Eastman Kodak Company to Introduce Two New UV-Curable Media Offerings at PMA 2010
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February 21, 2010

Eastman Kodak Company to Introduce Two New UV-Curable Media Offerings at PMA 2010

ANAHEIM, CA. ­ Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE:EK) today introduced two new output solutions for the commercial display market, bringing the premium look and feel of photo grade printing to UV-curable inkjet media. The new offerings, which comprise KODAK PROFESSIONAL UV-Curable Display Film and KODAK PROFESSIONAL UV-Curable Display Paper, enable the creation of point-of-sale and backlit display materials faster and at a lower cost. Similar to KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Photographic Display Materials, these new products feature exceptional clarity, consistency and quality for maximum productivity and retail impact.

“Along with many industries, the commercial display market has been impacted by the downturn that started in late 2008. Initially, print providers and specifiers sought less expensive printing alternatives but these often resulted in compromises to quality, durability and business results,” said Steven Decker, General Manager, Film, Paper and Output Systems and Vice President, Film, Photofinishing and Entertainment Group, Eastman Kodak Company. “Today, they are looking for maximum impact from the dollars they are spending and are excited by the impact and affordability of these two new KODAK products. With our new UV-Curable Display Film and Paper, our customers can now offer a wider range of quality, cost and impact to their end customers to provide long-lasting, durable photographic-like prints of outstanding quality.”

Specific Features and Benefits of the new UV-Curable Display Film and Paper include:

  • High Quality Photographic Base Materials: The new film and paper leverage Kodak’s ENDURA platform to create high-quality base materials that offer consistent quality throughout the roll to deliver maximum throughput and help avoid costly rework often required when flaws in lower grade materials compromise results.
  • Batch Consistency: Even during long runs, output quality remains consistent across rolls. Kodak’s high quality proprietary receiver layer quality enables media to accept inks consistently across the run allowing colors and image quality to match from start to finish. Whether within the role across multiple rolls of media, consistent Kodak quality delivers predictable results and increased productivity.
  • Versatility: UV-Curable Display Media are extremely versatile. Customers can get near photo-quality displays at an economical cost. Both of the new media intermix well with traditional photographic signage and displays, enabling customers to offer a wider range of output solutions and to adapt printing strategies that balance quality and value. Also, the durability of UV-curable inks enables customers to use UV-Curable Film for indoor display, as well as outdoor display, with a laminate applied. This greatly expands the photo-realistic opportunities for outdoor media. The unique properties of UV-Curable Display Film provide a “Day/Night” option ­ traditional backlit display for night applications and daylight display where the reflective qualities of the media provide dramatic impact with zero energy use.
UV-Curable Display Film can be recycled and UV-Curable Display Paper end-of-life can be managed though waste-to-energy (WTE). The UV-Curable Display Paper will be available in the US beginning in February 2010. The UV-Curable Display Film will be available in the US beginning in April 2010.

For more information on the new UV-Curable Display media, and all Kodak papers, visit www.kodak.com/go/professional.

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