2016 Touchscreen Wayfinding Digital Signage Options
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January 15, 2016

2016 Touchscreen Wayfinding Digital Signage Options

Here's the Inside Scoop on What to Look for When Searching for an Interactive Wayfinding Solution, Mobile Wayfinding App or Wayfinding Software Platform

SILICON VALLEY, CA - Digital Wayfinding has evolved to accurately display pinpoint positioning on multi-building, multi-floor maps, and makes use of intelligent, automatically animated pathways, intuitive, easy-to-use user interfaces, and much more. With advanced digital signage software continuously improving the way facilities deliver functional wayfinding experiences, next-gen media and tech companies are developing even more powerful wayfinding software that uses cutting-edge technology to include features that fit every market and industry need. So what will we expect to see this 2016?

Enhanced 3D Mapping Capabilities with Dynamic Pops
Upgrading a 2D map to a pinch, zoom, and rotatable 3-dimensional map will be a highly requested feature for 2016. The 3D "immersive experience" offers a virtual environment and realistic experience of a venue. To enhance the viewer's experience, a magnifying glass can be added to any building or destination on the map. When the magnifying glass is tapped a Pop-Up appears featuring a short description and image gallery of the final destination, Interactive 360 Panorama that serves as a Google Street View functionality on a large format touchscreen, weblinks, live webcam, and more.

Examples of true 3D map views include:

  • Fly Over: route animation that provides virtual directions as you walk through a facility.
  • Stacked Skeleton: multi-floor destination view that supports 360-degree direction viewing.
  • Eagle View: this high level, easy to see, the 3D view provides top-down route directions.

Mobile Integration
It is likely that mobile map integration will dominate the market and be the preferred method of accessing information. With this, improved wayfinding maps will become adaptable and integrated into websites and mobile applications. Wayfinding maps will be built into mobile apps with Bluetooth beacons or Wi-Fi Access Points integrated to provide searchable, real-time walking directions to a particular department, product or service. All these mobile orientated apps will be designed to meet the personalized experience customers are looking for.

Big Data Integrations
Another wayfinding feature that is becoming popular is providing additional built-in data driven elements to the wayfinding information.

For instance, in convention venues, users can use the wayfinding kiosks to locate the different halls or location of a show, trade fair, conference rooms for sessions and workshops, etc. More information will be provided by pressing the "learn more" button. This information can include details of the meeting, bio about the speakers, schedule, and more.

Examples of centrally managed database feeds wayfinding maps can be integrated with include:

  • Sales Pro: event and conference schedules, class times, and scheduled directory listings.
  • DELPHI: conference times, event streams, and other schedule listings.
  • Micros Opera: event schedules and POS sale listing.
  • 25Live / CollegeNet: academic schedules and programs, class times, e-calenders, campus communications.
  • EMS: meeting and room schedules, event listing, and classroom schedules.
  • Rave: alert emergency notifications stream.
  • Google Calendar and Outlook: event schedules
  • Razors Edge: donor listings and descriptions accept donations, and scheduled events.
  • HTML: website feeds
  • Active Directory: directory listings

Wayfinding Analytics
Today's interactive wayfinding technologies are incorporating data performance analytics to track kiosks usage. These help businesses know the most popular searches made and collected data about viewers' behaviors. With this, companies can create a more personalized experience for their visitors.

While the convenience that a wayfinding kiosk remains the top priority, knowing that a particular location or place is being searched more often, this information can be used by business owners to add more signage and make it more accessible.

For instance, the data on a mall wayfinding kiosks shows that the flower shop is being searched more than others as people have trouble finding it. Knowing this, a business owner can create strategies to make their shop visible and easier to find.

These wayfinding trends offer a better opportunity to serve more viewers, guests, visitors and consumers, which in turn results in a very desirable wayfinding experience.

DIY Wayfinding Platform for Creative Agencies
Silicon Valley-based 22Miles offers the World's Only 3D Map Builder and Editor Software (Publisher Pro) for creating interactive wayfinding digital signage. Ideal for creative design departments Publisher Pro enables users to turn any illustrator file, CAD drawing or image of a map into a 3D masterpiece. For organizations looking for a complete custom built solution 22Miles has a fully custom all-inclusive wayfinding solution available for purchase known as the Waytouch Premier™.

About 22Miles
22Miles is a digital signage and wayfinding solutions provider. As the 1st multi-touch for business software provider at CES 2009, 22Miles has made it possible for people to interact with large-format touchscreens and kiosks in a smooth and responsive Smart-Phone like way. That same year, 22Miles multi-touch technology, beat out over 4,000 global teams, to win the Grand Prize in Microsoft's Code7 contest. Recently 22Miles has developed and released a comprehensive digital signage and wayfinding software that is compatible with all major platforms and displays. As a result of this version, 22Miles (in conjunction with their creative content partners) has consistently won top industry related awards, some including:

  • 2015 DIGI Award Winner for Best Interactive Retail Digital Signage
  • 2014 Digital Screen Media Association Best Healthcare Self-Service Interactive Kiosk Award
22Miles offers two unique Dealer Programs that fit the specific needs and skill sets of potential new interested in reselling state of the art digital signage solutions. Both programs are supported by their comprehensive online 22Miles Digital Signage Sales Academy, Sales Library, and Wiki Support Center.

1595 McCarthy Blvd.
Milpitas, CA 95038
Phone: 877-566-6789
E-Mail: chad.bogan@22miles.com
Website URL: www.touchscreensigns.com

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