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Taking It All Off...Vinyl that is.
Right now there are multiple opportunities to create a tremendous cash stream. The question is, 'Which companies will recognize the opportunities, respond to them, and thrive?'

Challenges and Solutions for Retail Graphic Installations
Retail graphic installations cover a wide variety of printing and application processes and methods and can be great for your business.

Vinyl Techniques: Preparing the Surface
Neglecting to properly prepare the surface of a substrate could cause vinyl failure. Don’t make this mistake!

Stripping Vinyl Graphics Made Easy
Stripping vinyl graphics may never become a sign makers’ dream, but it does not have to be a nightmare, either.

Care and Maintenance for Vehicle Wraps and Graphics
Learn the importance and benefits of properly cleaning vehicle wraps and graphics from one of the experts.

Successful & Stunning Vehicle Wraps: What You Need to Know, Part 2
In Part II of this article, we cover the correct ways of printing and laminating, installation, and delivery of the final product.

Successful & Stunning Vehicle Wraps: What You Need to Know, Part I
When I attend a show and see a row of vehicles lined up for a contest about how fast someone can wrap a vehicle, I have to wonder how true this is compared to what the average company goes through to create a vehicle wrap.

Tools, Cleaning Supplies & Equipment for Vinyl Installers
An excerpt from the 2014 PDAA Vinyl Installation Proficiency Guide, that will aid anyone in their installation career.

Cast vs. Calendered Vinyl Films
Learn the differences and why to use the right vinyl in the right application. A quick read through this article will help you understand all the ins and outs of calendered and cast vinyl.

Vehicle Wrapping Contracts 101
: Wrapping vehicles without a signed contract that spells out what the customer should expect - and shouldn't expect - from your sign shop is a mistake that could cost you. Find out how to avoid liabilities with a solid contract.

Benefits of Vehicle Wrapping
Need some help selling vehicle wraps? Trade groups, sign shops and market researchers have ammunition to help you seal the deal.

The Importance of Quality Installation Training and Techniques
Quality installers practice their craft daily, and know that the learning process is never-ending. Through their interaction with others in the industry, quality installers are quick to learn about cutting-edge materials, tools and techniques. The best installers are the ones with the most comprehensive knowledge and experience.

Want Your Graphics to Look Great and Last? Start with Surface Preparation and Cleaning
Graphics are always being applied to some sort of surface, and if that surface is not properly prepared, there is a distinct possibility that the graphic will not last as long or look as good as it should.

A Closer Look at Calendered Vinyl Film
Calendered films of today are providing many high-performance options that were once only attributable to cast films. The once labeled 'intermediate' vinyl film has matured significantly over the last ten years. Read on to learn more.

Graphic Installation Trends that Boost Business
This year has been a year of refinement and development of graphic installation techniques worldwide.

The Importance of Installation Site Audits
Customers do not typically know why or how audit details impact their project, but your installers and you - the industry graphic experts - should make it a priority to educate them.

Specialty Films & Laminates Open Doors for Print Providers
One of the big trends coming out of the finishing world has been the resurgence of specialty films and laminates.

Engineering & Testing Graphics for Reliable Performance
How confident are you that your customers' graphics will look good for the life of the intended applications? To help protect your customers' brands (and your reputation) this article discusses the necessary tests, standards and questions you should be asking your suppliers when it comes to graphic performance in a variety of environments.

Why Vehicle Installations Fail
A guide to root causes, prevention & successful graphic installation

Vehicle Wrapping Guru Justin Pate Tells All
Justin Pate travels the world teaching people how to wrap cars and vehicles fast. Now, he's sharing some of his secrets with our readers.

BC Ferries Ship Wrap Promotes 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games
Three brand new 160-meter Super-C class ships were wrapped with the mega-sized photographic images and branding colors representing the 2010 Winter Games and the beauty of British Columbia.

A Closer Look at Graphics Installers
For many graphic projects, installation is the final, critical step toward a successful result. Many graphic producers utilize the skills and expertise of Professional Decal Application Alliance (PDAA) installers to complete a broad range of installations. To learn more about these installers and the services they provide, Dan Marx, Managing Editor of the SGIA Journal, interviewed three PDAA Master Certified Installers: Rob Ivers of Rob Ivers, Inc., Pete Kouchis of VisuCom Graphics and Rick Stemmler of Creative Sign Resources.

Pressure Sensitive Films 101
As manufacturers, printers and installers work to increase their profitability and build their reputations and customer bases, it is important to master the art of working with all film options available. When it comes to film types and recommendations, installers know what has worked for them in the past and what materials they like working with. They look to print shops for more than printing or packaging the final materials and they want you to provide solutions.

Avoiding Boat Wrapping Mistakes
Vinyl is expensive. So is your reputation. Learn how to avoid the boat wrapping mistakes that could hurt your pocket-and your good name.

Competing with the Underground with Help from Uncle
How can any sign professional or business hope to survive against competition that isn't burdened by licensing requirements or fees, insurance costs or even taxes?

Boat Wrapping Secrets You Need to Know
In case you haven't noticed, boats are curvier than most cars. That can spell trouble if you don't approach a boat wrap the right way. Discover the boat wrapping secrets you need to know.

Dye Sublimation And The Sign Business
Diversifying with subliminated products

Getting Ready to Wrap a Boat?
Wrapping boats isn't rocket science-and you can learn a lot from your vehicle wrapping endeavors-but installing vinyl on a boat is different than applying vinyl to a vehicle. Find out why.

A Fresh Look at PSA Media: Tips to Streamline Your Signshop
As advances in inkjet technologies continue to move forward, so does the availability of new printers, media and inks. Stay on ahead of the curve by keeping in touch with the new products.

Cast vs. Calendered Vinyl, Learn The Big Differences
Learn the differences and why to use the right vinyl in the right application. There huge differences and a quick read through this article will help you understand all the ins and outs of calendered and cast vinyls.

Boat Wraps Boast Big Opportunity for Vinyl Installers
Wrapping boats may be the next big thing as the vehicle wrapping trend extends itself from the highways to the waterways.

Positioning Graphics for Successful Installation
Excerpt from PDAA Vinyl Installation Proficiency Guide

Successful & Stunning Vehicle Wraps: What You Need to Know, Part 2
In Part II of this article, we cover the correct ways of printing and laminating, installation, and delivery of the final product.

Successful & Stunning Vehicle Wraps: What You Need to Know, Part I
When I attend a show and see a row of vehicles lined up for a contest about how fast someone can wrap a vehicle, I have to wonder how true this is compared to what the average company goes through to create a vehicle wrap.

Vehicle Wrapping Contracts 101
: Wrapping vehicles without a signed contract that spells out what the customer should expect - and shouldn't expect - from your sign shop is a mistake that could cost you. Find out how to avoid liabilities with a solid contract.

Factors Impacting Vinyl Removal, Part I
Learning what vinyl film is, the impact that the environment and the surface finish has on vinyl are all factors that will help you deal with the ultimate need to remove vinyl graphics.

Marvelous Magnets Can Open Up New Revenues from Tradeshows to Vehicles
What do you get when you combine magnets with vinyl? Some marvelously magnetic creations that demand attention.

Show Review: The 2009 ISA International Sign Expo - See what you missed!
What was the best booth location at the ISA Sign Expo 2009? What was worth talking about at this show? was there and has the scoop!

Banners Are Everywhere, but Professionals Want Vinyl That Pops!
Get rid of your humdrum banner designs and start creating vinyl banners that demand attention. Your customers will thank you.

Making the Most of Application Fluids
Using application fluids isn’t rocket science, but it’s not child’s play, either. Discover what you need to know to make the most of application fluids.

How to Wrap a Red Hot Ferrari
Wrapping a Ferrari may sound like a sexy job - and it is - but it's unlike most other vehicle wraps. Find out how.

Take it Off...Vinyl that is.
Right now there are multiple opportunities to create a tremendous cash stream. The question is, “Which companies will recognize the opportunities, respond to them, and thrive?”

A Titan-Sized Wrap - Wrapping the home of the Tennessee Titans
No two wraps are alike. Get the inside scoop on handling repetitive designs and working with oversized vinyl panels.

And Now for Something Completely Different
Reflecting on the past to determine new ways to be successful in a challenging economy.

A Megawrap with Flavor - vinyl installer wraps world’s largest beer can
Discover the challenges of wrapping a monumental can — and keeping it realistic from top to bottom.

Hands-On Banners
Discover how and when applying vinyl graphics to banners makes good business sense.

Stay Ahead with Accurate Sign Estimating Using Advanced Technologies
Submitting the winning bid for sign projects is more challenging today than ever before. Click for some insider perspectives on optimizing your company efficiency with estimating.

Selling Stadium Wraps and Not Losing Your Shorts
Pricing a stadium wrap can get a little hairy, but if you approach measurements with the right mindset you’ll put more profits in your pocket. Find out how.

Wrapping Tropicana Field
Read a first hand example of how vinyl wraps are playing a key role in both aesthetics, communications and advertising in stadiums across the country.

Special Tools for Textured Surface Stadium Wraps
3M has developed special application tools and methods for use with its 8624 film. The 3M Textured Surface Applicator TSA-1 for large surfaces is critical for achieving proper adhesion. Find out what else is new.

Installing Stadium Wraps - Getting it right the first time.
Are you ready to learn how to get creative in overcoming the challenges of installing vinyl in stadium settings? Read on for how-tos and solutions that will help you along the way.

Stadium Advertising: A Sporty Opportunity
Why do you need to understand the advertising opportunities in stadiums? So you can help to sell it to your client. Discover what you need to know about stadium wrappings sporty opportunity.

Wrapping the Fair
If you think wrapping mega slides is the same as wrapping cars, think again. Discover how to navigate the challenges that could spell opportunity for you.

Applying Vinyl Graphics to Aircraft
Are you ready to let your business fly high? Applying vinyl graphics to aircraft may be your next big opportunity.

Taking Care of Your Digital Graphics
Installing graphics is only part of the job of selling wraps and flat surface installs. You need to make sure your end user is aware of how to properly care for their graphics once they are installed.

Removing Floor Graphics
Now that you’ve mastered installing floor graphics, what are you going to do when its’ time to remove them? Find out!

Applying Floor Graphics: Beyond Pick ‘Em and Stick ‘Em
Different types of floors often demand different approaches to applying the floor graphic ­ if you want it to stick. Get the inside scoop.

Preparing Floors for Floor Graphics
Learn how to how to laminate the graphic, how to place it, how to prep the surface, and how to install the graphic so it will stay put and do its job.

Project Management Made Easy Through Estimating & Business Management Software
The programs continue to evolve and mature, and with this improvement cycle the results are increased productivity, greater control of costs and an improved bottom line. All achieved with greater ease and accuracy than ever before. So how can you afford to not be on this bandwagon?

It Costs How Much? Determining What It Costs to Sell Your Signs the Right Way.
Pricing your products or services sold is determined first by costing. Do you have any idea of what it costs to sell a sign or banner? For that matter, what does it cost to open the doors to your sign business each day? Pertinent questions that will influence your pricing.

Surviving and Profiting from the Economy, Intentionally
Regardless of whether an inevitable slow period results from the economy, from competition or from other sources outside the control of the business owner or manager, it is never too late to employ slow period survival strategies in your sign business.

It’s All About the Digital File at SGIA ’07- From Wrapping Gators to Mermaids
Whether you’re cutting rubylith, fluted-plastic or vinyl; printing on rigid sheet, t-shirts, tile or fabric; or getting a message across through embroidery, it all comes down to the digital file.

Protecting Adhesive Tape Systems from Static Electricity
Pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes are prone to the buildup of electrostatic charges. If you have ever felt the hair on your arms stand up when near an unwinding roll of tape, you have felt static electricity.

The Rundown on Calendered Vinyl Films
Calendered vinyl films were once thought of as an inferior economical choice, but some calendered vinyl film manufacturers have come a long way in terms of product quality and breadth, by offering conformability, durability and that image pop that is required for the application.

Complex Wraps Demand Advanced Techniques, Part II
Are you handling your film right? Is your graphics guy designing with wraps in mind? Are you removing vinyl from contours the right way? Lots of questions. We’ve got answers.

Complex Wraps Demand Advanced Techniques, Part I
Not all vehicle wraps are created equal ­ some are far more complex than others. Discover what you need to know to tackle even the most complex wraps with confidence.

Back to School: The Value of Learning to Wrap Vehicles
Faster, more affordable printers, easier to handle vinyl materials, and an unlimited supply of customers is causing more sign shops to consider adding vinyl vehicle wraps to their menu of business services.

Extreme Makeover: Business Signage Edition
Fastsigns International, Inc. chose 4 different businesses to receive a signage makeover. The four businesses chosen for the makeovers pondered many of the same things when they learned that they were selected for this free signage makeover. Would it draw in new customers? Would it boost sales? Would anyone even notice? The results speak for themselves.

SGIA '06: Show Recap 'Exhibiting the Future Now'
When visits friends at the SGIA Expo, we are never surprised at the level of professionalism, expertise, and creativity that is displayed down the isles, in the booths, and at the seminars. SGIA '06 was no exception producing a special excitement in the air with abundant energy and a sense of exhilaration.

Snapshot of the Sign Industry 3rd Quarter 2006 went looking at a handful of companies from various areas of the country as well as different segments of our industry to put our finger on the pulse and determine the state of the industry and where we are heading.

Vinyl Graphic Removal Made Easy
Vinyl removal can be a pain…that's a fact, but there's a new kid on the block that can help to make your vinyl removal projects less labor intensive and quicker to complete. And that's worth reading about.

Converting Raster Images to Vector Images Can Be A Challenge, But It Doesn't Have To Be.
Finding the Right Tracing Software to Get the Job Done

Wrapping Vegas
The basic elements are the same with wraps of all sizes, but large mass transit wraps offer some additional challenges that offer valuable lessons from graphics installers of all shapes and sizes.

100 Years and Counting: N. Glantz & Son Still Going Strong
Most people don't like to celebrate the annual aging ritual of birthdays beyond the late teens. But it's truly a sign that you're doing something right when your business is having its 100th year celebration.

Wrap It Up: Vehicle Wraps See New Developments Through Digital
Almost anything can be wrapped, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, boats, trailers, railroad cars and even buildings. Learn the critical steps to planning, creating and installing a successful wrap. Or else you'll wish you did.

Seaming Vinyl Banners: Calling on the Chemical Weld, RF & Heat Methods
Chemical welding is an inexpensive way to seam banners ­ and it’s longer lasting than banner tape. But there’s also something to be said for RF and heat welding processes that last much longer than brush-on solutions.

Trying to Make Sense of the Graphics Market Mess
Understanding your business and how it fits into the evolving U.S. graphics industry may well be vital in your survivial in the changing marketplace involving screen printing, wide-format imaging and your sign shop. Part 1 of a 3 part series.

To Airbrush or Not To Airbrush?
Butch ‘Superfrog’ Anton shares his views on what tools to use to create airbrushed effects on vinyl. What you discover may surprise you.

Do You Speak the Language of Color?
The language of color is vast, with deep meanings that speak to the subconscious of consumers. Understanding its meanings can help your sales.

C-C-Corrugations…Never Fear, Expert Advise is Here!
Applying vinyl over rivets is one thing. Applying vinyl over corrugation is quite another. But don’t let that stop you. If you can learn to apply vinyl over corrugation, then you can tap into the lucrative world of fleets.

Applying Vinyl Over Curves, Body Creases and Molding
Installing graphics on vehicles ­ or wrapping entire vehicles for that matter ­ presents some unique challenges rarely encountered on other substrates. Find out how to get around these difficult issues.

Unlocking the Psychology of Signage
Successful sign making depends on effective visual communication. Understanding how consumers relate to signage, then, is key to helping your customers unlock the door to greater revenues.

Vinyl: Choosing Airbrush Pigments
No two airbrush pigments are created equal. Find out how to choose the best pigment for your specific project. Should you use water-based paints? Automotive paints? Or solvent-based paints? Find out the pros and cons of each option.

Avoiding Airbrushed Vinyl Mistakes
Perfecting the art of airbrushing on vinyl takes time ­ but you can avoid beginner’s mistakes with a few insiders’ tips.

Rent, Lease or Finance Your Sign Equipment
Find the right answer to the question of whether your sign business should rent, lease or own the equipment used in your operations. Few sign professionals are able to accept the fact that there is no one right answer that fits everyone or every situtation.

Cast vs. Calendered Vinyl
Learn the differences and why to use the right vinyl in the right application. A quick read through this article will help you understand all the ins and outs of calendered and cast vinyl.

Starting a New Sign Business
For those who are considering venturing into a new business in the sign industry, we welcome you to the family. The sign profession is one of the oldest in our country. Signs have been a fundamental element in trade, commerce and industry for centuries.

Why You Should Invest in True Sign Making Software
Everyone always claims that their software is the best. This article has taken a few of the foremost signage specific software products and gives you insight into what makes them worthy to take their seat in your shop. Read on to learn more.

Training Your Signshop To Use New Equipment & Software
To produce eye-catching, quality prints and signs, printing machines and software require skilled operators. One way operators acquire their skill is through training. Delve inside to catch the scoop on the different options available to take advantage of all the features of your equipment and software.

Dealing with the 'R' Word...Rivets
Learn the time-tested techniques of how to properly apply vinyl over rivets. Discover a five-step process that will help you deal with these annoying, yet necessary fasteners.

How to Sell Your Airbrushed Vinyl
Butch 'Superfrog' Anton shares his secrets of his success in selling airbrushed vinyl. Hint: it’s a three-tiered pricing approach. Read on to learn more.

Tips and Tricks for Installing Cut Vinyl Vehicle Graphics
With the recent focus of the graphics industry being primarily on digital, we have been conditioned to think of vehicle graphics as full wraps. What we tend to forget is that cut vinyl graphics are a cost-effective alternative to full wraps and remain a very popular and effective method for decorating your vehicle or mobile advertisement.

Benefits of Flexible-Face Mounting Systems
Vendors are manufacturing a variety of mounting systems to making installing flexible face signage a snap (and click).

Vinyl Sign Pricing
This article will address a segment of the industry that tends to be found in almost all other types of sign companies - Vinyl Signs.

Make Installation Easy: Learn The Ins and Outs of Using Premask In Your Vinyl Applications
Application tape can be your friend or your enemy. Get acquainted with how to properly use premask and avoid sticky mistakes.

Choosing The Right Premask
Premask is more important to successful vinyl applications than you may think. Find out how tape choice can make your job easier.

Winning and Keeping Customers for Life through CRM- Part I: Marketing
Long-term success for your company depends on efficient and effective customer relationship management.

Avoiding Bubbles and Wrinkles During Vinyl Applications
Learn how to avoid these pesky problems during vinyl installation with advice from the pros.

So You Want To Be a Vinyl Pro
Before you can claim professional installer status, you have to learn the basics to avoid common mistakes. Discover some fundamentals tips that will serve you well for many years.

Sign Pricing Series - Pricing Approaches and Accuracy
This series on pricing and estimating will address the most common pricing approaches for different segments of the sign and graphics industry.

Which Sign Making Software Should You Own? Part 2
Looking into ''Bridge'' software. There are many factors to include in your decision such as, your budget, the type of signs you intend to make, the kind of hardware such as cutters and printers that you want to run and of course the difficulty in learning the feature set of the software.

Vinyl Hints: Don’t Damage the Vinyl During the Installation!
Preventing damage to vinyl film and substrates during installation is a matter of planning, technique and tools.

Can I Apply Vinyl to This?
Vinyl is a profitable trend, but attempting to apply film to certain substrates is a money-losing proposition.

Applying Vinyl to Glass
Installing window graphics takes knowledge, skill and a steady hand. Find out how to ensure bubble-free applications.

VEHICLE WRAPS COVER UPS: the world is watching
Vehicle and fleet wraps are efficient and effective means for placing outdoor signage in plain sight by turning a bus, truck, touring vehicle or car into a mobile billboard that puts a client's advertising all over the place.

Vinyl Techniques: Considering Environmental Conditions
Temperature, humidity and other weather conditions could mean the difference between the success and failure of your vinyl application.

When to Apply Your Vinyl Wet
While most professionals and manufacturers prefer to install vinyl dry, there are occasions when wet is the way to go.

Boosting Vinyl Adhesion in Dry Applications
Dry applications can be more challenging for beginners. Learn how to get the best adhesion with this installation method.

Which Signmaking Software Should You Own? Part 1
Deciding which software to purchase for your sign making needs can be a difficult task. We'll outline a few of the softwares out today and help you to decide which one best fits your business.

UV-Curable Technology, Part III: Exploring the World of UV Printers
UV printer technology is the latest trend in the industry. Find out what the major players have to offer.

UV-Curable Technology, Part II: Benefits of Ultraviolet Curable Inks
Ultraviolet curable inks are promising to change the face of digital printing. Are you ready for the revolution?

UV-Curable Technology, Part I: The Ultraviolet Media Debate
Is dedicated UV media necessary? Or will any old vinyl do the trick? Avery and 3M have differing opinions.

Benefits of Vehicle Wrapping
Need some help selling vehicle wraps? Trade groups, sign shops and market researchers have ammunition to help you seal the deal.

Installing Vehicle Wraps Like the Pros (Final part of a three-part series)
Installing vehicle wraps takes knowledge and experience. Experts share some insights on getting the job done right.

PSA Vinyl Usage Trends
Vector Marketing released their 2002 PSA Vinyl Trends Report in December of 2002. This report is an in-depth look at PSA vinyl usage and purchasing trends in the U.S. sign and screen-print markets.

Vehicle Wrapping, Part II: Design and Preparation
A haphazard approach to designing for wraps and preparing the vehicle for application will result in disaster. Find out how the pros work.

Venturing into Vehicle Wrapping
If you’ve been considering adding vehicle wrapping to your repartee, then you won’t want to miss part one in this three part series on vehicle wrapping.

Wrap It Up, I'll Take It!
Today’s market rewards the sign business that can provide customer satisfaction. Sometimes providing that satisfaction requires that you diversify and offer a variety of products and services.

The Art of Laminating
Part 1 - The Basics of Lamination

Scratching the surface Part II
The network and vinyl cutting

The Dollars and Sense of Digital Cameras
Using a digital camera to save time and money

Matching Vinyl Colors Means Understanding Light
Understanding the principles of light helps ensure properly matched colors that accurately communicate your client's message.

VINYL! The Customer is always right?
A primer (or reminder) about the basics of vinyl applications

Dye Sublimation And The Sign Business Part III
Full color inkjet dye sublimation: possibilities, pitfalls and profits.

Dye Sublimation And The Sign Business Part II
The actual production process of laser printer sublimation and competitive advantages it gives shops over their competitors.

The Sub-species: Subcontracting in the Sign Industry
To be or not to be a subcontractor?

Steaming Off Vinyl Graphics
Fast, efficient and safe removal of applied graphics

Muscle in with Vinyl can do it for them

Make Your Vinyl Cutter an Old Friend
Sometimes the oldie but goodie can out-do the best modern technology

Applying Vinyl Dreams
Follow the modernized basics of vinyl application

Dye Sublimation And The Sign Business
Diversifying with subliminated products

Vinyl signs have become an important part of advertising for many years. Automobiles everywhere have vinyl signs on their front and rear glass announcing names, cultures and even promoting businesses. Vinyl signs can be graphics or lettering. They can be applied to a variety of surfaces and offer flexibility while serving a wide range of uses.


Estimate Software- Printing software for the rest of us.
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Estimate Software- Printing software for the rest of us.
Click above to Visit


Premium Clipart Library - 500,000 Artworks / $49 for a Year
Introducing VectorState, an online library of exceptional quality royalty-free vector art, created by top artists around the world. A one-year membership for just $49 – click above to take advantage.

Interior & Exterior Architectural Sign Systems from Clarke Systems
A sign system contains most, if not all, of the buliding blocks you'll need for everything from a single sign to a comprehensive identity or wayfinding program. Simple. Versatile. Comprehensive.

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