Txtr-Lite Stone Veneer: A Revolution in flexible stone veneers
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September 9, 2011

Txtr-Lite Stone Veneer: A Revolution in flexible stone veneers

TXTR-LITE™ flexible stone veneer is a revolutionary new flexible stone laminate for interior or exterior signage use.

Tucson, AZ - TXTR-LITE™ is a revolutionary stone veneer produced by using a special weight saving technique that utilizes only the first layer of solid stone. This unique stone laminate is so thin that it can be bent and cut with tin snips. Ecosphere Associates, Inc. has been in development of this process for many years and can now offer over 10 natural stone colors all direct from Mother Nature.

For millions of years Mother Nature has put down layer upon layer of sedimentary sands, silts, and minerals. These layers are then compacted into what we now call slates and mica schist. These metamorphic rocks were then uplifted to the surface where they are mined and processed. It took an accident and many years of R&D to create this beautiful, lightweight material that has such original stone qualities.

TXTR-LITE™ is the first layer off of a slab of natural stone that has been bonded to a fiberglass/polyester resin substrate. This new and unique composite laminate has been developed and tested as a tough and beautifying stone veneer for use in many different environments, indoors and out. TXTR-LITE™ has proven to be a superb material when a real stone finish and texture is desired without the weight, transportation, or processing costs of solid stone. If you are looking for a natural stone finish with a monolithic look, TXTR-LITE™ Flexible Stone Veneers are waiting for your applications.

TXTR-LITE™ is now being used in many of the same applications as other thin laminate and wall covering products. Imagine bending stone to a minimum 4” radius instead of making numerous wet-saw cuts required with real stone tile. You not only save time and money, but TXTR-LITE™ is so easy to use, that you do not have to deal with installers telling you what they have to do and how much it’s going to cost you.

Installation of TXTR-LITE™ is quick, simple, and easy. Fiberglass strands used in the backing give TXTR-LITE™ superior strength and flexibility and it is water proof once adhered. When used in existing shower installations it can also be installed directly over existing tile eliminating the need for demolition or moving of plumbing fixtures. Imagine the look of a real stone face on a cabinet face, door front, back splash, bathroom floor or lightweight sign installed in minutes.

Adhesives: Two hours after applying the adhesive you can begin to finish the edges and grout any joints or trim pieces. Cutting straight lines and curves is best done using long nosed tin snips. TXTR-LITE™ can also be cut with a metal shear, wet saw, or table saw with carbide blade. TXTR-LITE™ can be used to create a tiled effect by leaving a grout joint between cut pieces. Sheets may also be butt-jointed if a smaller seam is desired. Tests show the use of water based epoxy and acrylic premixed grout work well to fill between the sheets. These grouts are available in several colors to match the existing decor. They go on quick without mixing and clean up with water.

TXTR-LITE™ is a often an architectural specified product for commercial and residential building, as well as being fire rated.

TXTR-LITE Flexible Stone Veneers
4421 N Romero Rd
Tucson, AZ 85705
Phone: (800) 729-9870 or (520) 888-0084
E-Mail: cust_serv@txtr-lite.com
Website URL: www.txtr-lite.com

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