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January 1, 2015

How SMART Office help Small Businesses protect their data

Smart Office by Redvue Systems is a family of scalable data management products that provide small businesses with high-end solutions only available in enterprise equipment. Smart Office is able to provide this type of IT solution that is ideal for small businesses with a few of the following goals in mind:

  • Can be maintained by office personnel
  • Complete solution to solve a problem
  • Turn-key functionality out-of-the-box
  • Features/functions like Enterprise equipment
  • Priced competitively
To have this goal achieved for the SMART Office a purpose specific Linux micro-server was developed to cater to the needs of small businesses since the server required is much smaller and adequate for a small business. To make things easier, the SMART Office device is completely self-contained for management. It is fast enough for the intended purpose with abundant storage and networking speed. Construction is simple and rugged to withstand office environment. It is small, quiet and consumes little electricity, generates less heat and serves as the system building block for VST (Virtual Server Technology).

The VST (Virtual Server Technology) is patent pending software, designed to simplify IT management but provide a superior solution not found in typical small business products on the market. Paired with an easy to understand Graphical User Interface, the user can now complete the following tasks in a few minutes with a few mouse clicks without disrupting office work. VST and our micro-server modules provide an easy “brick by brick” method of growing the small business system. Some simple steps include the following:

  1. Configure the system.
  2. Add storage capacity when needed.
  3. Set up redundant configuration for “high-availability” operation.
  4. Replicate the entire local system in an Internet off-site location for Disaster Recovery purpose.

Lastly, “problem solving” application was integrated a around this modular-scalable system and a turnkey product was created.

SMART Office DataTM A scalable data protection system for small businesses

Distinguishing features:

Stand-alone system – Archived data resides in an access protected dedicated device. It is unaffected by mishaps, viruses, malicious software or OS upgrades.

SmartArchiveTM – Every version of work file is catalogued and each computer’s backup is organized in an intuitive way making it very easy to locate the desired version of data to restore.

Protect 20 computers – It is like running 20 customized backups around the clock.

Automatic – Relieve yourself from backup chores. Set it up once; be protected continuously.

24/7 Protection Monitor– Protection of computers are monitored throughout the day and reported by daily email.

AlwaysOnTM – SMART Office won’t crash when AC power is interrupted. Thanks to the built-in technology, the entire SMART Office system keeps on working for up to 5 hours then shuts down safely.

Not intrusive – File protection happen in the background; computers or Internet access are not slowed down.

Three protection levels built-in – Start with on-site archival. Add disaster protection with an off-site mirror. For mission critical service, add on-site redundancy. This can be achieved without paying for expensive cloud services or redundant setup, but by just using SMART Office stacking modules.

Caltron Industries, Inc.
4120 Clipper Court
Fremont, California 94538
Phone: 5104401800
Website URL:

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