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September 10, 2018

SAi Partners with Avery Dennison to develop specialized RIP Software for New TrafficJet Printing System

Bundled package provides the power to design sign files with print and cut capabilities

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA – SA International (SAi), the leading provider of software solutions for the signmaking, digital printing and CNC machining industries, has partnered with Avery Dennison to develop specialized software for the company’s TrafficJet Print System. The FlexiSIGN & PRINT Avery Dennison TrafficJet™ and FlexiPRINT Avery Dennison TrafficJet™ software will feature on the new system, which is designed to allow the production of certified output for the highly-regulated global traffic signage market.

As well as incorporating the TrafficJet large format digital printer, the bundle includes the specially-designed versions of SAi’s software, which is optimized for traffic sign production.

Extended color gamut for custom blends
The Avery Dennison TrafficJet Print System’s CMSpot6™ ink setup uses six dedicated spot colors that match the regulated traffic signage. Utilizing FlexiSIGN & PRINT Avery Dennison TrafficJet™ edition, users can extend this color gamut to create custom blends from those spot colors, enabling the production of additional regulated colors, such as purple, orange, and gray, or produce process colors on reflective or commercial graphics. This offers the opportunity to efficiently produce a wider range of traffic signage that adheres to required specifications.

Additionally, unique to this system, is an ink estimation tool which allows users to set ink limits independently and provides accurate estimation of ink usage for each print job – thereby delivering greater control and further flexibility.

Enhanced production throughput with Spot Color Mapping
The TrafficJet Print System also incorporates a time-saving Spot Color Mapping tool which offers easier mapping between current or international sign databases by automatically mapping to the CMSpot6™ Ink Setup. This improves production workflow efficiencies by eliminating the time needed to reassign spot colors or use expensive third-party color mapping software. This feature also maps a user’s existing art library to Traffic Spot Colors, or if colors are moved from one spot location to another.

Optimizing media usage and minimizing waste
In addition to full print and cut capabilities, the user-friendly FlexiSIGN & PRINT and FlexiPRINT Avery Dennison TrafficJet software features SAi’s contour cut True Shape Nesting feature, which enables up to 30% savings on print and cut jobs by optimizing media usage.

Commenting on SAi’s involvement in the new TrafficJet Print System, Aaron Means, Global Product Manager, Digital Printing Solutions, Avery Dennison, says: “SAi’s ability to provide a full design suite as well as RIP capabilities was something that set them apart from other providers, as no other provider can offer this. This together with the fact that Flexi is the most popular wide-format printer RIP and signmaking software worldwide, made for a great fit for the TrafficJet Print System.”

As well as an error-proof interface to help ensure the production of compliant signs, the software helps speed up media selection thanks to a dedicated cloud page that takes users directly to the Avery Dennison Reflective Solutions website.

Avery Dennison’s TrafficJet Print System is available now. For more information, please click here.

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Salt Lake, Utah UT 84107
Phone: +32 2 725 5295
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