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May 25, 2011

Tri Vantage Offering a Look into the Future of Awning Composer Version 5

Three-Dimensional Views, Hi-Res Images, Shadow Simulation Added

Tri Vantage has launched a pre-release of its popular Awning Composer software, providing awning fabricators with a host of new awning design capabilities all within a new platform featuring greater clarity, expanded interactivity and improved ease of use.

“Version 5 will enable awning fabricators to offer a much higher quality presentation to their customers,” said Mark Stiver, manager of marketing systems for Tri Vantage. “Users will find that the overall experience is much more engaging as awning designs come to life on renderings of homes or buildings. “The early release of Version 5 is an opportunity for users to become familiar with the new interface and features. We’re asking for their open and honest feedback as we continue to develop the new release into a program based on user needs,” Stiver said.

Awning fabricators currently using Version 4 can easily test drive Version 5 by downloading Version 5 online at no cost. New Awning Composer customers can purchase Version 4 for a reduced price and will receive the pre-release Version 5 download at no additional cost.

In addition, Tri Vantage is offering Estimator Link, the popular awning estimator software. These programs can be purchased via credit card directly from the new website, After an awning fabricator becomes an Awning Composer user, all future enhancements are included in the initial purchase price.

“When Awning Composer customers open Version 5 for the first time, they will see an introduction to the new software, which highlights the new features and points out the major differences between Version 4 and Version 5,” Stiver said. “One of the great things about Version 5 is that it is designed to be highly intuitive so that users can easily discover its enhanced features.”

One of the most important of these new features is a three-dimensional rendering capability. After loading a straight-on view photo of the installation site, the awning can be applied and the scene can be rotated in three dimensions for a full perspective of the look and feel of the new awning, including a view from underneath. In addition, Version 5 offers a shadow simulator, which allows users to determine the awning’s shade footprint, an important consideration in determining an awning’s projection.

“Fabricators who serve commercial customers will see an added feature of graphics and logos on awnings,” Stiver said. “Version 5 aligns graphics and logos directly on the fabric surfaces, which gives the customer a much more realistic view.”

Additional enhancements to fabric selection include increased detail in fabric selections and the ability to show exact repeats on striped patterns.

“Fabricators can continue to look forward to developments for Awning Composer,” Stiver said. “Fabric selection will be enhanced in Version 5 with a Fabric Selector Tool that provides a list of fabrics based on specific color choices. A slideshow will incorporate building renderings with fabric selections so that a home or business owner can review options in an efficient and interactive manner.”

Finally, Version 5 will provide additional sales tools with the ability to export renderings to PDF formats and customize outputs based on the needs of their customers.

To access the pre-release of Awning Composer Version 5 or to learn more about how this software can help improve your business, visit Existing Awning Composer Version 4 users may download Version 5 for free. New users may purchase Version 4 for $149.99 and will automatically receive access to Version 5.

About Tri Vantage
Tri Vantage is the nation’s largest distributor of fabrics, hardware, accessories and cordage for the awning, marine and furniture industries. With branch offices strategically located throughout the U.S. and in Mexico and Canada, Tri Vantage offers more than 12,500 different items. It is a subsidiary of Glen Raven, Inc., a global marketing, manufacturing and services company with operations on three continents. On the web at and

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