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April 22, 2013

Dolly Max, the Swiss Army Knife of Dollys.

Introducing the Dolly Max dolly from Saw Trax, an all-terrain multi-function dolly.

It can be used as a mobile material rack to a pallet dolly and everything in between.

Everyone is familiar with what a dolly does. It is low to the ground, has a base, four wheels, and you put stuff on it to move the stuff around.

A Multi-function dolly uses the dolly idea but adds post to the dolly base to extend the base either vertically or horizontally. These posts greatly increase the carrying capability and the usefulness of the dolly.

For example, in the "mobile material rack" version, 6 extra posts are used, (four come standard with the dolly) to create 4 slots to carry sheet material and/or banner rolls.

In the pallet dolly use, the posts are inserted horizontally to increase the base length.

The posts can also be used horizontally and vertically at the same time. This allows for the dolly to be used as a combo use for carrying mud buckets and sheet rock at the same time.

"There is also a tremendous demand for this cart in the construction industry" says Michael Della Polla, the President of Saw Trax. "It is very maneuverable, flexible, capable and portable. It can carry long objects like poles, pipes, tubes and lumber. It can carry sheet goods like drywall and plywood. It can carry construction supplies like bags of cement, mud buckets and boxes. It can carry pre-hung doors and windows."

"My guys are always finding new uses for it. We can carry 4 pallets vertically or use it as a 56" long flat cart for carrying parts around the ware house," comments Della Polla.

The Moving industry to also expected to be a huge market for the Dolly Max.

The Dolly Max is made in Georgia. It consist of a 25" wide by 30" long one piece steel box sitting 13" high. It uses 12" pneumatic tires and 5" locking casters. The internal post design ensures the vertical strength in the steel posts but also makes it very easy to reconfigure the dolly. The posts are 56" long, 1.25" square steel powder coated tubes. The max load is 700 lbs. but extra casters can be purchased increasing the max load to 1000 lbs.

3694 Kennesaw S. Ind. Dr. Suite A
Kennasaw, GA 30144
Phone: 770-974-0021
Website URL:

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