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August 21, 2018

Gilman Brothers’ Logo Stands for its Past, Presence and Exciting Future

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and in the case of The Gilman Brothers Company logo, that picture embodies not only a company but the people, past and present, who have made that company great.

The Gilman Brothers’ current logo, represented by a majestic golden lion facing a red shield and a flowing blue banner, was designed for the company’s 100th anniversary. The centennial design was presented to company president, Evan Gilman, along with a document detailing the meaning behind each component of the logo. Now celebrating its 120th year in business, the company is excited to share these excerpts. The full document can be read on the Gilman Brothers website.

“The graphics, packaging & retail industries will always change & move at a rapid pace – we felt the need to take pause, drive our stake further into the ground and share the incredible meaning of our 120-year-old symbol,” says Evan Gilman, President. “It stands for our past, presence and exciting future”

The lion, the symbolic representation of the Gilman family, is seen turned to the right, healthy, robust, and “armed" with claws ready to shape its own destiny. Although appearing strong and healthy, it has been tested. Introduction of crimson to the lion, symbolizes the trials and tribulations that have faced the family over its long history of ownership. It wears these scares proudly and is ready to meet the present and future challenges. The color gold was selected for the lion to "reflect" this gleaming spirit of optimism!

The use of the state shield reflects their location in a general sense. The appearance of the name Gilman over the shield reveals the specific.

The flowing blue ribbon in the logo symbolizes the river (progression and continuance), and that which ties all the elements together. Although it is no longer a factor, it was the river that brought the people to this place which resulted in the establishment of a community, built around this thing called industry. Just as the river that once powered its machines, this enterprise called The Gilman Brothers Company follows a dynamic, ever changing and non-ceasing course!

Finally, four stars were added to the shield. Three to represent the generational span of family ownership and participation, and a fourth placed for the other dedicated employees past and present who have contributed and are continuing to make this endeavor possible.

As we always say at Gilman, “anything is possible…”, says Bill VanHorn, Director of Sales. “Given the game changing platforms for both service and products we are pursuing, it is beyond exciting to see what lies ahead.”

We hope you enjoy the story of our symbol.

For additional information on any Gilman Brothers products visit our website at, email us at or call regular EST business hours 860-889-8444 USA or the new 24/7 hotline 860-884-2077.

The Gilman Brothers Company
38 Gilman Road
Gilman, Connecticut 06336
Phone: 860-889-8444
Website URL:

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