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August 26th, 2010

Multi-zone digital signage player available at Caltron

Caltron just announced their newest digital signage player, the MP-02Z, the MP-02Z uses an updated SOC (System on Chip) to provide more functions and features to sign owners. Those features include playing 720p pictures and multiple zones. The MP-02Z is compact in size, easy to use and affordable cost will attract small to medium size users like our existing MP-02A and MP-01 digital signage players. The player is cost effective which allows users who are restricted with budgetary confinements to afford the MP-02Z which is still compatible with the existing CAT software, this complimentary software costs nothing for users to provide their clients with the lowest cost in services and supports. The MP-02Z has two video outputs YPbPr and VGA, both are able to connect to any existing displays in the market.

The MP-02Zís multi zone feature allows users to upload videos, pictures, RSS text, date and time information. A top banner allows for company logo or any image in jpeg format; left video zone for all video or jpeg files on playlist will playback here; right image zone for any still image data like jpeg files, each slide will last 10 seconds then proceed onto the next image; time zone default is date and time, also allows a still image to display if needed; RSS zone display RSS news ticker or scrolling text or can display image.

The complimentary software that the MP-02Z comes with is known as CAT (Client Administration Tool) for users to schedule and manage files onto different zones in MP-02Z, this helps users remotely control MP-02Z through Internet connection which also allows for the ability to transfer content to networked players. The MP-02Z also can be treated as a standalone non-network digital signage player, with a few simple steps editing the playlist text file and saving in the storage device like Compact Flash Card. All pre-defined files will show on designated zones and play files as the order user defines.

The MP-02Z is a perfect tool for resellers and store owners. Reseller owners can build and manage their digital signage players at different locations through CAT and sell ads to their ad sponsors in different zones in MP-02Z; store owners can use MP-02Z promote their special offers on one zone and looping different videos on the other zone. Users also have the option of selling zones to have some extra income.

User manual, data sheet, detail features, specs, articles, and demonstration video are located on MP-02Z Zoning Digital Signage Player page, please feel free contact Caltron Sales at 510-440-1800 or for future assistance.

Caltron Industries, Inc.
4120 Clipper Court
Fremont, CA 94538
Phone: 510-440-100
Website URL:

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