22Miles Responds to Industry Demand and Announces New Touchscreen 3D Wayfinding Digital Signage Packages
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February 4th, 2016

22Miles Responds to Industry Demand and Announces New Touchscreen 3D Wayfinding Digital Signage Packages

22Miles Announces the Immediate Availability of State-of-the-Art Interactive 3D Wayfinding Solutions for Hospitals, Hotels, Retail Stores, Campuses, Corporate Buildings, Malls and More

SILICON VALLEY, CA - With any building, directional routing should be an easily managed experience for any patron. Unfortunately, there always seems to be a missed opportunity to provide visitors with simple wayfinding through normal static signage, or even other forms of established digital offerings. Today 22Miles announced the release of a new solution that fills that industry gap and solves the needs of frequent wayfinding complications and urgencies.

"The Waytouch Premier was designed to meet the exact needs of any building in search of a comprehensive wayfinding solution," said Chad Bogan, Director of Distribution for 22Miles. "Using our new Digital Sign Builder™ our partners and resellers can quickly design an all-inclusive solution for their customers. Once created and submitted, a detailed proposal is instantly emailed out that contains an overview of the solution, selected features, FAQ and other information needed to present properly and quote a project."

The Waytouch Premier™ is an award-winning solution that offers a reliable and intuitive wayfinding application for digital displays, kiosks, and mobile phones. From a small building, to a simple roll out to thousands of rooms across multiple campuses, this fully scalable system can fit the needs and size of any establishment.

Smart Search Keyboard. Every system comes with a built-in Smart Search keyboard that users use to type in and scroll through individual names, on or off-premise businesses, office and meeting rooms, or any other destination.

Smart Pathway Intelligent Algorithm. All turn by turn directions are automatically generated and will provide you with the shortest path and ease of accessibility to your destination. If you cannot recall the directions you can choose to have the routes directly sent to your smartphone via an email, a text message, scanning a QR code, or by print.

Route Animations & Map Views. With the 3D map views, users will have the capability to pinch, zoom, and rotate the map around 360 degrees.

Fly Over View. This route animation provides directions as you walk through the facilities.

Stacked Skeleton View. Ideal for multi-floor destination finding, this view supports interactive 360-degree direction viewing.

Eagle View. High level, easy to see, the 3D view provides top-down route directions.

Bird's Eye View. Turn by turn directions from the building you are in to another.

Event Wayfinding. Seamlessly integrate your establishment's schedules or promotions into the Waytouch Premier for quick, easy wayfinding for all calendar based events, classes, etc.

Product Integration. Real-time product promotions can be easily incorporated into retail wayfinding map.

Example: On the touchscreen where women's shoes are listed, we can select an icon, and an advertisement for women's shoes appears with the MapIt button. If you click the MapIt button, you'll receive instant turn-by-turn directions to the exact location of a specific item or promotion.

Dynamic Popup. A magnifying glass icon can be placed over any building or destination on the map. When the button is clicked, you can view a complete 360-degree image panorama of destination, feature a description of the destination and phone number, videos and any other form of media.

Local Area Business Wayfinding. Easily integrate Google Maps to create a real-time category list of businesses that anyone can display through an area business map. You can choose to feature multiple business type categories and listings showing the address, phone number, and even directions to that business.

About 22Miles

22Miles, Inc. (22MILES) is an industry leading digital signage and wayfinding solutions and software provider located in Silicon Valley, CA. As the 1st multi-touch for business software provider at CES 2009, 22MILES made it possible for people to interact with large-format touchscreens in a smooth and responsive smartphone-like way. That same year, 22MILES' multi-touch technology beat out over 4,000 global teams to win the Grand Prize in Microsoft's Code7 contest.

Recently 22Miles has developed and released a comprehensive digital signage and wayfinding software that is compatible with all major platforms and displays. As a result of these new solutions and in conjunction with their partners, 22Miles has won top industry awards, some including the 2015 DIGI Award Winner for Best Interactive Retail Digital Signage and the 2014 Digital Screen Media Association Best Healthcare Self-Service Interactive Kiosk Award.

At their core, 22Miles believes that every customer deserves to be treated with integrity. This means every customer is treated with respect, providing superior customer service and most importantly being honest. They now offer two unique Partner Programs that fit the needs and skill sets of potential new partners interested in reselling state of the art digital signage solutions. Both programs are supported by their comprehensive online 22Miles Digital Signage Sales Academy, Sales Library, and Wiki Support Center.

1595 McCarthy Blvd.
Milpitas, CA 95035
Phone: 877-566-6789
E-Mail: chad.bogan@mail.22miles.com
Website URL: www.touchscreensigns.com

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