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March 4, 2014

Noventri Announces Web-Based Digital Signage Interface - Noventri Commander Online

Smithsburg, MD - Noventri is proud to announce Noventri Commander Online, a web-based interface for managing content on Noventri Menu Boards, Reader Boards and Door Cards, and Corporate Communications Displays.

Noventri Commander Online was developed to be an easy-to-use, online interface for managing digital signage content. Users simply log into their password protected account on the Noventri Online Commander website, select the desired screen, and click on the text or image region they would like to modify. After selecting an image from the account users’ library, uploading a new image, or typing a new message, users then press the “Update Screen” button to publish the update on their menu boards, internal communications screens, or digital door cards and reader boards.

Noventri Commander Online allows clients to make changes to their digital signage via any web enabled device, such as a laptop, tablet or smart phone and it works with Windows, Android and Mac devices. Noventri Commander Online does not require installing any specialized software. The features of Noventri Commander Online works best with menu boards at restaurants, reader boards at hotels, and internal communications displays in Manufacturing, Government, and Educational environments, but there are other customized uses as well.

"We are excited about making this new level of usability to the digital signage experience available to everyone, no longer only to enterprise level clients," says David Linetsky, Founder and CEO. "Noventri Commander Online is unique in the industry because the interface is exclusive to each client. We were able to provide the security of simplicity by supplying an interface that is custom designed, and also give the user the ability to adjust only the parts of the content that are needed. This makes it possible for anyone that can use a basic website to make changes to their digital signage."

Noventri Commander Online operates independently from Noventri Suite Digital Signage software, thus giving users two distinct choices for managing digital signage content. Also, Noventri will host and monitor your Noventri Commander Online interface at the Noventri Network Operations Center (NOC) for full reliability.

Noventri is a U.S. digital signage technology company that excels at automation by utilizing data based content and has established a stellar work-flow for a wide range of industries worldwide. To learn more about Noventri Digital Menu Boards, Promotional Boards, Reader Boards and Door Cards, and Corporate Communications Displays, visit the Noventri website.

Noventri - a division of Specialized Communications Corporation (est. 1978) - Noventri succeeds by simplifying the digital signage experience through solid automation and data based content solutions and serves such names as Quiznos, Lockheed Martin, ETS, Bristol Myers Squib, Marriott, and numerous other facilities in a wide range of industries worldwide. Noventri headquarters is located at 20940 Twin Springs Dr., Smithsburg, Maryland 21783-1510. URL:

20940 Twin Springs Dr.
Smithsburg, Maryland 21783
Phone: 301-790-0103
Website URL:

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