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Supply 55 BannerPRO, EcoPRO continuous ink supply system, guardian laminators, quickmount


June 15, 2007

Magnetic Gorilla Post Parking Solution Celebrates 5 Years with Adams

Pacific Cascade's Gorilla Post® system can be found holding its ground in the cities of Sacramento, Miami, Houston, Seattle and Portland; outside of hotels, theme parks and convention centers; and on university campuses, office complexes, transportation concourses and more. Enabling parking enforcement of reserved single spaces, the semi-permanent magnetic post system is strong, flexible and can be installed -- or removed -- by one person in under five seconds.

Weighing just eight pounds, the Gorilla Post is easy to carry and place into service. Once in place, it has 380-psi vertical lift resistance making it virtually impossible to remove without the special post-pulling tool. Standing 48-inches high and made of durable polyethylene, the posts are visible from street-level, and return upright even after a 15 mph impact. The secret is its six-inch Neodymium magnetic base and 3/16-inch thin plate that couples to the street or sidewalk, holding the post in place.

"Larger cities are removing existing parking meters and replacing them with multi-space meters. When using multi-space meters, business owners or city employees have no way to 'bag' a parking space, temporarily holding or reserving a spot," explains Craig Myers, national sales manager with Adams Magnetic Products Co. "Pacific Cascade developed a magnetic-based sign that reads, 'Reserved -- Customer Parking Only,' or some other such message. This quickly grew from a standard item to very customized, magnetic assemblies," says Myers.

The product family continues to evolve, notes Mark Curtis, president of Pacific Cascade. Adams also helped Curtis adapt his concept to a custom-order granite bollard for the City of Portland. "These stone columns were installed as parking delineators and, if hit, they would be nearly impossible to replace or repair. So, we carefully designed and secured a magnetic base similar to our Gorilla Post bollards, but capable of holding the 13-inch diameter, 30-inch tall stone structures."

"Craig has been good partner throughout our five-year relationship," notes Mark Curtis, president of Pacific Cascade. "I had a design, and together, we worked through the product development process to arrive at a cost-effective solution that provided the required strength."

Curtis says that Adams' samples and responsive customer support were especially helpful during the Gorilla Post's early development. "It was very helpful to see and feel different types and strengths of magnets. Craig often would next day air products for me. Magnets have always held a fascination for me. They are fun and a cool toy to play with. They're also challenging to work with because each affects the things around it."

Myers agrees, "We went through numerous trials during the R&D phase. Of course Mark had everything independently tested, but it was a journey to get there. One day, I remember taking a prototype into our parking lot and placing it next to a car bumper to make sure that it was the right height. Then, to prove that our paper calculations were correct regarding the magnetic strength, we drove straight into the post. It didn't break, just bounced back into place."

"It's this personalized service that really stands out," says Curtis. "They've been a key component to the success of our business." Pacific Cascade's success includes selling more than 6,000 Gorilla Posts. The product line now offers the original post design with end cap, reflector, and flier topper and other options, as well as a seven-inch diameter bollard. The standard bollards are ideal for denoting where pedestrian walkways intersect vehicular roadways, and will temporarily fold over upon impact by a fire truck or other heavy commercial / emergency vehicle.

"It's been an exciting project and there's even more new products and improvements underway," Myers previews. "After five years, we have established a relationship that goes beyond customer and supplier. We help with materials sourcing and services, just-in-time inventory management, references and referrals, and look forward to seeing each other in-person whenever possible -- not just because he's a good client, but because he's a good guy and we glad to be a part of his continued success."

Established in 1950, Adams Magnetic Products Co. sets the standard for designing and manufacturing innovative magnetic products and assemblies. One of the oldest U.S. companies in the industry, its staff draws from a depth of engineering, fabricating, coating, testing, sourcing, handling, and distributing expertise managing inventory and delivery to coincide with customers' production cycles and schedules. Adams stocks a large variety and quantity of the most popular magnetic products and has the capabilities to produce magnets of virtually any shape and size.

Adams Magnetic Products Co.
88 Larch Avenue
Elmhurst, IL 60126
Phone: 800-747-7543
Website URL:

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