DRAWstitch launches the new DRAWings(R) version 5
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May 19, 2010

DRAWstitch launches the new DRAWings(R) version 5

A multi-functional software for quality results within budget

DRAWstitch Ltd. announces the release of the new DRAWings® software version 5.
DRAWings® version 5 is a multi-functional software, with a fully customizable interface and an impressive list of new features, designed to be used for graphics designing, textile and screen printing, embroidery, and even computerized quilting.

“The new DRAWings® version 5 successfully blends different features for various applications into a single easy-to-use software solution which delivers quality results within budget” said John Doukakis, CEO of DRAWstitch Ltd.

“At this time when cost-effective purchases have become a priority, DRAWings® 5 is the software solution which can establish productivity right from the start. It requires almost no training and can thus be used even by a novice, and become the single application a business uses to conclude a vast array of projects, ranging from graphics designing, to creating embroidery designs using a webcam, and printing a mirrored artwork directly on textile”, added Doukakis.

“DRAWings® has been an indispensable tool in my everyday business allowing me to quickly digitize for customers without sacrificing the quality that makes my designs stand out from the crowd” said Mike Jones, owner of Mike’s Digitizing Corner which specializes in custom embroidery designs. “The new DRAWings® v. 5 includes some fantastic features, with which I can reach out to a broader customer base, while it remains the most user-friendly and easy-to-learn software, I have ever used” added Jones.

The unique development concept and the innovative features that the new DRAWings® 5 incorporates, make it a true multi-functional software ideal for different business areas:

  • Graphics designing: the built-in designing tools provide more than just the basics to conclude everyday graphics designs. New features like the ability to add new graphics objects as clones of the first object, combined with the Circular or Rectangular Array/Kaleidoscope tool, can produce unique and beautiful designs. In addition the fully customizable workspace, along with the ability to open multiple designs in tabs and move objects between them, makes the designing process even easier.
  • Embroidery digitizing: the renowned DRAWstitch technology along with a powerful stitch engine provides quality and fast output in even demanding embroidery designs made by and meant for professionals. New features include manual embroidery sequencing, auto border functionality for creating perfect "echo" effects, "Net fill" stitch type for perfect laces and filling cut fabrics, automatic image conversion to Photo-stitch and embroidery machine simulation with "slow redraw" for visualizing the embroidery process.
  • Computerized quilting: Designs can now easily be exported to a Quilt frame machine using any of the available file formats.
  • Digital garment printing: Improved 3D realistic embroidery preview can now be exported to embroidery look images and be printed on garments or any other material.
  • Textile printing: The new DRAWings® v. 5 can combine embroidery with heat transfer printing. Artwork either created by the software or loaded can easily be printed on special heat transfer paper and through it to the fabric. Further embroidering some parts of the design over the printed areas, is only one of the many combinations available to create unique designs.

DRAWings® 5 comes with the new version of Wings’ modular® 5 and is compatible with Windows® 7. It is also compatible with all vector based graphics programs through copy/paste or OLE technology, where applicable, thus fully compatible and interactive with CorelDRAW X5, X4, X3 and 12.

DRAWings® 5 is available through DRAWstitch Ltd. and selected partners. Existing users of Corel® DRAWings® PRO and DRAWings® 4 can upgrade to the new DRAWings® 5 at a special price, whereas existing users of Corel® DRAWings® Standard version can upgrade to DRAWings® 5 a different special price. Trade up is also available at a special price ­ for a limited period of time, while users can keep their existing software.

For more information on DRAWings® 5 and its availability contact DRAWstitch Ltd. at contact@drawstitch.com or visit http://www.drawstitch.com/DRAWings/ for a detailed list of the new features.

Copyright © 2010 DRAWstitch Ltd. All rights reserved.
DRAWings and DRAWstitch names and logos are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of DRAWstitch Ltd.
Wings’ modular and Wings Systems names and logos are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Wings Systems Ltd.
Corel, CorelDRAW and the Corel logo are registered trademarks of Corel Corporation and/or its subsidiaries in Canada, the U.S. and/or other countries.

DRAWstitch Ltd.
E-Mail: doukaki@drawstitch.com
Website URL: www.drawstitch.com

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