Flagship photography program from ACD Systems gives PC-based shooters reason to leave Adobe behind
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Estimate Software- Printing software that helps you find the hidden treasure in your business.



Flagship photography program from ACD Systems gives PC-based shooters reason to leave Adobe behind

VICTORIA, BC - Photographers the world over no longer need to purchase and run multiple applications to achieve their organizational and image editing goals. With ACDSee Ultimate 10, released on September 15, they now have access to a single platform that integrates robust photo editing with industry-leading digital asset management.

"ACDSee Ultimate 10 offers professional-level image management, manipulation and sharing in one environment," said Mark Cosgrove, ACD System's director of production. "The product has been in development for nearly a year and was designed based on input from many of our passionate users around the world."

ACDSee Ultimate 10 is now available via a lifetime license key for $149.99, or via an annual subscription starting at $69, which gives users access to regular updates and upgrades. The program is currently only offered for Windows-based computers: http://www.acdsee.com/en/products/acdsee-ultimate

"This new product from ACDSee has the functionality to go head-to-head with Adobe," said Peter Pereira, an award-winning professional photographer and longtime ACDSee Ultimate user. "I can see Ultimate 10 becoming a top choice for a wide swath of pros, prosumers and keen amateurs."

ACDSee Ultimate 10's product innovations and topline features include:

  • Digital asset management
  • RAW photo editing
  • Parametric image editing (also known as non-destructive editing)
  • Layered editing with adjustment layers
  • Easy, pinpointed exposure adjustment with ACDSee's patented Light EQ™ technology
  • ACDSee Actions, which allows users to "record" edits and then apply them to other images individually or in batches

An additional selection of new features and improvements delivered with Ultimate 10 include:

  • An updated look and feel. A customizable GUI offers users the ability to tear off, move, stack, and dock more toolbars and panes than ever before.
  • Enhanced photo editing. Skin tune, Dehaze, Gradient Map, Color Overlay, and 20 Photo Effects with variable opacity and blend modes give users greater control.
  • Edge Detection Brush. Allows users to accurately isolate the subject in a photo based on assigned pixel criteria.
  • Smart Brush. Brush on image adjustments and create selections using auto-masking technology to affect only the pixels you want.
  • Increased speed and performance. ACDSee's unique architecture - which doesn't require image import and export - along with GPU-enriched functionality boosts viewing and edit speeds.
  • Improved Noise Removal. Ultimate 10 adds a "preserve detail" slider that empowers users to decrease image noise without sacrificing detail.

For a complete list of new features, performance enhancements and other improvements, please see the ACDSee Ultimate 10 release notes here: http://www.acdsee.com/en/support/acdsee-ultimate-10/release-notes/10-0

ACD Systems of America
8201 Peters Road, Suite 1000
Fort Launderdale, Florida 33324
Phone: 954-703-6655
E-Mail: submission@acdsystems.com
Website URL: http://www.acdsee.com

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