of opportunities to improve sales performance by improving sales compensation strategy. Let's start with the basics.

Maximizing Profitability in Sign & Graphics Shops
Controlling costs, pricing strategies, up-selling & more

QR Codes: A Creaky Bridge Between Physical & Digital Worlds
QR (quick response) codes are popping up all over the place. From wine labels and movie trailers, to printed magazines and direct mail, you're now likely to come across a QR code wherever you see a printed advertisement or message.

Digital Outdoor Expands in Public Space
As much as outdoor digital signage has become a significant billboard advertising medium, so has digital signage migrated into the urban cityscape and is just now finding a home with street furniture incorporating itself into bus shelters, news stands and other furniture structures as it makes sense.

Barclays Bank Lights up Times Square Skyline
For all the bank buildings Barclays Bank has occupied since its founding in 1690, one of its latest building acquisitions, a new location in Manhattan, required some extra finesse in putting up its iconic insignia on the top of its new headquarters in Times Square.

New Model Sign Code for Municipalities Created by the United States Sign Council
The USSC Model Sign Code represents the culmination of over 14 years of research on the design characteristics of On-Premise Signs to help municipalities incorporate sound and tested principles into practical Sign Ordinances.

Hard Rock Café: An ode to the guitar
Rock & Roll! It's the music of the world and it's sound is stroked from a group of musical instruments, but central to its melodies is the guitar. Who can love rock & roll and not have a favorite guitar riff, or favorite guitar moment? Step inside the world of the Hard Rock guitar legend.

New Realties in the Wide-Format Graphics Market
Companies that stay tuned to the latest available technologies will be best positioned to meet the increasingly demanding market requirements.

System Inc. Takes Dominion on Powerboat Wrapping Industry
Feeling creative? The water sports industry is hungry for cutting-edge designs printed on vinyl and applied to powerboats that are ultimately seen by hundreds of thousand of people in competitions around the country.

Boat Wraps Boast Big Opportunity for Vinyl Installers
Wrapping boats may be the next big thing as the vehicle wrapping trend extends itself from the highways to the waterways.

Is White Ink Capability Really Such a Big Deal?
Why is white ink capability so important? Are there meaningful applications? Let's consider some of the technical characteristics of piezoelectric inkjet white ink capability and the possibilities of its use.

Understanding Large-Format Applications
The scientific approach to purchasing manufacturing equipment that will meet your customers' needs. There are many opinions, but you need to match your customers needs for their application, not the salesperson's opinion of what they are selling.

Seamless Wraps 101 - Deciding when to go seamless and when not to.
Seamless wraps demand careful planning - and even then they can be a challenge. Find out how to approach a seamless wrap and when to consider a partial wrap instead.

Stop Your Printer: How Well Are You Matching Print Quality to Your Client's Application or Needs?
If you don't match the print resolution and quality to the needs and expectations of your client, you may just be rushing yourself out of business. So stop and review how you're approaching this problem in the digital printing industry.

Faster than a Wrapped Locomotive
You can't rely on templates when you work with locomotives. Discover how Wrapped Graphics approached wrapping a train.

Small Colorado Shop Wraps Up Success
When you listen to your customers, they sometimes will show you exactly how to build your business to that next level.

Best Practices Standards for On-Premise Signs in the Sign World
The United States Sign Council Best Practices Standards for On-Premise Signs has clearly established the benchmark for the determination of optimum exterior sign visibility, legibility, and placement.

Lifesavers On Our Streets: Illuminated Signs Light the Way
It is no secret that on-premise signs are an absolutely critical component of our wayfinding systems, without which people could not find the products and services they seek, especially in the commercial landscape.

Answering the Call from Sign Haters
Make no mistake about it; there are some people who simply do not like signs - some, in fact, actually hate them. If you have been in the industry for even a relatively short time, we've encountered them - usually, and unfortunately, as part of a local committee to regulate signs.

Factors Impacting Vinyl Removal, Part I
Learning what vinyl film is, the impact that the environment and the surface finish has on vinyl are all factors that will help you deal with the ultimate need to remove vinyl graphics.

Take it Off...Vinyl that is.
Right now there are multiple opportunities to create a tremendous cash stream. The question is, “Which companies will recognize the opportunities, respond to them, and thrive?”

Getting Back to Basics: A Guide to Color Management
Signmakers can take a proactive stance in ensuring business success by going back to basics, including re-assessing their processes and making the most of their existing printing equipment.

Media Facades: High-Tech Digital Building Wraps
Now with LED video screens comes the outdoor advertising impulse to create the ultimate building wrap, a media facade, which is an LED video screen that completely covers the front of a building and presents a kaleidoscope of imagery that dances across the building.

Films to Enhance and Protect - Investigating Ongoing Developments in Laminate Films
Suppliers are responding to the present economy with more cost-effective materials — thinner films and liners that offer the right amount of protection for the application.

Making Waves With Photo Sails
Photo Sails may seem like a simple idea. But the concept was hardly simple to execute. It took nearly four years of product testing and marketing to come up with the first real Photo Sail.

A Titan-Sized Wrap - Wrapping the home of the Tennessee Titans
No two wraps are alike. Get the inside scoop on handling repetitive designs and working with oversized vinyl panels.

And Now for Something Completely Different
Reflecting on the past to determine new ways to be successful in a challenging economy.

A Megawrap with Flavor - vinyl installer wraps world’s largest beer can
Discover the challenges of wrapping a monumental can — and keeping it realistic from top to bottom.

A Primer on UV-Curable Inkjet Inks
Since 2006, there has been a incredible rush toward the use of UV-curable inks in most of the printing markets. This increase has been driven by new developments in ink technology and demand from printer manufacturers and end users.

Variable-Dot Printing: Why Dots-Per-Inch is No Longer the Only Measure of Inkjet Print Quality
The correlation of higher quality to higher dpi is certainly defensible, assuming one thing: The dots are all the same size. Recent developments in inkjet technology have turned this standard on its side.

Stay Ahead with Accurate Sign Estimating Using Advanced Technologies
Submitting the winning bid for sign projects is more challenging today than ever before. Click for some insider perspectives on optimizing your company efficiency with estimating.

Selling Stadium Wraps and Not Losing Your Shorts
Pricing a stadium wrap can get a little hairy, but if you approach measurements with the right mindset you’ll put more profits in your pocket. Find out how.

Wrapping Tropicana Field
Read a first hand example of how vinyl wraps are playing a key role in both aesthetics, communications and advertising in stadiums across the country.

Snapshot of the Sign Industry 3rd Quarter 2008
For’s annual ‘pulse taking’ of the state of the sign industry, we peeked and probed into various facets of the industry to get an idea of the state of our trade before going into 2009.

Take It Outside...Current Trends in Out-of-Home Signage, What Grand Format Solvent Printers Can Do
One area of importance that is often overlooked by the sign professional is the area of street furniture.

Special Tools for Textured Surface Stadium Wraps
3M has developed special application tools and methods for use with its 8624 film. The 3M Textured Surface Applicator TSA-1 for large surfaces is critical for achieving proper adhesion. Find out what else is new.

Installing Stadium Wraps - Getting it right the first time.
Are you ready to learn how to get creative in overcoming the challenges of installing vinyl in stadium settings? Read on for how-tos and solutions that will help you along the way.

Stadium Advertising: A Sporty Opportunity
Why do you need to understand the advertising opportunities in stadiums? So you can help to sell it to your client. Discover what you need to know about stadium wrappings sporty opportunity.

Wrapping the Fair
If you think wrapping mega slides is the same as wrapping cars, think again. Discover how to navigate the challenges that could spell opportunity for you.

Applying Vinyl Graphics to Aircraft
Are you ready to let your business fly high? Applying vinyl graphics to aircraft may be your next big opportunity.

Wrapping Oil Rigs
A Texas sign shop is wrapping the big rigs ­ and we don’t mean trucks. Discover the ins and outs of wrapping in an oil field.

Taking Care of Your Digital Graphics
Installing graphics is only part of the job of selling wraps and flat surface installs. You need to make sure your end user is aware of how to properly care for their graphics once they are installed.

Full Product Branding with Self-Adhesive Films: What Does It Really Mean?
An in-depth analysis of the concept and ways to incorporate it into your business

Looking Behind the Accounting Curtain: The Accounting Team and Print MIS in the Big Picture
The goal of a print management information system in this global picture is to provide accurate, timely information that can be quickly and easily consolidated and organized.

Removing Floor Graphics
Now that you’ve mastered installing floor graphics, what are you going to do when its’ time to remove them? Find out!

The House That FUSE Built- LED Displays from Sidewalks To Unique Channel Letters
FUSE decided it was time to increase their corporate profile and do so by using extensive LED signage to increase their visibility to their music fans and the public.

Applying Floor Graphics: Beyond Pick ‘Em and Stick ‘Em
Different types of floors often demand different approaches to applying the floor graphic ­ if you want it to stick. Get the inside scoop.

Getting Inkjet Ink and Print Heads to Work Together
Inkjet print systems fail primarily because of the fluids used in them. Read on to find out if it's all a hoax or if putting high-test in is all it's cracked up to be.

Hershey’s ­ How Sweet It Is: The Eye-Candy of Times Square
In the middle of all its surrounding Times Square spectaculars, billboards and sign edifices, stands the flagship Hershey Times Square, a retail gift store which is a chocolate confectionary paradise that is the center of the chocolate universe.

Floor Graphics: Walking into Opportunity
The floor graphics concept was ahead of its time a few years ago, but if you haven’t gotten into this side of the business yet, there is no time like the present.

Does Your Vinyl Printing Flow Where You Want It To Go?
Digital print shops that print onto vinyl could find a competitive advantage with software that streamlines the printing processes and sidesteps common challenges.

Project Management Made Easy Through Estimating & Business Management Software
The programs continue to evolve and mature, and with this improvement cycle the results are increased productivity, greater control of costs and an improved bottom line. All achieved with greater ease and accuracy than ever before. So how can you afford to not be on this bandwagon?

It Costs How Much? Determining What It Costs to Sell Your Signs the Right Way.
Pricing your products or services sold is determined first by costing. Do you have any idea of what it costs to sell a sign or banner? For that matter, what does it cost to open the doors to your sign business each day? Pertinent questions that will influence your pricing.

Marquee Magic: Marquees Become a Window to Stage and Screen
The marquee's original form harkens back to a message reader board with a large back lit white translucent display with changeable black plastic letters that were rearranged for each new program within the theater. Today that can all be done via LED message centers directing the public's attention to what's playing inside the theater.

Solvent Printers and Air Quality Control
For years, it has been accepted the smelly operating conditions are par for the course and normal in shops with solvent printers, but we have come to a turning point where these fumes and odors are more than just a nuisance. They pose real health concerns.

Choosing the Best Ink to Print on Vinyl
Some digital print shops stick to the ink their printer manufacturer offers. But that might not always be the best choice for your vinyl print job. Your overarching goal is to match your ink to your media. Find out what you need to know.

Smaller World — The Implications of GHS and REACH
Both were developed in the international arena and both have already influenced chemical policy well beyond their original borders.

Today and Tomorrow: Considering Digital Imaging an SGIA Interview
In recognition of the SGIA Journal's 10th anniversary in 2007, we take a look forward and backward, evaluating how our industry has changed and how we expect it will change by the time the Journal celebrates its twentieth anniversary.

Willis Avenue Building and the Rooftop Sign that Wasn’t
This is a tale of a billboard wind load that almost took down the building it sat upon and its replacement rooftop sign that really wasn't the roof sign it appeared to be.

The History and Future of the U.S. Sign Industry Marketplace
Here’s a quick perspective on the size of the U.S. sign industry and the impact of wide format inkjet printing in the sign industry today.

Panel Saw, Table Saw, Mat Cutter or Combo Machine, which is Right for your Shop?
One way for sign shops to increase their efficiency is to have the right tool for cutting sheet goods to size. There are a few basic considerations that every sign shop must address when purchasing a cutting machine: space restraints, ease of use, capability, safety, cost and dust.

Should You Buy Ink in Bulk?
Discover the pros and cons of buying ink in large quantities.

Taking the A-Train (or Any Other Train) in New York City Would Be Even Harder Without Directional Signage
New York City Transit officials place a tremendous effort into creating a subway wayfinding system that connects its passengers to trains and exits throughout the system.

Third-Party Ink Could Leave You Crying
It’s your printer and you can use third-party ink if you want to, but like the old song, it may leave you crying over your banner.

It’s All About the Digital File at SGIA ’07- From Wrapping Gators to Mermaids
Whether you’re cutting rubylith, fluted-plastic or vinyl; printing on rigid sheet, t-shirts, tile or fabric; or getting a message across through embroidery, it all comes down to the digital file.

Coke- It's the Real Thing!
In making its presence known to a thirsty public, Coca-Cola's familiar bright red background, cursive script logo and contour bottle has been printed, painted, postered and plastered on the sides of delivery trucks, on billboards, and on buildings in just about every major city around the world.

Snapshot of the Sign Industry 3rd Quarter 2007
As we did last year, took a quick pulse of the sign industry to try to get an idea of the state of the industry in this third quarter of 2007.

Want to Become a Lenticular Printer? ­ Just do it!
For both sign makers and wide format printers, lenticular can be a valuable differentiator, an additional value-added service and best of all, a profit generator.

Keeping Signage at the Top of Business Marketing...And Its Revenue.
The hard truth is that signage is not considered by most business development experts as marketing and the reason is clear - they are simply unaware of its value.

Roadside Text Messaging on LED Display Signs
LED electronic signage has evolved into several types of highway sign systems that aid highway traffic managers by alerting drivers of current travel conditions to aid in traffic flow.

The Rundown on Calendered Vinyl Films
Calendered vinyl films were once thought of as an inferior economical choice, but some calendered vinyl film manufacturers have come a long way in terms of product quality and breadth, by offering conformability, durability and that image pop that is required for the application.

2007 Business Growth Plans Survey for Flatbed Injet, Wide Format Inkjet & Grand-Format Inkjet
The results of SGIA’s recent 2007 Business Growth Plans Survey demonstrate an interesting reality in our industry, and show a healthy difference between what imaging companies want (equipment-wise), and what they ultimately buy. Through the magic of trending data, let’s take a look.

Minskoff Theater Sign Makeover: Everyone Must See the Lion King
The Minskoff Theatre (1,597 seats), one of the many major live performing venues along Broadway has recently undergone a signage transformation of its old blade / marquee and window display into a very modern and elegant sign package that was fit for a king: The Lion King that was.

What You Need to Know About Varnish in the Digital Printing Arena
There’s more than one way to varnish. And there’s more than one way to make a mess with varnish, too. The good news is, if you use the right printer and the right materials, varnishing can add profits to your bottom line.

When Ink Is Not the Problem with Digital Printing, Part II
Beyond dust and dirt, several factors impact the ink’s ability to stick to the substrate. The carrier ­ aqueous-based or solvent-based ­ is another key factor in the final outcome. Then there’s calibration.

Reporting on RIPs- Raster Image Processors...What They Are and How They’re Doing
Every sign shop that depends on excellence from its printer is probably using a RIP. If you ever wanted to know the rap on RIPs, but were afraid to ask, read on to learn from the experience of your peers in the industry.

Complex Wraps Demand Advanced Techniques, Part II
Are you handling your film right? Is your graphics guy designing with wraps in mind? Are you removing vinyl from contours the right way? Lots of questions. We’ve got answers.

Hybrid EMC/ Billboards: Combining the Best of Print and Electronic Displays on a Single Billboard
While most outdoor media companies are taking the plunge to add electronic billboards, it is in no way seen as a replacement of the existing print billboard set ups. It is seen more as a compliment to print, each having certain strengths that reinforce each other's advertising potential.

When Ink Is Not the Problem with Digital Printing, Part I
Variables like surface tension, media expansion and ink absorption take on new dimensions on larger substrates. If the paper doesn’t advance, it could cause blobs of ink or other ugly outcomes. If the media stretches even a little, you could get blurs. Tiling can become a challenge on larger prints. Read on to discover what to do when ink is not the problem.

Can Billboard Advertising Really Be Measured?
Outdoor advertising could get a boost with reliable ratings that cause companies to pour more money into billboards and bus shelters.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Cincinnati’s Great American Ballpark offers proof positive that effective sign design can inform, entertain, commemorate ­ and stand out in a crowd.

Printers’ Challenges in Meeting Fire Codes
All printed banners, wall coverings, display booth fabrics, table skirts, tents, awnings, carpeting, window treatments, interior furnishing and vinyl-coated fabrics are required to meet flame-retardant standards for homes, offices or other assembly places (Flammable Fabrics Act, 1953). The challenges of meeting these fire standards and codes have increased with the development of new synthetic fibers and the ink applications to these fibers, which create a liability risk for the specialty printer.

Complex Wraps Demand Advanced Techniques, Part I
Not all vehicle wraps are created equal ­ some are far more complex than others. Discover what you need to know to tackle even the most complex wraps with confidence.

Navigating To Complete Color Workflow Management
The explosion of digital imaging and printing in the sign industry has left many in the business in something of a conundrum. Here's this wonderful new machine on the floor that did such incredible things at the tradeshow, but how do you make it do them, do them consistently, and do them profitably?

Lenticular and 3D Commercial Sign Applications
Studies have shown that 3D increases the stopping power of advertisements by as much as five times and increases the staying power by four times in relation to 2D ads.

Back to School: The Value of Learning to Wrap Vehicles
Faster, more affordable printers, easier to handle vinyl materials, and an unlimited supply of customers is causing more sign shops to consider adding vinyl vehicle wraps to their menu of business services.

Spot On - The State of Spot Colors in Inkjet Technology
The sign industry has been discussing spot colors for inkjet printers for over a decade. Are we getting any closer to quick-and-easy action?

Upcoming Developments in Industrial Inkjet for Display Graphics
The wide-format graphics industry has been transformed through the emergence over the past dozen years of digital inkjet printing technology.

Extreme Makeover: Business Signage Edition
Fastsigns International, Inc. chose 4 different businesses to receive a signage makeover. The four businesses chosen for the makeovers pondered many of the same things when they learned that they were selected for this free signage makeover. Would it draw in new customers? Would it boost sales? Would anyone even notice? The results speak for themselves.

What is Lenticular Imaging and Why Should You Know About It?
Lenticular imaging technology of today has morphed an old print technology into new stratospheres and consequently breathing new life and profit potential for printers and marketers alike.

The State of UV Inkjet Inks…the momentum is building
The advantage of 'curing' is simple: It allows ink to adhere to a broader range of substrates as compared to other digital printing technologies. On the other hand, there is a bit of a misconception that UV cured ink will stick to just about everything. Get a balanced view of UV curable pros and cons.

Airports: A B to B Advertising Mecca
Considered one of the most highly desirable ad locations anywhere, airports attract the most dominant business to business advertisers.

The Fine Art of Inks
Large format printers with special inks are producing top quality prints that sell in museums for tens of thousands of dollars. Find out what you need to know to take your cut by producing these fine art prints.

More Than Art for Art’s Sake
There is a fine line between signage and art and sometimes there is no line at all. Art becomes the sign and the sign becomes art. To some, even a traffic sign is seen as art.

SGIA '06: Show Recap 'Exhibiting the Future Now'
When visits friends at the SGIA Expo, we are never surprised at the level of professionalism, expertise, and creativity that is displayed down the isles, in the booths, and at the seminars. SGIA '06 was no exception producing a special excitement in the air with abundant energy and a sense of exhilaration.

About White Ink In Black and White
Could white ink allow you to expand into new markets? Imagine the possibilities of expanding your services to include printing on leather, cardboard, wood, stone or some other non-traditional material.

Expanding Your Ink Horizons
Printers today can accommodate up to 16-color inksets. But would that really benefit your shop? Find out the advantages and disadvantages of expanding your ink horizons.

The Ever-Changing World of Ink for Digital Printing
Ink development will continue to parallel the evolution of large format printing technology and end-user application requirements. Will UV ink become the industry standard?

Snapshot of the Sign Industry 3rd Quarter 2006 went looking at a handful of companies from various areas of the country as well as different segments of our industry to put our finger on the pulse and determine the state of the industry and where we are heading.

Ink, Glorious Ink
You have two choices: buy cheap ink and yield cheap signs, or buy quality ink and yield quality signs. Find out why ink makes such a dramatic difference in large-format printing.

Electronic LED Billboards: The New Voice of Business
The billboard, a mainstay of outdoor advertising has entered the realm of high-tech in the form of an electronic billboard media format.

Vinyl Graphic Removal Made Easy
Vinyl removal can be a pain…that's a fact, but there's a new kid on the block that can help to make your vinyl removal projects less labor intensive and quicker to complete. And that's worth reading about.

RIPs: The Meaning Behind the Puzzle of Digital Graphic Output
Raster Image Processors are used by most large format graphic shops, but this article will help you to understand what they do and why you need this vital piece to complete your puzzle.

Converting Raster Images to Vector Images Can Be A Challenge, But It Doesn't Have To Be.
Finding the Right Tracing Software to Get the Job Done

How Did The Graphics Market Get Where It Is Today?
Understanding the Graphics Market's Development: Part Two in a Series of Three

Wrapping Vegas
The basic elements are the same with wraps of all sizes, but large mass transit wraps offer some additional challenges that offer valuable lessons from graphics installers of all shapes and sizes.

100 Years and Counting: N. Glantz & Son Still Going Strong
Most people don't like to celebrate the annual aging ritual of birthdays beyond the late teens. But it's truly a sign that you're doing something right when your business is having its 100th year celebration.

Wrap It Up: Vehicle Wraps See New Developments Through Digital
Almost anything can be wrapped, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, boats, trailers, railroad cars and even buildings. Learn the critical steps to planning, creating and installing a successful wrap. Or else you'll wish you did.

Outdoor Video Screen Business: A Network of Success
The use of digital video screens signifies a brand new stage of development in the area of outdoor advertising.

UV Ink in the Wide-Format Market: Should Wide-Format Printers Take the Cure?
A whole new world of applications is opening in the rigid-substrate sector by printers that are willing to invest in and push the technology and their businesses forward.

Incoming SGIA Chairman David Van Veldhuizen Speaks on Changes and Challenges
The industry is changing, lines between niche markets are becoming transparent, technology is pushing delivery systems to a new level and anybody in the world is only 1.7 seconds away.

Trying to Make Sense of the Graphics Market Mess
Understanding your business and how it fits into the evolving U.S. graphics industry may well be vital in your survivial in the changing marketplace involving screen printing, wide-format imaging and your sign shop. Part 1 of a 3 part series.

Critical Questions to Consider When Looking at a Flatbed Purchase
The purpose of this article is to provide the imaging professional with a list of critical questions to ask when shopping for a flatbed inkjet printer. By understanding these questions, then seeking answers to them, those printers looking to install flatbed inkjet units in their facilities will be able to make better purchasing decisions.

C-C-Corrugations…Never Fear, Expert Advise is Here!
Applying vinyl over rivets is one thing. Applying vinyl over corrugation is quite another. But don’t let that stop you. If you can learn to apply vinyl over corrugation, then you can tap into the lucrative world of fleets.

Applying Vinyl Over Curves, Body Creases and Molding
Installing graphics on vehicles ­ or wrapping entire vehicles for that matter ­ presents some unique challenges rarely encountered on other substrates. Find out how to get around these difficult issues.

Unlocking the Psychology of Signage
Successful sign making depends on effective visual communication. Understanding how consumers relate to signage, then, is key to helping your customers unlock the door to greater revenues.

Imaged Fabric Adds a Touch of Class to Hum Drum Displays
Fabric is findings its place in the trade show arena and beyond. Discover how this flexible, portable material fits into your business plan.

Illuminated Signs Help McGruff Take a Bite Out of Crime
The National Crime Prevention Council sanctions illuminated signs as a crime prevention tool. Find out how on-premise signs can help your business ­ and your community.

On-Premise Commercial Signage Curbs Traffic Accidents
Government research proves that signage helps drivers navigate unfamiliar roadways. Learn how to boost business while maintaining driver safety.

The Sign Challenges of a Arctic Canadian Winter
Selkirk Signs teams with TIR Systems to solve the cold hard challenges of signage for Federated Co-op chain of stores.

Outdoor Eco/Low-Solvent Printing Market 2005
Manufacturers are beginning to introduce entry-level outdoor eco-solvent printers. Are you ready to take the plunge?

Rent, Lease or Finance Your Sign Equipment
Find the right answer to the question of whether your sign business should rent, lease or own the equipment used in your operations. Few sign professionals are able to accept the fact that there is no one right answer that fits everyone or every situtation.

Reading, Writing and Profits With The School System Near You
You can position your company for profitability by serving the growing market for in-school advertising.

Cast vs. Calendered Vinyl
Learn the differences and why to use the right vinyl in the right application. There huge differences and a quick read through this article will help you understand all the ins and outs of calendered and cast vinyls.

LED Street-side Pylons: A Totem for Business Communications
Combining electronic message centers with street-side pylons or main marquees to create a contemporary look for customer's roadside presences.

What You Need to Know About Pollution Prevention in Your Shop
Protecting yourself, your employees and your community are just a few reasons why you want to be sure that your shop is compliant with all of the current safety regulations. One of the most important areas of safety that is often overlooked is the ventilation of your print shop.

Wide Format Graphics Market -Hardware, Media & Ink Revenues Growing 7% CAGR
The wide format graphics market generated total manufacturer revenues (at the retail level) of $7.3 billion in 2004 and is expected to generate manufacturer revenues of $10.1 billion in 2009, a CAGR of 7%.

Perforated Vinyl: Opening Up The Vision of Sign Options
Perforated vinyl film is fast becoming an excellent new form of advertising signage. This unique material allows easy adhesion to windows and motor vehicles, with the perforations enabling vision through the advertisement itself.

Training Your Signshop To Use New Equipment & Software
To produce eye-catching, quality prints and signs, printing machines and software require skilled operators. One way operators acquire their skill is through training. Delve inside to catch the scoop on the different options available to take advantage of all the features of your equipment and software.

LED Displays: A Formidable Foe
The scuttlebutt continues over who is number one: Mr. LED, with his promise of longer life, Mr. Neon with her bragging rights of years of loyalty to the Sign Man, or Mr. Fiber Optics and his daring attempt to play it safe under wet conditions. Who will be victorious?

More on What You Need to Know About Rivets
Discover the ins and outs, dos and don’ts of installing vinyl graphics over rivets. What you find out may surprise you.

Digital Fabric Printing Offers Something No Sign Shop Can Afford To Ignore: Profitability
Have you explored the world of digital fabric printing? If not, then you could be missing out on one of the hottest trends in the sign industry today.

Soaring Profits from Glistening Gateways
Airports are bustling with opportunities as architects bring sign builders into the design process to capitalize on 21st century trends.

Tips and Tricks for Installing Full Wrap Vehicle Graphics
Vehicle wraps are now used in place of expensive custom paint jobs. In addition to being a lower cost option to paint, the vinyl can be removed when the advertising campaign is over or you are ready to turn in your leased vehicle. This article will take you step-by-step through the process of installing a full vehicle wrap. It will offer tips and tricks on how to provide your customer with a high quality wrap.

Wrapping Done Around the World
Are wrapping techniques any different in London than they are in Los Angeles? Find out from one of the United Kingdom’s top vehicle wrapping companies.

Tri-Message on a Truck?
What do you get when you mix motional advertising with mobile billboards? A hot advertising concept. Find out how to tap into a new revenue stream by combining tri-message signage and mobile advertising.

Dealing with the 'R' Word...Rivets
Learn the time-tested techniques of how to properly apply vinyl over rivets. Discover a five-step process that will help you deal with these annoying, yet necessary fasteners.

Benefits of Flexible-Face Mounting Systems
Vendors are manufacturing a variety of mounting systems to making installing flexible face signage a snap (and click).

Take It Outside...Current Trends in Out-of-Home Signage, Part III
In this section, we will look at the potential of expanding your business into vehicle wraps.

A memorial on 18 wheels to commorate the memory of the victims of September 11th.

SGIA ’04 Recap: The Microcosm Meets the Macrocosm
The digital revolution. UV. The marriage of digital and screen. Multiple technologies. The buzz of energized attendees joined the hum of equipment at SGIA ’04 (Minneapolis, October 6­9), where more than 11,000 people represented 73 countries and every US state.

Size Issues: Implementing Grand-Format Digital Imaging
Super-wide. Ultra-wide. Extra-wide. Really, really big. All of these designations fall under the general definition of 'grand format,' but there's a catch: Define 'grand format.'

The Successful Integration of Digital Imaging Technology, Part II
In Part I of this two-part series, we discussed equipment options, inks and media choices. In this second part, we will address how to make digital imaging work for you including supplies, color management, marketing and strategies.

The Successful Integration of Digital Imaging Technology, Part I
Integrating digital imaging technology into your existing facility may represent a step into the unknown. Like a classical music enthusiast first discovering jazz, the company adopting digital is introduced to a fascinating new world that is puzzlingly different, yet strangely familiar. The equipment looks different, the buzzwords are different, but the final goal is the same: to produce and sell high-quality printed materials to paying customers.

Flipping The Lid For The Red Zone
the Heinz Field Football Stadium serves up a world famous icon

Take It Outside...Current Trends in Out-of-Home Signage, Part 2
One area of importance that is often overlooked by the sign professional is the area of street furniture.

Printer Profiling- Matching What You See To What You Get
In this part of the series we look at how to profile your printer, so that output you print will match what you saw on the screen.

Standard Color Working Spaces
A standard working space is a place to store color data until you know what you want to do with it. For example, you might want to display, print, or proof a file.

COLOR MANAGEMENT: The Color Gamut, Gamut Mapping and Gamut Clipping and Your Rendering Intents
By understanding the relationships of color theory and the physical limits of your printers you can better apply color managment to achieve the desired results.

Color Management for a Monitor-to-Print Match
Advancements in color measurement instruments and color management software have made it possible for nearly everyone to afford at least a monitor calibration system, so monitor-to-print match today is the rule rather than the exception.

Eco Solvent Printers Poised to Shake Up PFP Market

Take It Outside...Current Trends in Out-of-Home Signage
If you think you understand everything there is to know about outdoor advertising you may want to take a closer look. As the Pony Express rider said to the FedEx guy, “times they are a-changing.”

PDF Workflow 101: Convert Your Digital Workflow to PDF
Smooth out the headaches involved in getting files from your clients by using the versatile PDF (Portable Document Format) in your businesses workflow.

Sign Pricing Series - Digital Print Pricing
In the last article, I touched on the elements of pricing. Chiefly, pricing will vary based on competition, industry practice, and the skill vs. cost of accuracy in pricing. With digital printing, these basic concepts hold true.

Avoiding Bubbles and Wrinkles During Vinyl Applications
Learn how to avoid these pesky problems during vinyl installation with advice from the pros.

So You Want To Be a Vinyl Pro
Before you can claim professional installer status, you have to learn the basics to avoid common mistakes. Discover some fundamentals tips that will serve you well for many years.

Scan 101 ­ Appropriate Scan Resolutions and Color Settings for Your Inkjet Printer
Resolution can be a confusing concept in the scanning & output world, but here are some facts to help you better understand and not get caught up in the myths.

Sign Pricing- Pricing Approaches and Accuracy
This series on pricing and estimating will address the most common pricing approaches for different segments of the sign and graphics industry.

VEHICLE WRAPS COVER UPS: the world is watching
Vehicle and fleet wraps are efficient and effective means for placing outdoor signage in plain sight by turning a bus, truck, touring vehicle or car into a mobile billboard that puts a client's advertising all over the place.

Billboards Save Children
It’s a statistic that’s hard to swallow: each day, more than 2,000 children are reported missing in the United States. This staggering figure is part of the inspiration behind a new project called Rigs for Kids, a program that turns 18-wheelers into mobile billboards with pictures of missing children.

Heritage Graphics and Scaffold Wraps
From Manhattan's Times Square to an Argentinan Palace, outdoor graphics has put unsightly construction under wraps with over the top picturesque renderings, art images or patriotic beautification panels

High-Volume Outdoor Printers Meet Growing Demand
The market for outdoor media is growing exponentially. Find out what eco-solvent options manufacturers are offering today.

ESPN ZONE: Remolded To Greatness
Once upon a time, there was a marquee and a blade sign that really wanted to shine

Entering Into Outdoor Eco-Solvent Printing
Manufacturers are beginning to introduce entry to mid-level outdoor eco-solvent printers. Are you ready to take the plunge?

Motional Messages on Motor Vehicles
In part three of this series, we take a look at what happens when you combine the benefits of motional and mobile advertising in one moving medium.

Searching for the Best Solvents
One solvent ink does not fit all outdoor printers. Find out the pros and cons of lite, full and eco-solvent inks.

Multiply Your Profits with Multi-Message Signage
Motional signage is gaining momentum and multi-message signage is perhaps the hottest form of them all. Find out how you can cash in on this medium.

Signage in Motion
Signs are moving from static banners to dynamic displays. Find out what retailers are looking for in the 21st century.

UV-Curable Technology, Part III: Exploring the World of UV Printers
UV printer technology is the latest trend in the industry. Find out what the major players have to offer.

UV-Curable Technology, Part II: Benefits of Ultraviolet Curable Inks
Ultraviolet curable inks are promising to change the face of digital printing. Are you ready for the revolution?

UV-Curable Technology, Part I: The Ultraviolet Media Debate
Is dedicated UV media necessary? Or will any old vinyl do the trick? Avery and 3M have differing opinions.

Benefits of Vehicle Wrapping
Need some help selling vehicle wraps? Trade groups, sign shops and market researchers have ammunition to help you seal the deal.

Installing Vehicle Wraps Like the Pros (Final part of a three-part series)
Installing vehicle wraps takes knowledge and experience. Experts share some insights on getting the job done right.

Vehicle Wrapping, Part II: Design and Preparation
A haphazard approach to designing for wraps and preparing the vehicle for application will result in disaster. Find out how the pros work.

Venturing into Vehicle Wrapping
If you’ve been considering adding vehicle wrapping to your repartee, then you won’t want to miss part one in this three part series on vehicle wrapping.

The Art of Laminating- Tips to cold laminating - Part I
Laminating is a learn-as-you-go process, where a few pointers can help ease the pain of the learning curve.

The Art of Laminating Part 3 - Making the investment
Before you make the investment, you have to consider both your present needs and your future needs. The purchase of a laminator is similar to that of purchasing a car. A lot of decisions need to be made as to what bells and whistles come with the various models.

The Art of Laminating Part 2 - Understanding your materials
This is part two of a three-part series on Laminating.

The Art of Laminating
Part 1 - The Basics of Lamination

Vehicle Vinyl Expert Reveals Tricks of Trade
Don't make costly mistakes with your vinyl applications and removals. Let vinyl expert Rob Ivers give you some practical dos and don'ts.

Making it BIG at the XIX Winter Olympiad
Nur provided the ticket for shops graphics in Salt Lake City

The Bloom is Not Yet Off This Rose
With all the gloom and doom surrounding the economy, can outdoor advertising survive?

Viewing Distance: The Misunderstood Concept
Understanding viewing distance is a concept that has to be taught and examples are about the best way to do so.

Are You Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck?
Multiple message displays increase your ad space and captivate

Photography and Signs: An Efficient Tradition
Take a good picture to begin with will save you time in the long run

Outdoor Advertising: A Medium for All Seasons
How outdoor has developed into a success story

Give Us Back/Our Burma Shave

Cutting Stone with Water and Light
Lasers and waterjets open up whole new worlds of stone-cutting to the creative sign builder

Building a Team
Essential elements in building a team for your business


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