Unique Features of LED screen from DesignLED
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July 25, 2011

Unique Features of LED screen from DesignLED

Features of LED Screens
Shenzhen is the base of LED screens in the world , there are many factories, but the quality and price are quite different . The factor to decide the quality and price is the material. DesignLED have following features of LED screens :

1)LED Tube:
Quality LED tubes for LED screens is a little higher price because of its high brightness, less attenuation, long lifespan , and color uniformity . DesignLED chooses specialized chipsets to make sure it with better functions of heat emission, temperature durability, and antistatic, so it solves the reliability of LED screens fundamentally . DesignLED selects chipsets after Die sorting to control brightness and color temperature range strictly, solving the problems of uniformity and consistency after package from the source . DesignLEDís led screens with big viewing angels, no shades and dark areas

2)Sophisticated manufacturing technology
By specialized tooling, LED modules are processing by Auto-SMT machine+ Circumfluence soldering, welding spots are consistent and reliable . DC power cable with US standard, line loss is the min in the process of power transferring with stable voltage input. Single input and output with horn sockets with stable and reliable data transmission.

3)Control system:
Quality Control system makes LED screen with higher refresh rate, color gray scale , and contrast ratio , and easy to be operated .
3.1 By using international advanced 65536(16bit) control technology to solve Mosaic completely when LED screen with lower gray scale, which makes image nature and color vivid to true video source .
3.2 With the contrast Ration is 6000:1 , image layer clear to overcome the brightness of effects from outside . Louver of LED modules is processing with matt treatments to enhance contrast ratio of screen as well as the design of through on the surface to blur the seam between modules.
3.3 With 281.5 trillion colors to fully meet all kinds of advanced video sources to display vivid color .
3.4 By using drive board grayscale control and 65536(16bit) gray correction technology , integrated the non-linear correction into the drive IC, greatly improving data transmission rate as well as system stability. The non-linear correction way drives LEDs to meet the non-linear demands of humanís eyes to present vivid and stable image.
3.5 A single gigabit transmission and board-level gray-scale processing technology to improve he data transmission rate .1/8 scan screensí refresh rate could be 2400Hz to eliminate the flickering and eye fatigue so as to meet the needs of digital photography equipment ultimately. Low refresh rate results in scan lines on the screens .

Before improvement, led screen with low refresh rate have black scan lines invisible by eyes. After improvement, led screen with high refresh rate has no lines.
3.6 Constant current drive to ensure the stability and reliability as well as extend the lifespan of LEDs and make sure the consistency of brightness .
3.7 With technology of redundancy to achieve scan controller two-way data transmission, It will not affect the screen performance if one of controller is broken or connection failed .
3.8 With industrial switching power supply derating 20% utlity. By advanced power managing technology with over-current, over-voltage, over-heating , and short circuit protection , the whole screen is with very low heat to work stably in long-term .
3.9 System technology standard resolution is 1280x1024 , but it is customized all kinds of high resolution led screens .
Distance between computer and LED screens :
Normal Ethernet cable : 100 meters
Fiber cable : 5k meter

DesignLED Technology Company limited
B Blg. Taohuayuan Technology Innovation Zone. Xi'xiang Street .Bao'an District . Shenzhen. 518102 . China
Shenzhen, GD 518102
Phone: +86-755-27960837
E-Mail: angela@designledpro.com
Website URL: www.designledpro.com

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