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February 24, 2012

One Monument Sign Defines a National Marketing Campaign

“Have you seen any of the Farmers University Commercials Lately”? “Not sure”… “You know the song…♪We are Farmers… da, da, da, da, duh, don, don… ♫ It’s the commercial with the brick university sign and “that guy who is in everything” playing the professor”. “…yes, I have, the professor was in Ladykillers”. This is a classic case of a “multi-dimensional brand campaign” that worked… and also a true conversation between two women in the grocery store.

Recognizing a need in the “insurance market” for a fresh, creative concept targeted to a new generation, Farmers Insurance introduced the “Farmers University” campaign. The campaign utilizes a multi-dimensional approach, designed for television, print, social media and the web. It was something new, a “think outside the box” approach to informing potential clients about the insurance industry and the products they offer.

The campaign introduces us to Farmers University, a college campus where each classroom aims to teach us something different about the insurance industry while injecting humor and recommending products offered by Famers Insurance. While the concept was well-themed, the marketing team had an initial challenge.

The pre-launch challenge facing this campaign was how to “unite” Farmers Insurance with their University concept, how to show viewers at home that this was a “college campus”… How did they do it? If you have viewed the commercial, you may have noticed the first shot in their commercial focuses on a brick, foamcore monument sign – a simple design in nature that clearly states “Farmers University” and gets the job done.

Signs Now Holland, MI teamed up with wholesale monument manufacturer, Peachtree City Foamcraft to create the Farmers University Signs (view picture by visiting our listed below). The design utilizes a simple faux brick background with raised “in-sign” panels integrated into the structure and recessed text to make the font “pop”. The same design that Farmers Insurance decided should be “messenger” of their campaign.

After the first shot of a college campus defined by the simple message on the monument sign, the rest of the commercial is simple to follow and viewers clearly understand the concept and the message that Farmer’s is trying to communicate, all because of the two simple words inscribed on one very famous monument sign.

Be on the look-out for the Farmers Commercial and see for yourself how one foamcore monument sign was able to define a million dollar multi-dimensional brand campaign.

For more information on Peachtree City Foamcraft, visit For more information on Signs Now Holland, MI visit

Peachtree City Foamcraft
4215 Independence Drive
Schnecksville , PA 18078
Phone: 610-769-0661
Website URL:

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