Dye Sublimation, Transfer Paper, Printers & Dye-Sub Inks textile decoration
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Digital Textile Inkjet Printing: Current State of Technology
The development of digital textile printing has profoundly affected the design, creation, understanding and use of textiles. In fact, the technology has reached such levels of performance and speed that it no longer is considered as being useful for only sampling and low volume runs.

Optimizing Art Files For Garment Production
Regardless of the type of garment decorating you do, it is always important to set up and optimize your files properly prior to production, to make sure to get the best possible end product.

New Advancements in Fabric Printing Technology Drive Growth
The rapid evolution of digitally printed fabrics over the past few years has caused explosive growth as more output providers continue to jump on the bandwagon. In fact, digital textile printing was one of the fastest growing market sectors, reaching 10 percent growth in 2013 compared with 2012, according to Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI).

A Look at Dye Sublimation
Dye sublimation transfer printing has established itself as the preferred technique for printing polyester woven and knitted fabrics in the apparel and home decoration markets.

Digital Textile Printing Has Come of Age
One only needs to look at what is happening in other parts of the world to see that now is the time for companies in North America to invest resources to participate in the projected growth of digital textile printing.

Digital Textile Printing: Soft Signage, Fabric Solutions & Innovation
Once a subset of the fledgling digital graphics industry, digital textile printing has grown into a strong industry of its own, offering a growing number of applications produced using materials, technologies and products unique to this segment.

Smaller Might Be Smarter: On-Demand/Short-Run Solutions for Your Business
One key production process that is ideal for on-demand/short-run production that you may want to consider is sublimation. In addition to the production advantages and versatility of the sublimation process, the startup costs are relatively low.

Top 10 Concepts for Maximizing Productivity in Garment Decoration
As a contract printer, maximizing productivity is not just a goal, it's a necessity.

Decoration Diversification Increases Service To Your Existing Customers
Are you looking for an untapped gold mine of business? Most likely, your current customers have needs that you can't fulfill with your current decoration capabilities. Most shops only offer one form of decoration, while the average customer has more than one decorating need.

Maximizing Digital: Print-and-Cut Heat Transfers
Digital means many things to different decorators. As a term in our industry, it is commonly associated with the boom in either wide-format digital print imaging or with direct-on-garment printing. Either way, digital is leading-edge and contains many technologies. One key technology with multiple uses is the digital print-and-cut process for fabric embellishment.

Digital 2.0: Digital Workflow - The Next Big Thing in Profitability
The current business environment calls for new priorities such as increased productivity and a focus on creating efficiency and automating systems. Productivity gains are being recorded throughout the economy. Read on to learn more.

Dye Sublimation And The Sign Business
Diversifying with subliminated products

Digital Technologies and the Apparel Decorator, Part III
In this final of a three-part series, we'll explain the application of heat-set media and direct-to-garment inkjet, giving you a better understanding of how these can enhance the success of your shop.

Digital Technologies and the Apparel Decorator, Part II
In Part II of this series, we will look at laser transfers, dye sublimation, heat-applied vinyl, and print-and-cut media.

Digital Technologies and the Apparel Decorator, Part I
In Part I of this series, we will look at the importance of integrating digital technology and the methodology of inkjet transfers. In Part II, we cover laser transfers, dye sublimation, heat-applied vinyl, and print-and-cut media. Finally, Part III dives into heat-set media and direct-to-garment inkjet as ways to empower your shop.

New Research Shows Influence of Digital Textile Printing
For at least 10 years, there has been a lot of discussion about the possibilities and potential for inkjet in the textile printing business. One of the first industry events I ever attended was dedicated to the subject. At the time, the suggestion was that as inkjet technology developed, there would be a dramatic shift in the way textiles are printed, including the garment-type textile printing methods.

The Growing Market for Dye Sublimation
Dye Sublimation focuses on two primary areas, including sublimation to textiles/soft fabrics as well as rigid substrates, dye sublimation enables the production of items such as point-of-sale applications, banners, t-shirts, custom flags, license plates, snowboards and promotional pieces.

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