At GCI Digital Imaging good business practice in racing means everyone gets the checkered flag. - The Online Magazine for the Sign Trade.
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Supply 55 BannerPRO, EcoPRO continuous ink supply system, guardian laminators, quickmount


November 17,2015

At GCI Digital Imaging good business practice in racing means everyone gets the checkered flag.

What defines success in the banner business, racing business or any business for that matter? GCI defines success by making sure each project pays off for everyone involved (from the customer all the way through to the end user/sponsors). How did GCI make this happen?

“Just the willingness to stay until the job was completed.”
Jason, Charlotte Motor Speedway

This is a willingness that developed from an attitude; an attitude that has evolved over four generations of printing in the Bedacht family since 1928 (founders of GCI Digital Imaging). In this instance it was for Charlotte Motor Speedway for events leading up to and including the Bank of America 500 held in October of this year. The project involved producing, de-stalling and installing large sponsor billboards under extreme weather conditions with a merciless deadline.

In Early October of this year Hurricane Joaquin hit. The aftermath came with continued high winds, rain and hazardous outdoor work conditions. Well, in the grand format banner business doing business outdoors is a matter of fact.

“TJ (TJ Bedacht, President GCI Digital Imaging) calls and texts me the day before the crew arrives to see if there is anything else that needs to be printed and installed and there is a 50/50 chance that something has come in late and the message is- ‘We will get it taken Care of.’ That is great to know and staying on top of things makes things easier on us.”
Jason, Charlotte Motor Speedways

GCI’s Installers drove through the night taking turns at the wheel while the other guy slept. “The first install day, the crew arrived early in the morning worked through rain and stayed until about 9-10 at night finishing the job and worked in the dark to make sure everything was done before they wrapped up.
” Jason, Charlotte Motor Speedways

This install also meant doing this while being cog nascent of the ever looming deadline. Events at the Charlotte Motor Speedway provide an excellent opportunity for sponsors to gain effective exposure to highly targeted potential customers. Well placed promotional banners at the track allows top notch brands a great location as well as pinpoint televised market penetration during the exciting events held there.

No install by the deadline, no sponsor exposure for the day’s events. In this unfortunate circumstance, no one wins. Would you sponsor an event that you thought was a crapshoot? GCI has always known this as part of the game. The way to win is to let everyone know that when they’ve entrusted GCI with a project they deliver success, not excuses.

“I was at my son’s football game when I got the call from the track about the storm and the damage, when I got home and checked Facebook I had a message from TJ with a link to the storm damage from the Cincinnati storm with a note ‘we are ready’. I had no idea how he heard about the damage but he said a friend down here in Charlotte sent it to him because it was on the news, so within 3 hours of everything happening TJ had contacted me and offered any help GCI could offer.”
Jason, Charlotte Motor Speedway

Going above and beyond the call of duty is part and parcel of this business.
“We invest our time and money in developing special forces TEAMS that do spot-on planning, possess a can do attitude and the ability to be agile enough to deal with unpredictable obstacles (an unavoidable part of the grand format business). In this case it was weather combined with a merciless deadline. With deadlines like this there are no second chances.”
TJ Bedacht, President GCI Digital Imaging

Additionally, this is not the first time weather provided GCI an opportunity to shine when the skies were dark. The Labor Day Weekend, Western & Southern / WEBN Fireworks at Riverfest event saw 10 , 10’x25’ banners ripped from the Purple People Bridge on Friday only to be re-printed by GCI and installed in time for the Sunday event. Again, this was achieved under a merciless deadline. GCI time and time again demonstrates that a great banner company must see the project through to the end and often under difficult circumstances.

“Success in our mind requires making sure it’s a win-win for ALL parties involved. That’s how we roll at GCI.”
TJ Bedacht

GCI Digital Imaging
7613 Hamilton Avenue
Mt. Healthy, Oh 45231
Phone: 5135217446
Website URL:

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