LogosDirect Introduces Adjustable Pricing in New Distributor Release
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September 15, 2011

LogosDirect Introduces Adjustable Pricing in New Distributor Release

Wilmington, NC - August 1, 2011 - "Our distributors have been asking for a system that allows them to set their own prices," announced John Denison President of LogosDirect. "It’s taken our software team a while to develop and test the pricing component, and we’re proud to say that in this new release our client adjustable pricing component is up and running.” This new release is part of an overall LogosDirect rebranding initiative.

In 2008, LogosDirect began increasing their business across the U.S. with sign companies providing promotional and apparel products for resale. By December of 2009, LogosDirect had new clients in over 30 states. “At that time,” Denison commented, “we decided a designated web portal was needed to handle our growing sales.” LogosDirect launched Signpromo that gave their new sign clients all of the tools and resources needed for a “total service” solution.

“It’s been so exciting,” Denison continues, "we’ve developed a complete e-commerce website with no burden of cost on our clients.” The whole system can be designed and branded to an individual distributor's specifications. Distributors can offer the same product lines that LogosDirect has used to make their clients so successful, while LogosDirect remains totally invisible to end users.

Once an order is placed on a distributor's site, LogosDirect produces and fulfills the order. The order is shipped out blind to the end user, and the distributor gets all the credit. The end user never sees that LogosDirect is the engine behind the scenes driving the entire process.

This “no hassle” solution has fueled 25.4% growth at LogosDirect even through the economic downturn. By June of 2011, Signpromo was in 45 states and Canada. When word got around, Signpromo began to grow outside of the sign industry. Signpromo had spread into offset printing companies, screen printing companies, embroidery companies and marketing firms.

Denison went on to say, "Other types of companies interested in our system came to us asking, ‘Am I eligible for Signpromo?’ And the answer is resounding ‘Yes, you are!’ So, we decided to use the LogosDirect name across-the-board to avoid any possible confusion and to send the message loud and clear that all sorts of businesses are included on our client list."

As of August 1, 2011, LogosDirect is changing the Signpromo name to LogosDirect. The Signpromo distributors will now be titled LogosDirect Authorized Distributors. On the product side, the new release contains screen printed apparel for the first time as well as an all new 2011 DirectEtch line.

LogosDirect, the marketing and fulfillment firm that fuels the engine behind the sale and distribution of so many promotional and apparel items, is based in a Wilmington, NC.

4039 Masonboro Loop Rd
Wilmington, NC 28409
Phone: 1-866-273-2335
E-Mail: sales@logosdirect.com
Website URL: www.distributors.logosdirectcore.com

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