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Gilding: Time-tested Tips from Modern-day Pros.
Gilding is an ancient art that dates back to Egyptian times.

Wall Dog Advertising: Hand-painted Advertising Makes a Comeback
With a simple brush and stroke, most sign men back in the day were painters, and every vertical surface they came across held the promise of painting an advertisement about a product or sale to chase down. Reintroducing the painters, the Wall Dogs.

The Story Of A Country Sign Painter
Been there and done that. And thus begins the story of Johnny Berg...

OSHA Hazard Communication Standard - What it Means for the Imaging Community
The new regulations provide specific information that must be included on each label. The major change includes the use of pictograms. Employers must train their employees to recognize the new warning labels and SDS formats by December 1, 2013.

Avoiding Airbrushed Vinyl Mistakes
Perfecting the art of airbrushing on vinyl takes time ≠ but you can avoid beginnerís mistakes with a few insidersí tips.

Gild like an Egyptian
Gilding is an ancient art that dates back to Egyptian times. Get some time-tested tips from modern-day pros.

Painting a Picture of Quality
Planning and preparation is everything

What You Need to Know About Pollution Prevention in Your Shop
Protecting yourself, your employees and your community are just a few reasons why you want to be sure that your shop is compliant with all of the current safety regulations. One of the most important areas of safety that is often overlooked is the ventilation of your print shop.

How to Sell Your Airbrushed Vinyl
Butch 'Superfrog' Anton shares his secrets of his success in selling airbrushed vinyl. Hint: itís a three-tiered pricing approach. Read on to learn more.

The Story Of A Country Sign Painter
Been there and done that.

Making the New Look Old
Did you ever dream you could have so much fun pleasing a customer?

The Hungary Artist
The authorities told young John Duzs he'd be a statistician


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